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Residents of a large city living in small flats, have to be very resourceful and make the most of every inch of living space. At the same time, many people often forget that they have a balcony, and they store there all the unnecessary things or preparations for the winter. This approach is very impractical, because in the very same place you can arrange a zone for rest, work or creativity.

One of the most practical options for busy people is to arrange a study on the balcony. If you study or work, then this room will help you make the hours spent at the computer more effective. You will learn how to organize the space on the balcony so that it becomes a mini-office from our article.

Advantages and disadvantages

Not every balcony is suitable to convert it into an office. Decide on whether the balcony space can be used for the working area, and only then proceed to its arrangement.

If you have an open and unheated balcony, then it is definitely not suitable for organizing an office there. Also, do not arrange a study on a very tiny balcony, where you will even have nowhere to turn around.

But, of course, such a design solution has its advantages. A separate office, even the smallest one, is already a great variant of the workspace. There you will be able to retire and learn or work in your own pleasure, without being distracted by family conversations, extraneous noise and other external factors.

How to prepare a balcony

If, after weighing all the pros and cons, you still decided to turn your balcony into a small home office, then you need to first prepare it. If you have an open balcony, for example, in the bedroom, then it must first be glazed. Thus, you can use your office at any time of the year, regardless of the weather outside the window. You can use both cold and warm glazing method.

Ideally, the balcony should also be warmed. Having warmed it outside and from the inside, you will get a cozy space where it will be pleasant to spend time even in winter evenings, when it is cold outside.There are various options for insulation. You can use any of them on your balcony, from thick mineral wool to hermetic foam. All gaps and openings should be treated with foam or sealant at least a day before you embody all your design ideas into reality.

It is also advisable to supplement your room with a floor heating system. Such a system is not so cheap, so if such an addition does not fit into your budget, then you can restrict yourself to just laying a good laminate or carpet. They are pleasant to the touch, and cool in the cold season is not as fast as tile.

According to the rules, there is no central heating on the balcony. Therefore, you will have to warm yourself. To protect against winter frosts, install a small electric heater on your balcony.


When the base cabinet is ready, you can do it arrangement. First determine the style. It is best to work with such styles as classic, English or modern.

Due to the fact that the balcony is a very small and limited room, you do not need to use too many various details that will only take up space.Such an attitude to decorative trifles is characteristic of all the styles listed above.

As you know, light colors help to make the space visually wider. Therefore, it is best to use light colors to decorate the balcony. Wallpaper in pastel colors, laminate of light wood and a white ceiling will make your small room more comfortable and spacious. The same result can be achieved by installing large windows. Panoramic glazing is hardly suitable for a study, simple wide windows will suffice.

In the office is not recommended to use too bright and variegated colors. They will distract you from work and tire.

In a small space, only a few color accents will suffice, for example, a bright lamp, a photo frame or a flower in an unusual pot. Such an office will look both creative and fairly formal at the same time, so you will be comfortable working there.

In the office is an important role and the right lighting. Since here you will spend a lot of time with books, documents and a computer, it is necessary that the light be good and not spoil your eyesight.If during the day this problem is perfectly solved by the natural light that comes in through the windows, then to work at night or in the evening it’s worth installing lighting fixtures on the balcony.

For example, you can install a floor lamp in the corner, or place a small desk lamp on the table. Naturally, there is no place for large chandeliers and luminaires on a tiny balcony. Therefore, limit yourself to small lamps or lamps. It is also advisable to hang curtains or blinds on the windows in order to feel comfortable in the evenings. Blinds and curtains, as well as wallpaper, it is better to choose light to create the illusion of free space.

Balcony space, in the presence of fantasy, can be used in different ways. If it seems irrational to you to simply clutter up the space with old things, then try to re-equip it for a study. Having equipped such a small space in accordance with your needs, you will have fun, secluded there at work. Be inspired by the ideas and examples of design of other workspaces that we offer, and create a creative room of your dreams on your balcony.

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