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Loggia is an integral and very useful part of the apartment. It can be used as a place to rest, and as an extra room, and as a place to store things. Of course, high-quality finishing of the loggia is very important. How to make it beautiful, comfortable and functional and will be discussed in our article.

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Features and benefits

A carefully repaired and glazed loggia will be protected from the vagaries of weather, increased noise, as well as dust and various foreign objects brought by the wind or fallen from the upper floors;

This room, albeit small, can be turned into an office, a winter garden can be arranged there, used as an additional place to store various things, which is very important, especially in a small apartment;

With its help, you can expand the existing premises, by redevelopment and demolition of the separating partition.

Types of finishes

Finishing loggias are traditionally divided into internal and external. The choice of materials for repair depends on the further purpose of this room: whether it will be used as a separate room (in this case, repairs should be made on an already glazed loggia with the installation of additional insulation), or will it be a warehouse for storage of things or just a place for seasonal rest ( In this case, it will not be necessary to carry out the heat, repair work may be performed on a cold loggia, although one cannot do without glazing).

If you are a happy owner of a large loggia - up to 6 meters - you can install lockers on it, lari for utensils, hang hooks for inventory and clothing. In a small room you don’t have much fun, but if everything is calculated correctly, you can build a small cabinet in the corner, put a small stool or a lounge chair, hang a “liana” to dry clothes. For a loggia equipped with a fire escape, it is very important not to overload the hatch with heavy furniture that will be difficult to move in an emergency.

Your loggia comes out on the sunny side - well, this is a great reason to arrange a winter garden there.To do this, of course, will require additional warming, because in the winter without it will be cold. If you do not want to bother, bring back flowers only in the warm season, so that they enjoy the sun's rays, like in a tanning bed. Panoramic windows in this case will help you in the lighting and heating of floor colors.

If you do not plan to spend time on the loggia, but wish to use it as a warehouse, make at least an economical repair so that your things do not deteriorate under the influence of atmospheric phenomena and external pollution.

In order to decide on the finish, take in the building stores samples of materials, step by step plan repair, taking into account all the nuances and characteristics of your premises and their wishes to the result. So, as mentioned earlier, the finishing of the loggia is made:

  1. Inside In order to qualitatively and functionally finish the room from the inside, you must either have a number of building skills yourself, or invite an experienced master. The floor, walls and ceiling of the loggia must be repaired, for this it will be necessary to calculate the area of ​​the room and, based on the data obtained, the number of selected materials;
  2. Outside. As a rule, the exterior finish of the loggia is made for the purpose of additional insulation of the room.Independently perform it is quite problematic on all floors, above the first. Therefore, if you still decide on the exterior, be sure to invite experienced professionals.
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In the modern construction market there are many different materials used for exterior and interior decoration of balconies and loggias. You can choose exactly what suits you at the price, quality, color scale and corresponds to the required characteristics. Let's get acquainted with some of the most popular finishing materials:

MDF panel. Made from environmentally friendly components (wood waste, paraffin and lingin), these panels have become very popular in their use in interior decoration. MDF has several advantages:

  1. moisture resistance. This property is very useful when finishing the loggia, because, even with glazing, it is possible that moisture could get inside (for example, you forgot to close the window and it started to rain);
  2. fairly high level of strength;
  3. attractive price;
  4. wear resistance due to the special surface treatment of MDF panels against pests and mold;
  5. their installation is very simple and does not require the possession of special construction skills;
  6. poorly conduct heat, respectively, will help keep cool in summer and higher temperatures in winter;
  7. they are easy to handle with a milling machine.

In addition to the advantages, MDF-panels have disadvantages:

  1. heavy;
  2. when processing panels with the help of a machine, it is necessary to wear a protective mask on the face due to the formation of a large amount of dust;
  3. cheap MDF types may contain hazardous formaldehyde;
  4. when preparing the plates for installation, drilling holes for fastening them with nails or screws is necessary.

Wood trim. The most important advantage of wood panels is their naturalness. The tree "breathes", not allowing the air in the room to stand and be filled with harmful substances. In addition, his natural design is very beautiful and never goes out of fashion. To extend the service life, wooden lining of the loggia must be treated with special means to isolate from moisture and protection from pests, otherwise all this beauty will serve you for a short time, which is rather undesirable, given the high cost of such finishing.

Plasterboard finish.Another great material that can be sheathed not only the walls, but also the ceiling on the loggia. It has heat and sound insulation, is easy to install and is quite cheap. However, it is necessary to choose drywall, resistant to moisture, because, as mentioned above, a loggia, even glazed, is not immune from its ingress. Finished walls of plasterboard can be covered with wallpaper, you can paint them or cover with decorative plaster.

The lining is carried out with the help of fastening sheets of gypsum boards to a pre-attached grid, filled with insulation, which is used as special mineral wool. This is necessary to create an additional layer of thermal insulation, especially if you want to make your loggia warm and use it as an office or a winter garden.

Covering with plastic wall panels. If you want to make an economical repair on the loggia, but at the same time the aesthetic appearance of the walls and the ceiling is important to you, stop your choice on the plastic wall panels. Let's consider their advantages:

  1. the small weight of panels facilitating transportation and installation;
  2. caring for them is quite simple: just wipe these walls with water with a small amount of detergent;
  3. moisture and fire resistance;
  4. do not suffer from the effects of parasites;
  5. very impressive service life (up to 25 years);
  6. large color palette;
  7. do not need preliminary alignment of walls and ceiling;
  8. optimum ratio "price-quality";
  9. very simple installation that does not require special knowledge.

They are probably the only drawback is the instability to direct sunlight - with time, the panels tend to fade.

Decorating with artificial (decorative) stone or brick. It is no secret that many people really like the pristine beauty and the deliberate rudeness of natural stone. But this option of facing the walls is very expensive, moreover, natural stone has quite a lot of weight, which makes it difficult to decorate walls with it. An excellent alternative can be the decoration of the walls on the loggia artificial stone. Its advantages are:

  1. relative cheapness;
  2. ease of installation;
  3. large selection of colors and textures;
  4. easy care

Of course, the decorative stone is inferior to the natural in strength and durability, but it is also quite durable material.

Finishing loggia block house. This phrase came to us from Europe and translated from English means "house of blocks".As for what it actually is, we can give the following definition - this is a board, flat on one side and bulging on the other to imitate a log. With the help of a block house, a decor is created in the style of a wooden log-house. This finish looks expensive, it gives the room a special comfort and a touch of antiquity. The block house has a lot of positive qualities:

  1. resistant to mold and mildew;
  2. does not crack, as boards undergo special preliminary processing;
  3. has a fairly small weight, which greatly simplifies installation.

The disadvantages of the block house include its high cost and the possibility of condensation when temperature drops.

Sheathing clapboard. Lining is a thin board, for ease of installation, provided with grooves and ridges. It is very often used for cladding loggia walls, and, both from the inside and the outside (however, it must be remembered that for external use a special moisture-resistant lining is needed). Its advantages are hard to miss:

  1. sufficiently long service life (up to 10 years);
  2. does not rot;
  3. easy care and installation;
  4. does not demand preliminary alignment of surfaces;
  5. soundproofed;
  6. retains heat well;
  7. it is possible to replace the damaged element without dismantling the entire skin;
  8. You can varnish the surface to extend the life and improve the appearance;
  9. environmentally friendly material;
  10. low price

The disadvantages include lightness and quickness of ignition, as well as instability to temperature extremes and high humidity.

If we talk about the lining of the loggia outside, then most often it is trimmed with a basement siding. What it is? Siding is a panel made of polymeric materials and intended for facing the outer part of the house, balcony or loggia. This is done to create an additional layer of protection of the room from external adverse effects. Siding is very resistant to the vagaries of the weather, does not ignite, it serves for a long time and looks quite beautiful. It is easy to install, but if you live on the floor above the first one, it’s better to invite a specialist.

And I want to say a little about the floor covering, which is best used on the loggia. You can lay there linoleum or lay the floor with ceramic matte tiles or laminate - it all depends on yourpreferences and intended use of the premises.

Interesting ideas design balconies and loggias

Registration with the help of flowers. In order to bring this idea to life, it is necessary to warm the balcony room. In addition to ornamental plants in pots and pots, you can install several small boxes on the windowsill and grow fragrant herbs for spices, for example, mint, basil, dill.

It is possible to decorate the balcony room with the help of well-chosen furniture. It is important that it does not clutter up the space, but look organic and functional. In view of the increased humidity on the balcony and the loggia, pick up furniture that is resistant to moisture or wear waterproof covers on it. For a narrow room perfect furniture-transformer. Also equipped with a cozy corner on the balcony will help wicker rattan furniture, a small sofa, coffee table. You can even place a small TV on the wall or nightstand, combining outdoor recreation with watching your favorite TV show.

On a sufficiently large area of ​​the balcony or loggia, a mattress with pillows in the style of oriental palaces will fit perfectly.The image will be complemented by outdoor flowers and decorative lamps.

An important element of the decor of the balcony room are curtains or blinds. They will create privacy, help control the level of illumination and give the balcony a look of a real private room. If your windows face the sunny side, you can use thick roller blinds or blinds, and if you don’t need to hide from sunlight, hang light transparent tulle or calico curtains. You do not need to overload the interior with heavy curtains, lambrequins, brushes - on the balcony they will look cumbersome and inappropriate.

It is very good to use various kinds of lamps as additional functional decorative elements. You can set the spot lighting, hang a garland or sconces. Modern technologies make it possible to use the energy of the sun and hang solar-powered lamps on the balcony.

On a heated glazed loggia, you can equip a full-fledged study: install a desk, put a computer or laptop on it, hang shelves for documents and literature on the wall.If your balcony is bordered by a kitchen and its area is large enough - arrange a dining room there, having equipped it with a cozy dining area. It is also very cool to use a warm balcony room as a playroom for children - just be sure to equip the windows with tight-fitting and hard-to-reach shutters.

Well, if you wish, you can combine your loggia with the apartment by redeveloping, removing the partition between them. Then make out the room in accordance with the overall design of the apartment, do not forget to carefully insulate it.

Use your balcony space wisely and according to your preferences. It can certainly become a very functional part of the apartment. Take it to repair seriously and do not hesitate to design tricks. Use their examples. We hope our article will help you find the unique style of the loggia to your taste and wallet.

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