How to sheathe a balcony

Each owner wants to give his apartment maximum comfort and convenience. For this reason, the balcony cladding is popular, which improves the appearance of the room. Before you make the lining of a balcony or loggia, read through this article and choose the most optimal option for yourself.

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Features and benefits

Before choosing a material for covering a balcony, you should familiarize yourself with some of the requirements that are envisaged in relation to the facing material for such rooms. There are five features that a lining should have:

  1. low weight, so that the design of the balcony is not subjected to additional load;
  2. moisture resistance because condensate will form during use;
  3. UV resistance;
  4. long service life;
  5. environmental friendliness.

If you plan to use the balcony not only as an auxiliary area for storing things, but also want the room to have a decent "appearance",the best option would be facing the outside and inside.

The advantages of facing the balcony:

  1. facing increases the period of operation of surfaces. Exterior cladding helps preserve core material. Internal protects against freezing, drafts and leakage;
  2. protection from excess moisture and providing a comfortable living environment;
  3. good quality cladding can save you from constant repairs and spending on paints and varnishes;
  4. competent design of the balcony gives a presentable appearance and highlights the necessary concept in the design;
  5. on this balcony you can admire the beautiful scenery and just spend time with friends over a cup of tea. Properly selected material is able to give the room a special atmosphere in which you will feel the maximum comfort and relaxation.


Finishing can be internal and external. The inner part of the balcony is located in full view of the apartment owners and their guests, therefore it is required to approach this issue with an interesting design idea. The room covering will vary, depending on the material used and the method of installation.It should be noted that on the glazed balconies the ceiling should be sheathed with the same material as the walls, or with the help of plastic panels. Some owners produce plasterboard plastering.

The outer skin should be approached competently, paying special attention to the material, as it must ensure: tightness, safety, resistance to temperature changes.


For interior decoration there are many options. This work has the following requirements:

  1. long term use;
  2. practical use, easy care;
  3. attractive appearance;
  4. simple installation;
  5. suitability for repair in case you need to replace the damaged area.

For interior plating is often used: wood, plastic panels, MDF, chipboard, gypsum board.


For the exterior of the balcony there are additional requirements, which consist in the strength and reliability of the material. Very popular: wood, professional sheet, siding. These products have the necessary qualities to ensure that the room received a noble appearance, and was protected from external environmental influences.

What sheathe

Many cities practice lining a balcony with a tree. The leading positions are occupied by lining and eurolining, but other materials can be purchased that imitate timber, block house, as well as regular and decking boards. These products differ in their appearance and methods of attachment.

What are the advantages of lining:

  1. long service life. With proper care, this skin will last you decades. However, it takes once every 3-5 years to restore and renew the surface. Otherwise, the wood will lose its attractive appearance and begin to collapse;
  2. practicality. This property depends on the type of surface. If there is an antisplash film on it, then the care of the product is quite simple. Otherwise, it will be difficult to remove contamination;
  3. attractive appearance;
  4. easy installation;
  5. maintainability.

It is worth noting that in apartment buildings such an option would not be particularly suitable for exterior decoration, but in private houses that are made of wood, sheathing will look most harmonious and create a noble appearance.Relevant lining in the inner lining, thanks to its numerous advantages.

There are MDF and LDSP panels which are also made from wood and possess properties similar to lining. The latter type of panel is called laminate. The stores sell options with a flat surface, as well as products with a relief pattern.

Actively sheathe the balconies with plastic. This is a universal material that can be used for facing works not only on the balcony, but also in other rooms. Excellent value for money wins a large number of customers throughout Russia. Plastic panels are strips of a certain length, which are made of PVC.

Users like the easy care of the surface, which is a simple processing with a damp cloth. The material is not afraid of moisture, it is not subject to the processes of decay and is resistant to UV light.

The advantages of plastic:

  1. wide range of colors, patterns and textures;
  2. small weight;
  3. low cost;
  4. moisture resistance.

The professional leaf is actively used in external facing works.It is a shaped sheets of roofing iron, which are covered with polymer or paint. The service life of such products is 15-25 years. The installation of a professional sheet is easy; it consists in cutting the details of the required form and then attaching it to the crate. Fastening is carried out by screws.

The following type of products is called a professional flooring. A similar variant of plating is represented by a thin high-quality steel sheet, which is covered with an anti-corrosion layer of their hot zinc. As a rule, the product is covered with colored polymers. Sheeting has good strength and is able to withstand long loads.

The metal profile is characterized by easy installation without accessories. Since the products are metal, you will need to create an additional insulation layer that will protect your room from the cold. This material is used for outdoor work.

How to sheathe yourself

If you want to sheathe the balcony yourself, this section will help you. By following the recommendations of experts, you can avoid mistakes in work and save your time.Remember that any construction activities should begin with preparatory work.

External facing works should be performed as follows:

  1. clean the base of the room and remove the railing, as well as the old coating, if any;
  2. if necessary, weld gaps in the structure and clean the joints;
  3. then it is necessary to remove rust and prime the surface;
  4. get rid of uneven plots. You can get a smooth surface with a concrete solution;
  5. The next step is to mount the batten to which the material of your choice is attached.
  6. After you finish the exterior work, you can proceed to the interior:
  7. repair plate if required. Depending on the condition of the material, the recovery may be capital or cosmetic;
  8. when planning the glazing, order and install a balcony frame;
  9. the walls, the ceiling, and the floor need to be prepared. Remove all unnecessary items from the balcony; clean the surfaces from paint, plaster and concrete;
  10. the room is measured and the calculation of the required amount of materials;
  11. The next step is to seal all cracks and crevices. The walls and ceiling should be treated with a primer and antifungal mixture;
  12. further vapor barrier layer;
  13. conduct electricity and start interior trim.

The crate is made of wooden slats or metal profile. If you choose the first option, it is more convenient to attach products for covering to it. The metal is suitable for open-air balconies or when using drywall. Remember that the crate must start from an uneven angle.

Between the battens of the batten the insulation is placed and fixed with the help of a good construction adhesive. After that it is possible to make installation of facing material.

Interesting solutions in interior design

In modern apartments, a balcony is not only a storage room where unwanted things are stored. This room can be converted into a full-fledged room, which will help you save space and create beauty and comfort in the apartment.

Internal facing works are not the only component in the creation of the interior. What is located inside, each owner observes constantly and carefully working through the design to create a comfortable and stylish corner.However, every day, many strangers pass by your apartment and notice the sloppy look of the balcony. This picture is not very pleasant.

Metal siding will look beautiful, as it has not only an attractive appearance, but also a wide range of color solutions. Vinyl siding can be matched to the overall color scheme of the house.

Design solutions for balconies are very diverse, but a special charm gives panoramic windows. This option helps not only to solve the problem of appearance, but also gives a large number of sunlight. Panoramic glazing is an affordable solution, in which there are stationary walls to accommodate cabinets.

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Designers recommend choosing a frameless panoramic glazing, as it can save the area of ​​a small balcony, as well as protect it from street noise. To protect from prying eyes, purchase Roman shades or blinds in the required color scheme. For rooms with sufficient space, you can use the usual curtains that will bring elegance and grandeur to the interior.

If you like flowers, the balcony is perfect for this hobby.Here, green pets will receive enough light and air, as well as create a beautiful and cozy atmosphere.

The option of placing flowers on the balcony:

  1. on the floor or by hanging from the ceiling;
  2. on special stands, on shelves;
  3. on the outer railing, on the inner sill.

The use of lining in the interior, will give the room a well-groomed, and the neutrality of the products makes it possible to use it as a background in any design. Such material will be relevant in the flower greenhouse, in the office or in the rest room.

Plastic has a glossy surface, so it can add volume to a small room. This skin is easy to clean and replace when it is suddenly damaged. However, a small selection of colors and textures will not allow the use of products in any interior.

The artificial stone as a decor is actively used in internal facing. You can partially revet one of the walls or make the design of the column. It is interesting to look randomly laid out decorative elements. Proper combination of artificial stones with vegetation will help to recreate the atmosphere of a real garden.

Wrought-iron furniture, textiles and lush vegetation will look great on such a balcony. Each of the household members will be happy to spend time in this room, relaxing after a working day or study.

When choosing material for interior or exterior plating, always rely on your preferences and further wishes for the interior. Think over all the details of the design of your apartment to create a unique design option. Each product has its own advantages and disadvantages that will help you decide on the future choice, and the recommendations of the experts outlined in this article will help you in such a matter as balcony paneling.

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