Aluminum balcony glazing

Aluminum is a fairly durable and attractive material. Very often, this metal is used for the manufacture of various construction profiles, which later act as a frame for wall decoration or glazing of balconies or loggias.

The latest designs on the basis of the aluminum frame are gradually gaining immense popularity, since the material is distinguished not only by its unique design, but also by its high strength characteristics.

Types of glazing

Aluminum is a non-ferrous metal, which, in turn, already implies very good heat conductivity. But many manufacturers of aluminum glazed balconies insulate structures, which increases these characteristics.

According to these indicators, the profile is divided into 2 main subspecies:

  • Cold glazing involves the use of aluminum frames as the basis for holding glass.The main purpose of such structures is to prevent the penetration of wind, snow and rain into the room. To operate the balconies protected by a similar system is quite difficult in winter.
  • Warm glazing. In such constructions, the profile is warmed with the help of auxiliary inserts. This leads to the fact that the thermal conductivity of the material decreases several times. Some modifications of aluminum products in their properties are close to those of plastic windows. Such frames allow you to feel comfortable at a loggia in the winter.

Advantages and disadvantages

Balcony structures made from this product can be characterized by several positive properties:

  • Low weight frame. This makes it possible to significantly speed up and simplify the procedure for working with aluminum profiles.
  • High rates of fire safety. The metal frame not only does not sustain combustion, but is perfectly resistant to high temperatures.
  • Sliding windows are distinguished by silent movement of the casements. With the help of such systems you can save space on the balcony.
  • The minimum dimensions of the profile provide a full balcony lighting.
  • Modern design and the presence of a large number of color schemes, allowing to adapt the product to any interior.
  • Qualitative indicators of protection of the room from external influences. The profile structure prevents the penetration of water and wind, regardless of their volume and strength.
  • Long period of operation. Aluminum is not as corrosive as iron, and therefore windows can retain their properties for several decades.

The disadvantages of aluminum glazing include:

  • Low level of noise insulation, since it is impossible to achieve complete tightness of the system.
  • The change in the size of the profile under the influence of temperature, which can lead to the appearance of cracks (in most cases at the points of junction with the walls) and other negative consequences.
  • Freezing of locks complicates opening of a shutter during the winter period.
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DIY editing algorithm

Installing an aluminum frame on the balcony is a complicated procedure. But with a great desire to make it yourself. Such work is carried out in several successive steps:

At the initial stage, the frame is formed of a wooden bar. To do this, it was originally attached to the parapet of the balcony with special fasteners. Be sure to respect its horizontal position.

After that, all sliding elements are removed from the structure, and if the structure allows, the glazing is removed.

The next step is to fix the visor to the top plate. To do this, also use special hardware. In the same way, the ebb is mounted on the parapet, and all gaps are sealed with sealing compounds.

Then proceed to the installation of mounting plates, which are fixed by screws to the profile. These elements should be located at a distance of not more than 70 cm.

When everything is ready, the window profile is inserted into the opening and is aligned in all planes. For reliable fixation, wooden pegs are used, constantly monitoring the level with a special device.

After that, around the perimeter of the wall mark the place of the future location of the mounting plates. When done correctly, holes are formed at these points with a drill of a certain size, and the plates are attached with dowels to the frame.

Upon completion of this operation, the previously dismantled elements of the system are installed, and all the holes are filled with mounting foam. The installation is completed with the fastening of the window sill.

Varieties of sliding window systems

Such mechanisms are distinguished by the presence of special guides along which the sash of the window opening moves. Please note that this type of glazing can be either cold or warm (it is relatively rare).

Experts divide the aluminum sliding glazing into 3 subspecies:

Windows with parallel sliding doors. Elements in this mechanism move sideways on special rollers. Such an algorithm can be found in the doors of wardrobes. Among the shortcomings can be identified the inability to organize the upper ventilation of the room.

Inclined-sliding systems. In such mechanisms, the flap extends slightly and then as if circling the neighboring element. They are characterized by high levels of tightness and heat protection, as well as an airing function.

Vertically sliding systems assume the lower frame to be advanced with its subsequent approach beyond the upper part of the mechanism.

Popular profile manufacturers

Today this product is very popular on the market, so many companies offer their products of this kind. Among all this diversity there are several manufacturers:

Schuco. The profile of the German production is one of the highest quality products on the market today. Material differs in durability and unique technical indicators.

New Tex Group - products of the Italian concern, which is characterized as very reliable and high quality.

Provedal. The product of the Spanish company is very popular in our country. Experts distinguish it as a reliable, lightweight and high-quality material. It is possible to glaze almost all types of balconies and loggias at household or industrial facilities.

There are many other modifications of this product, which also has its own characteristics and technical properties.

In order to make the choice of this element correctly, it is advisable to trust such operations to experienced specialists, or, as a last resort, to listen to the feedback of someone who has already independently engaged in such editing. They will not only help to carry out all the calculations using a calculator, but also recommend high-quality materials.

Proper care is the key to reliable performance.

Aluminum windows, like any other mechanical structures, require constant monitoring and analysis of their condition. To make the operation of such systems practical and durable, experts recommend following a few simple rules:

  • The moving elements of the window should be periodically cleaned of dust and lubricated with oil, which is used in sewing machines.
  • To disguise all the scratches on the surface, they are covered with a layer of acrylic paint.
  • It is not recommended to open the valves in winter, as ice may form on them, leading to destruction of the structure and loss of mechanical properties.
  • Windows are washed only with the help of soap solutions, which do not contain abrasive components.

Aluminum glazing is a universal opportunity to turn the territory of a balcony into a usable area used for solving various tasks.

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