Flowers on the balcony

Thought over the decoration of the balcony or loggia? Flowers - the best solution! Under the guidance of certain rules and your own imagination, you can create a unique floral corner in your home.

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Features and benefits of design

In order for the floral balcony to turn out exactly the way you conceived it, you need to take into account several nuances: the microclimate, the neighborhood, etc. Planting your favorite flowers on the balcony do not forget about their features, because each plant requires different conditions for growth. Someone likes a bright sun, but someone does not mind living in the shade. The same goes for temperature and humidity.

You should also inquire before planting about which plants can live in peace with “neighbors” and who prefer to grow alone. A striking example of a “one-man” is a handsome dahlia. But the modest marigolds on the contrary differ in special friendliness, besides, they are excellent defenders of the garden from a variety of pests.

What to plant

All plants that ever landed on balconies can be divided into three types:

  • Annuals;
  • Perennials;
  • Biennials.

From the names it is clear how each type is different. The variety of colors has almost no boundaries. The choice is huge, so you can plant any flowers that you want on the loggia or balcony. However, there are several nuances that should be considered when planting a particular plant. If desired, you can build a mini garden, with which gardening loggia will be "with a bang." In addition, you can get a good harvest in the form of greenery and some vegetables.

Sunny side

There are many plants that love the sun and heat. Therefore, for an open balcony on the sunny side, the choice is huge. This includes fast-growing annual flowers, for which the east side in the summer is an ideal place.

Avid gardeners recommend planting vines on the sunny side, such as ipomoea. The main thing is to secure the boxes correctly so that the flowers cover the necessary territory. But the gardeners give the first place to the beautiful petunia, whose color range is so huge that everyone will find a flower for themselves. It is rather simple to care for her, and she pleases with lush flowering for a very long time.

Unpretentious marigolds are no less popular. They, like petunias, are very diverse: they are distinguished by their height, hues, and thickness of a flower. Rose is very good on the balcony. However, it needs proper fit and care. If you follow all the rules, you can enjoy your own grown roses, which are a hundred times more beautiful than the store.

On the sunny balcony is better to plant low-growing plants, such as calendula, nasturtium, some types of asters, zinnia and dahlias. Bright clematis looks very attractive.

You can combine business with pleasure and plant greens on the balcony: oregano, balsam, thyme, mint, etc. If you have a closed balcony, then the seedlings will settle there for a while as well as any flower.

Shadow side

Balcony in the shade - this is not a reason to abandon the flower garden. Many flowers like shade and partial shade, so the northern side can be decorated no worse than any other. In addition, in such conditions it is possible to plant indoor plants on the balcony: most of the bulbous and large plants like Monstera, Myrtle, Ficus and ferns.

Many people think that shade-tolerant plants do not have lush flowers, but it is not.Very bright shade-loving representative - Begonia. It blooms for 5 months; loves fertile and moist soil. Particularly good ampelous species of this flower. Since they do not tolerate heat and perfectly decorate the shadow areas. No less bright representative of the shadow - Fuchsia.

Also do not forget about annuals that are unpretentious: nasturtium, petunia, marigold, calendula and forget-me-nots. And if you are a fan of bright aromas, then you definitely need to plant carnations, vervain, alissum or leftist on the western side of the improvised beds.

Winter Garden

Winter Garden - the dream of many women. If you wish, you can create your own green corner on the closed balcony. Having even a small area of ​​the loggia you can place a large number of different plants, the main thing is to choose the right species and create all the necessary conditions.

A loggia or a warmed terrace is ideal for a winter garden. If you plan to grow enough heat-loving plants, then the space should be provided with additional lighting and heating devices. In this case, the choice of the type of cultivated plants will be huge.

How beautiful to put

It is not enough to choose beautiful plants, you also need to find a beautiful container in which you can plant the plants. With the help of drawers and pots you can interestingly draw the facade. Bright flowerpots and art-style packaging is an ornament that will not fade against the background of flowering plants.

How, where and what to place, you need to decide in advance in order to get not just a bunch of flower pots, but a beautiful flowering composition. Long before planting, draw a plan for the future garden on a large sheet. Choose for each plant its own corner in which it will be comfortable. It is important that the plants do not interfere with each other:

  • Lianam will be comfortable at one of the walls;
  • Summer plants in small boxes can be beautifully placed against the background of linen from vines;
  • Large plants in round boxes can be easily placed in all corners;
  • Cannes, zinnias, dahlias and gladioli can be distributed along the entire length of the balcony.

There are many interesting options for placing flowers on the covered balcony. About each of them can be written separately.


Very compact and easy way to place a maximum of pots and flower boxes on the balcony. Shelves can be made of any size, and you can place them at different levels at a distance from each other.At the bottom it is more convenient to arrange large plants, and at the top it is best to put pots with ampelous flowers.

What kind of packaging to use? Any For shelves, it is better to choose oblong drawers or small flowerpots. Boxes can be made independently, considering the sizes of shelves. If desired, and opportunities you can make these racks along all the free walls. In this case, there will be plenty of space for plants.

Cloth "with pockets"

Very interesting option for placing flowers on the balcony. Best suited for open spaces, because it looks original and attracts attention. To build this structure with your own hands, you need to purchase a cloth that is dense in proportion to the balcony wall and sew on it at different distances from each other pockets of the same dense material. After that, the canvas is securely fastened to the wall, and pots or bags with flowers are inserted into the pockets.


Tapestries usually consist of a sturdy mesh or numerous stranded cords perpendicular to each other. This option is ideal for climbers such as Ipomoea, Tunberia, Maurandia, etc.


Option suitable for both simple and curly flowers. In specialized stores, you can purchase coasters that have several tiers and additional guide supports for reeds.


This design most likely resembles an ordinary cabinet, which has many open drawers. Despite the massiveness, it is very convenient to use, as it allows you to place a maximum of plants. To closet did not look rough and inappropriate design, it can be decorated or masked.

Useful tips

A few tips regarding the placement and cultivation of balcony plants:

  • Choose boxes and pots of medium size: in small containers, the earth dries quickly, and the flowers very quickly become uncomfortable, large pots take up too much space and often mold starts in them, due to overwetting.
  • Balcony boxes with a holder are very ergonomic in use, as they can be fixed not only on the wall, but also under the balcony “pocket”, which will save space considerably. To make reliable hanging boxes you need a bracket and the “right” arms.
  • Grow flowers on the balcony in the summer in many ways. But there are no less accommodation options. Numerous shelves and racks that are easy to do with your own hands are very practical.
  • Want to create a bright balcony, not like anything else? Then you need to decorate your balcony. This can be done not only through flowers, but also with the help of containers for them. Make versatile shelves or purchase stacked coasters and plant in them a mixture of the brightest ampella plants that get along with each other, which have a lush "hair".
  • Want to make the boxes and shelves yourself? Then do not forget about their safety. Before you start to exploit them, cover each centimeter with a protective layer of special impregnation or ordinary paint.
  • For painting shelves and drawers, choose a shade of paint that is much lighter than the color of the colors, or something neutral. Ideal - all shades of green. With this trick, the boxes can be easily hidden against the backdrop of blooming greenery.
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Do your favorite thing without haste and with special attention, and let your home flower garden pleases you and passersby.


In order for the flower garden to please you every day, you need to properly and timely take care of it:

  1. Watering. The main point in the cultivation of any plant. On the sunny side, flowers need more moisture than shade-loving fellows. If the balcony is located on the north side, then certain types of flowers can do without watering. It is also worth considering the type of balcony: on the open balcony in cloudy weather the flowers are not watered, and watering in a glazed window is simply necessary regardless of what happens on the street.
  2. Fertilizer. Each type requires its own rate and type of feeding. But all flowers have one thing in common: fertilizers need to be added only in the second half of the day, when sun activity decreases. But it is best to feed the flowers on cloudy days.
  3. Protection. Insects are the main enemies of any flower garden, regardless of its location. It is very important to carry out prevention of infection from time to time with the help of special means.
  4. Microclimate. If everything is clear with an open balcony (the temperature on it is the same as on the street), then with a loggia the situation is completely different. The temperature in the glazed flower garden in the summer is significantly heated, so there you can grow houseplants and even flowers from southern countries.Caring for them needs a special and thorough, because even the slightest failure in temperature or humidity can destroy the plant.

Follow simple rules and enjoy your success.

Interesting ideas in interior design

Often gardeners and gardeners create real masterpieces on their balconies and loggias. What is the secret of their success? The thing is that they correctly select the plants, combining horizontal and vertical position.

Want to get a little closer to the skills of professionals? Then learn to create compositions from balcony flowers, combining the correct types, colors, sizes and shapes of flowers. And we will show some vivid examples in the photo:

  1. A small balcony with red flowers of the same type looks very bright and unusual. Red is a symbol of a holiday, so this seemingly nondescript balcony has become a slice of summer.
  2. Large bright balcony, richly decorated with ampelous plants in pink shades.
  3. The most decorated balcony of an ordinary apartment. In this design you can find almost all options for the placement of flowers. As for shades, there is no strong overload: red, pink, white and a little yellow.
  4. A vivid example of how one kind of plants can stylishly decorate your balcony. Petunia - the favorite of many. In this photo, it is presented in all its glory.
  5. This balcony probably belongs to lovers of rich green shades, as it is immersed in elegant luxurious foliage of various colors. Here you can see the tapestries, pots on the brackets and hanging boxes. Slight overload in quantity, but in general it looks beautiful.
  6. A good example of how you can arrange beautiful flowers on a closed balcony. A small covered balcony in a standard apartment is very cozy and uncluttered.
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Give birth to your own ideas and create your own unique flower garden. Use the available space to the maximum and pay special attention to each flower. Let your balcony become a place of calm and contemplation of floral beauty.

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