Cold glazed balconies

Balcony rooms today are increasingly used as a living or working space. Before you begin to exploit this territory, you need to provide optimal conditions for this.

Solve this problem with glazing loggias. Today there are several variants of such constructions, among which the arrangement of cold systems is considered the most popular.


Today designs for solving such problems can be divided into 2 types:

  • Frameless glazing systems are mechanisms in which adhesive compounds are used to connect individual parts of a glass unit. They lack the concept of a frame, since its role is played by the upper and lower guides. Cold glazing of balconies of this type has several advantages, among which practicality can be distinguished, having a wide view and the ability to gain access to the doors that open inwards.

Balcony systems with removal.Such constructions suppose fixing the frame on a special frame, which protrudes slightly from the plane of the base edge. Thus, the space expands, and the product has a higher practical value.

As the frame for the installation of such frames using aluminum metal, fixed to the base with a few anchors or brackets.

Advantages and disadvantages

Cold glazing is very popular in our time, because it allows you to get very high-quality protection of the room from external stimuli (rain, wind, etc.).

Among the positive aspects of these products are several characteristics:

  • High structural strength. Systems can withstand heavy loads with relatively low weight.
  • Beautiful and original design, allowing to adapt the product to any interior design.
  • Low cost of materials and installation.
  • Resistance to fire (in most cases refers to metal frameworks).
  • Long service life without loss of basic characteristics.
  • The minimum load on the base.Similar frameworks are made of a light profile and thin double-glazed windows.
  • Possibility of installation on a balcony or loggia of any size.
  • Safety for humans. All materials are made from environmentally friendly substances that do not emit toxic substances into the air.

Some disadvantages are:

  • The construction of such systems often occurs with the use of aluminum profiles, which have some negative properties:
  • Low heat retention. This leads to the fact that the indoor temperature can be maintained at 11-13 degrees higher than outside. In winter, this leads to uncomfortable conditions and the impossibility of staying indoors for a long time.
  • Low sound insulation leading to the penetration of noise into the room.
  • The lack of complete tightness leads to frosting of the frame and glass in the winter. This eliminates the possibility of full operation window sash and the entire room as a whole.

Compare the two opposites

Many owners of balconies believe that installing a cold glazing will not give a positive result, since the system is relatively inefficient.But this is a false notion, since these obstacles cope perfectly with their tasks.

To understand the difference between warm and cold glazing you need to compare several important characteristics:

  • Heat saving. Here, plastic balconies have the advantage, as they prevent a sharp decrease in the temperature inside the room when exposed to external influences. But it should be understood that such an indicator can be achieved only by additional weatherization of the walls, ceiling and floor. Please note that if you do not plan to use a balcony or loggia as a living space, then aluminum elements are perfect for you.
  • Cost The price of cold glazing is significantly lower than its warm counterpart.
  • The possibility of expanding the space. In this case, both options cope quite well, but they solve different tasks. Warm glazing is used to form part of a room from a balcony, and in another case, the room is suitable for storing food or as a small household warehouse.

Please note that during the operation of metal-plastic frames windows sweat a lot, which leads to the need to install additional ventilation or manual adjustment of this value.

Popular materials

The concept of cold glazing is only a design that is not able to retain heat well. But this does not tie the manufacturer to the specific product from which it is obtained.

Today, such a system can be performed using the following materials:

  • Aluminum. The profile of this substance is one of the most popular in the manufacture of cold systems. The material is not only high strength, but corrosion resistance. This minimizes the care for its surface, allowing the person not to think about supporting her condition.
  • Tree. This substance was used previously very often when installing balcony surfaces of this type. The product has better sound insulation characteristics. Wooden frames gradually lose their relevance, as they require constant care (painting, etc.), which in some cases is almost impossible (painting the exterior at height is a very complicated process).
  • PVC Metal-plastic is mainly used today for the formation of warm systems, but still, some profile modifications make it possible to obtain cold glazing options.To this type can be attributed designs with sliding doors. These products, some experts refer to the so-called semi-warm glazing.

A special type of cold construction are frameless systems that are not actually equipped with a profile. Here, aluminum frames are also used as supports, and the surface itself is formed from special types of glass. For the formation of opening sashes use special hinges in which the glass door is fixed.

Improvement of technical specifications

Many owners of cold balconies need additional warming. To solve this problem, you can use the replacement and additionally finishing the room. This process is carried out according to two main schemes:

  • full replacement of front glass from the outside;
  • insulation method of installing several more layers of glass.
  • The algorithm for replacing external structural elements can be divided into several stages:
  • Dismantling the pre-installed glazing.
  • Installation of special insulating inserts that can be made of different substances.
  • Replacing the sashes with their warm counterparts and installing multi-layered double-glazed windows.

To obtain the optimal effect, many experts recommend additionally warming the base of the balcony and all points of cold penetration.


The installation algorithm of such systems can be divided into several successive steps:

  • Initially, the preparation of the premises. At the same time, it is necessary to remove old ramies (if such are present) and clean the room from debris, dust and other elements. Be sure to take care of sealing all the cracks and holes that can be causes of drafts.
  • At this stage, support bars (5 * 5 cm) are fixed to the fence and walls. The aluminum profile will be attached to them in the future.
  • The next step is to install the frame frame. Before proceeding with this operation, all windows and loose elements should be dismantled. You also need to pre-fasten to the base of the window special strips at a distance of 70 cm from each other.
  • When the frame is ready, it is installed on the supporting bars and leveled with wedges. Note that the frame is equal in all planes and you should not go to the next stage until you are sure that everything is in the right position.
  • After that, the frame is fixed to the support. For this purpose, anchors are used, which are plugged into previously made holes in the wall. Upon completion of this operation, all gaps between the frame and the base are sealed. For such purposes, use a special mounting foam.
  • The final stage is the installation of reflux and window sill. At the same time, certain fasteners and fixing methods are used. Upon completion, all previously dismantled elements are hung in place.

We evaluate the features of the mechanisms

Window structures of this type are manufactured using special technologies.

Among the variety of such systems, several major manufacturers of their individual elements should be distinguished, allowing to obtain a reliable product:

  • Provedal The Spanish company launches a high-quality aluminum profile, which is very popular in our country. Different materials have a long service life and reliability.
  • Among the manufacturers of fittings, experts recommend to pay attention to such manufacturers as Sobinco (Belgium), GU (Germany) and Roto (Germany).
  • It should also be noted the company Gese (Italy), engaged in the production of reinforced loops,Dorma (Germany) and Tormax (Switzerland), which produce quality closers and drive systems. Judging by the reviews, the products of these brands are of the highest quality.
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