Design a balcony in the "Khrushchev"

Many people would like to live in a spacious apartment of a new high-rise building or, even better, own their own home. However, dreams remain dreams, and a large number of the population have to be content with an old Khrushchev - a common type of urban residential real estate. Houses with such “apartments” first appeared in the 60s of the last century, and the main task of their creators was to create a large number of small apartments for the multi-million population of the Soviet Union.

Using the balcony space with benefits

Owners of Khrushchev do not need to despair prematurely, even such a modest space can be increased with a balcony. The latter can add the missing square meters, and with a strong desire of the owners, to become a beautiful place for hanging out, if you make a good repair in it.

Today, there are several options for changing the interior of the balcony in Khrushchev, which can be implemented with your own hands.

  • A storage room is a familiar way to use a balcony, which has recently lost its relevance. In this case it is not necessary to fantasize, it is enough to add the required number of shelves and put everything on them that seems superfluous in the apartment. Such a solution is popular only among phlegmatic owners who do not want to change something in their lives.
  • Cabinet or seating area. A similar option implies a procedure for warming and glazing the balcony. This is the only way to get a small, but cozy room.
  • Combining the balcony with the main room. This case can not do without investment, but the end result will certainly appeal to homeowners.

Stages of preparatory work

The design of the Khrushchev’s balcony can be very original and beautiful, and it doesn’t matter how many square meters are allotted - 3 meters or more. First you need to remove all things and furniture, even those that at first glance do not interfere at all.

From the outside, the future oasis of comfort can be sheathed with vinyl siding. All cracks are sealed with foam.

Next, the floor, ceiling and walls need to be insulated with mineral wool or polystyrene foam. An alternative to these materials is heated floors.This option will cost a little more, but it will quickly justify the investment.

An important design point is the glazing. If the balcony is open, with the help of the removal of window frames, you can increase the area. In addition, there will be more window sill, which can later become a beautiful shelf for flowers or other decorative items.

Only after these manipulations can you proceed to the interior decoration. Here you can act as the heart tells you - to sheathe walls with clapboard, plastic or moisture-proof plasterboard, or to finish with a decorative brick or stone.

Style decisions

It is difficult to independently arrange a small balcony inside, but it is possible. The main thing is not to depart from the unity of the idea of ​​decoration, furnishings and the use of a particular decor. Ideal when the style decision of the apartment goes to the open balcony. To make it work atmosphere, you need to use calm and restrained colors. Excess decor is not needed. The most successful styles for decorating a small balcony under the recreation area are Mediterranean and country.

Mediterranean style is represented by wall decoration with artificial stone or decorative brick. Rattan furniture will be appropriate, curtains should be light translucent, you can use small sizes forged lamps with chains. Fresh flowers, a cage with a parrot or a canary will revive the atmosphere.

Country style involves the use of exclusively natural materials. Walls in this style must be wood-paneled. For a greater feeling of being in an old country house, all surfaces can be “aged” by artificial means. Simple wooden furniture will be the highlight of the room. Be sure to decorate the balcony with fresh flowers. The final point will be cotton curtains or curtains of flax, various textile napkins in the box.

Young people should pay attention to the dynamic style. Modern ideas in this direction suggest the use of synthetic materials for decoration. The walls in this case are sheathed with plastic, an artificial stone is placed on the floor. Furniture minimalist, strict geometric shape of one, better than a dark color. And a large amount of light from all over.The use of non-standard colors in lighting is allowed: lilac, lilac, green. The overall style will decorate the multiple art objects of our time.

Finishing materials and color palette

Color and texture are fundamental factors of design. With the finishing materials and their color palette you need to decide before the beginning of the first stages of arrangement of the balcony. It is desirable that the style direction does not differ from the general theme of modest real estate.

Traditionally, Khrushchev's balconies are decorated in light but saturated colors, which perfectly conduct light to the main room. In addition, they visually make the tiny space wider. The most successful shades are white, lime, peach, purple and pale pink, beige, amber.

Among the finishing materials the most popular is the eurolining. Due to the fact that the environmentally friendly wood serves as its basis, no allergic reactions will occur to those living in the apartment.

In financial terms, plastic is considered more profitable. A large assortment and various color options make it possible to make sometimes the most extraordinary and amazing interior solutions.A huge plus of this material lies in the fact that it has a high degree of moisture resistance and perfectly withstands sudden changes in temperature.

Another excellent material used in the design of the balcony, are plasterboard sheets. With their help, it is possible to even out any irregularities and defects on the walls and ceiling in a matter of hours and in a quality manner, which allows you to create a spectacular design without flaws. Drywall can serve as the basis of a multi-level ceiling, it is easy to install spot lighting.

Lighting Design

Khrushchev’s balconies do not need general lighting, but an additional one will not hurt, because without it, the designer’s idea will not be considered complete. You can use sconces or a small floor lamp, candlesticks, hanging lamps or non-standard lamps, for example, in the form of exotic birds operating on solar batteries.

Gardening rules

The final stage of the transformation of the balcony can be decorating it with fresh flowers. However, in this case you also need to adhere to some rules. First, all climbers need to be securely fixed so that no one gets confused in their branches.It is better to hang them in the upper corners of the room. Secondly, pots on the walls can be placed in the form of a specific pattern or figure, so you get the original addition to the interior. Thirdly, the flowers on the floor are taboo; they should not occupy a usable area.

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