About the site and its editors

The value of competent and harmonious design of the apartment is difficult to overestimate. It is very difficult to think it over yourself and come to a good result, without having specialized knowledge.

That is why we have created a site that without any additional investment will help you to make a design project, easily choose furniture and even household appliances.

Svetlana Soboleva

Chief Editor

I am an experienced interior designer. For his many years of experience, he has developed more than 300 design projects of apartments and houses, including the selection of furniture and household appliances.

Evgenia Ermakova

I am a young mother. My favorite leisure activity is reading detective stories or scientific literature. Home improvement, interior design and cosmetology - my main hobby. After all, it is always interesting to learn about modern innovations in all spheres of life.

Julia Migunova

Julia is a young lawyer who develops not only within the professional sphere, but is also interested in interior design. Despite his young age, he has experience in repairing and home improvement, which he shares with readers and gives useful advice.



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