Design with flowers on the balcony

Each owner wants to decorate his house as much as possible not only from the inside, but also from the outside. Good windows are put, the balcony is carefully repaired, and some go even further and create a real floral masterpiece, decorating it with flowers, and most often with their own hands. The design with flowers on the loggias looks incredibly beautiful and is pleasing to the eye not only of the owners of the house, but of all the passersby who constantly look at such beauty.

But in order to create a real flower garden on your balcony, it is not enough just to choose the right color combinations, it is also important to choose the right plant varieties that suit your interior.

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Plant types

Flowers to decorate the balcony are divided into two types: annual, flowering only one season, and perennial, which can please the eye all year round. Annual plants are planted in spring, and during the summer they grow, grow and bloom.You can start planting seeds and take care of them yourself, but if you don’t have time for this, you can buy ready-made seedlings and continue the cultivation process started by a professional gardener.

One of the best and win-win options for a balcony are petunias and pelargoniums. These are flowers that are traditionally salted out every year to decorate this area. But there are new varieties of flowers, which also look very nice and also take care of them. Lobelia and ganation will not only please the eye all summer, but will also be something new and original. It is worth paying attention to the advice of experienced gardeners who recommend growing not only new plant varieties, but also traditional ones, in order to be confident in their bloom and to guarantee themselves a beautiful view for the whole summer if the new variety does not grow.

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It is advised to plant the plants at the same time, or with different flowering time. In this case, the flowers will grow alternately and will be a wonderful decoration of the balcony from spring to early autumn.

Perennial plants are selected among varieties that are resistant to frost and cold.Naturally, in the winter you can not leave flowers on the street, after the end of the warm season they are transferred to pots and brought into the room so that they continue to grow in their usual temperature. Most often, preference is given to dwarf roses, which are sold in ready-made, grown form and need only good care for them. If the loggia is insulated, the flowers can be left outside and they will not be affected, as they will actually be inside the house.

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Criterias of choice

To ensure that your garden on the loggias not only beauty, but also long-term flowering of plants, you need to choose the right varieties of flowers, depending on the location of the balcony, or rather the side to which it goes. Each side has its own characteristics, under which only certain types can adapt.

For example, for the northern side, unpretentious plants that love shade and do not require strong sun, as well as fertilizer soil are suitable. These include pansies, begonias, tulips, fuchsias, and nasturtiums. These varieties need only regular watering.

The sunny side of the balcony, facing south, is designed for those in need of sun flowers, which can stay for a long time without watering. Petunias, phloxes and calendula will be excellent seedlings for the south side.

Western and eastern directions are the most optimal for growing a flower garden in their own loggia. The advantage of these directions is that the sun gives them the coolest and most gentle rays in the mornings during the sunrise and in the evenings at the sunset. These conditions, the key to which are soft sunlight, make it possible to grow a variety of varieties of flowers that are not intended for the shadow of the northern or hot south side.

For the eastern balcony is ideal flowers, in need of moderate light and moisture, these varieties include tulips, dwarf roses, hydrangeas and freesia. On the western balcony, in addition to the above listed species, asters and tradescantia will blossom beautifully. The latter has a decorative color of leaves and refresh your flower garden. The varieties themselves are better to choose dwarf or undersized so as not to make the site visually heavy. You can pick up plants with different flowering period, then you will be provided with a beautiful garden on the loggia throughout the summer.

Another equally important factor when choosing a plant variety is the type of balcony: open or closed.

For the open, the best option would be begonia, salvia, petunia and viola, they will refresh the general view of the balcony. It is worth noting that the begonia perfectly tolerates lower temperatures, and also grows well on the shady side. In order to beautifully decorate an open balcony, you need to properly arrange the pots with plants in a tasteful manner, and also plant it a little with perennial flowers that can be transferred to the room during cold weather.

With a glazed balcony, the situation is easier, since the temperature regime in this case is easier and better observed and you can create a real greenhouse of violets, azaleas and many other varieties of flowers.

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How to make the interior

If you belong to those people who use the balcony for their own pleasure, and not for a warehouse of unnecessary things, you will definitely want to give it a special comfort and beauty. To do this, you can withstand the entire design in one particular style, so everything will look very harmonious.

You can pick up and place the pots in a certain color range by planting appropriate flowers in them. The pots themselves can be placed in special baskets or on a rack for flowers.Some owners equip the balcony with special wall brackets for pots of flowers, they perfectly complement the interior and do not take up much space.

But for a complete picture it is not enough just beautiful plants, you need to choose the right extra furniture, rugs or even pictures, if the balcony is closed. Special comfort is given to the loggia by a small table with two chairs. In the summer, surrounded by numerous flowers, in such a place it is very pleasant to drink tea and have fun.

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Proper selection of pots

To provide plants with long flowering and favorable conditions, it is important to choose a pot not only by color, but also by material, depending on the root system of the plant. For example, ceramic containers are perfect for closed balconies, as they provide additional ventilation of the soil. On the sunny side, it is recommended to put pots of light colors that repel the sun's rays, while on the north - dark ones, on the contrary, attracting them.

You can make a very original composition with the help of pots of various forms, but one shade.If there is a table on the loggia, it is recommended to put a round pot on it and plant flowers with wide leaves inside, which will visually give volume and plant a corner.

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