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Thinking through the style of your apartment, you should pay close attention not only to the rooms. Balcony can be a highlight of your home. How often people turn it into a place to store unnecessary things! And by the way, you can create there as an extra room, and a place to relax. And it can be done even in Khrushchev. How to make a cute design of a small balcony? Read about this and many other things in our article.

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Features and benefits

Of course, not everyone can boast a large area of ​​housing. Many people still live in a small apartment. Accordingly, the balcony will not be big either. At the same time, there are some advantages:

  1. Compact and practical. On the balcony will be placed really those things that you need.
  2. Stylish design. You can equip your balcony as you need it. There are various ideas on how to decorate the space inside. So you emphasize your individuality.
  3. Saving. On a small balcony, respectively, will require not such a large amount of materials, as the impressive loggia.

Where to start the arrangement

The very first element of the arrangement of the balcony should be an ordinary, but thorough cleaning. You will need to free up all the space. Do not be over and check the balcony stove. It is necessary to initially understand what state it is in, and whether it is possible to give it a load.

You need to start with glazing. You can do it both independently and with the help of qualified specialists. Moreover, if you are not confident in your abilities, then you should not experiment yourself. Better to trust experienced craftsmen. So you will save both money, and time, and nerves. Double-glazed window is better to choose a two-chamber, 32 millimeters thick.

If you are not attracted by plastic windows, then you can order wooden frames. So, you can get a great design in country style. Be sure to discuss with the company material for insulation. For example, in order to insulate the walls and ceiling, it is necessary to lay waterproofing film and insulation between the frame and wooden bars. Vapor barrier film all secure.

Another option for insulation can be heated floors. Of course, this method is not budget and will have to spend, but it is faster and more comfortable. In this case, after the completion of the entire process of insulation you will not feel the difference.

Now you can go to create a design. Most often, modern firms use clapboard to create style. She comes in all different sizes and colors. So you can translate your ideas.

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Interesting design

It is worth noting that not only the rooms often need to be transformed, but also your balcony. The interesting design of this component of your apartment can transform a balcony so that you just do not recognize it. The main thing that you were comfortable in the room, was a single style concept. You can come up with everything yourself or resort to expert advice. The main thing is not to forget about a single concept, not to overload the room with unnecessary details.

When translating your ideas, it is worth remembering the stylistic norms, as well as special rules that will help to make the balcony visually larger and larger. Thus, the use of light tone will expand the walls of a narrow balcony.If you want to create a balcony room, then it is better to use calm and restrained tones.

Furniture that you want to put on the balcony will also play a big role. With it, you can focus on the chosen style. It should be as careful as possible. After all, using bulky furniture, you can ruin everything, overload the composition. It is better to adopt wicker chairs or tables. They will give the space airiness and weightlessness.

You should not also abuse a large number of shelves, which are located at the top. They will help reduce the space of the room. In addition, in the end you will put all your belongings there again. Spot lights are great for lighting. Generally it is better that minimalism prevail on the balcony. This style has never failed. You can comfortably spend time even if the area of ​​the balcony is 3 meters.

A great idea would be to place flowers on the balcony. They will not only organically enter the style of the room, but will also be pleasing to the eye, tune in to luck and positive. At the same time, it is possible to turn a balcony into a greenhouse by inveterate gardeners.To do this, it is worth agreeing in advance with the company that will make the glazing, so that they install a wide window sill and other devices where you can comfortably place the vegetation. In this case, do not forget to put the blinds so that your flowers feel comfortable and they do not fall into direct sunlight.

You can decorate the balcony with plastic and panels under the natural stone. For this special materials are sold. They will help to make a creative design, depending on your preferences.

Design options

Among the various design options for a small balcony are the following:

Rest zone

Those who want to find an oasis of serenity and tranquility, there is a great opportunity to create such a place for yourself. To do this, and fit a small balcony. In this case, the main difficulty will be the placement of furniture. But this is not a problem. You can make beautiful options with your own hands. For example, a comfortable ottoman for the rest will perfectly fit into any interior. You can easily and naturally create it yourself.

You need only two sheets of plywood to lay on the columns of the timber.At the same time, count the height so that two drawers can be placed from the end, in which you can conveniently store the necessary things. Or so that you can put a drawer with a sliding table. Now you need to put on the plywood mattress and pillows. Here is a great place for rest and relaxation. You can also simply lay out the pillows on the floor. This will match the Eastern style.

If you do not like the ottoman, you can create a small bench. Make a comfortable folding seat. It will also serve as a capacious box. There you will keep all sorts of things. For comfort, you can upholstered bench soft material.

To visually expand the space, it is worth using light shades in the decoration. You can liven up the composition with the help of colorful bright spots. The side wall can be supplemented with pretty photo wallpapers.

A place to have coffee

The balcony can also serve as a place where you can have a good time with your family and friends, drink coffee, have breakfast, and look at the fascinating view from the window. For this you need a folding table. You can do it yourself. The main thing is to comply with the instructions, perform everything according to the drawing.This compact version will appeal to everyone. You will be able to spend time in the evenings in pleasant company, charged with positive emotions.

You can also put a wicker or glass small table on the balcony, and a bench of the same style next to it. So you can create the right amount of space for a narrow circle of friends. Now you will have a new stylish place, where it will be nice to meet together or a small company. In this case, you will not feel cramped.

Balcony can be with or without glazing. If you choose the latter option, you will feel yourself a resident of a southern country. You can have breakfast, as if on a veranda, enjoying aromatic tea and coffee.


An excellent option would be to create a kind of mini-cabinet from the balcony. Here you can work at any time. In this case, you will not interfere with extraneous sounds, which means that the activity will be even more fruitful. Among the advantages can be identified excellent natural lighting. In this case, it will not be superfluous to install an additional lamp if you work in the dark. You will feel comfortable and at ease.Arrange a table that you will like, lead shelves, place all the necessary accessories.

Storage area

If you do not want to spend your energy on organizing the creative design of a small balcony, you can simply turn the room into a convenient storage area. This does not mean that they will be scattered in a chaotic manner. On the contrary, everything will be orderly and stylish. Such a storage area will look neat. So, in the side wall, you can mount a cabinet with comfortable shelves. There will be placed all the necessary items. The rest of the space will be free and clean. Here you can play on the contrasts, or vice versa, all arranged in a single color. It is desirable to apply light shades. They will help to expand the visual area, to make the balcony freer.

Thus, we looked at how to make a good design of a small balcony. Now you know where to start - and this is the most important thing. Choose a style, color, design, do not be afraid to experiment. Let your balcony become the place where it will be comfortable and cozy to stay for a long time. Regardless of whether you live in a panel or brick house, a small balcony is not a problem,and a source for your inspiration and the realization of your fantasies. Let dreams come true today.

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