Quality ceiling coating on the loggia

Many of us think about the design of a balcony room - what kind of finish to use for walls, floor, ceiling?

Before you do finish the top of the balcony, you need to take care of waterproofing. Without this preparatory stage, the coating will not be durable, and all the efforts of the stylish design will be in vain.

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Preparatory stage

Waterproofing is needed for both open and for glazed balconies. It completely eliminates leakage between the seams. If the balcony of the neighbors is glazed on top, it is enough to treat your concrete surface with silicone sealant to prevent water from entering the porous structure of the concrete. The balcony on the top floor must be protected and above and below the concrete slab. From above, as a rule, protection gives the visor to the roof of the house, provided by the developer. You only need to protect the concrete surface from below. As a material for waterproofing, bitumen is used, the so-called “liquid rubber”, and the PVC membrane is a modern, but relatively expensive material.

Having protected the surface from the possibility of leakage, you can engage in decoration. Consider the main characteristics of various materials and highlight the best quality coverage for the ceiling on the loggia.

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The easiest and most economical option is whitewashing or painting the surface. First you need to level the concrete coating with cement, put a layer of putty and primer. The best solution would be to paint the surface with water-based or oil based paint. Use stamps for facade work. Update layer is required less frequently. Yes, and care for the painted ceiling allows wet cleaning.

Tile and wallpaper

Ceiling tiles and wallpaper can be used to finish the balcony. If the wallpaper is not very durable and will not survive temperature fluctuations, the tile can serve you for years. It will not be difficult to make a tiled ceiling - foam squares are superimposed on the concrete surface with good glue. Such material can be washed even with the use of abrasives. The price of such coverage is quite cheap, which is good news.The relief structure of the tile and the various patterns on the material will give the room additional charm.

To give the beauty and completeness of the painted or wallpaper-coated ceiling on the loggias, a beautifully decorated window is well suited. Hang curtains best of all on flexible curtain rails for curtains, which are mounted at the top and take any shape. Installation of this design does not take much time, and the result will exceed all expectations.

Suspended ceiling

For those who want to use a variety of mounted structures in the design of the room, the ideal option would be a suspended ceiling. The main material in the form of panels is mounted on aluminum structures. It can be PVC panels, wood panels or aluminum.

PVC panels

The ceiling of modern PVC plastic panels is distinguished by its environmental friendliness, able to withstand temperature changes and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. He is unpretentious in care, does not attract dirt and dust. The plastic ceiling is very durable and will last you up to 50 years. The color and texture of the panels can be chosen to suit every taste and interior - glossy, matte, with a floral print, in a marine theme, with imitation of wood, stone, bamboo. The damaged panel can be easily replaced with a new one.It is worth noting that the price of this modern material is low and quite suitable for the budget of the family of average incomes.

Wooden panels

Loggia from the wall paneling looks very impressive, giving the room a cozy homely look. Such design is acceptable for use in eco-style. Rack way of decorating the surface with natural wood is expensive, but the result will exceed all expectations. Environmentally friendly, safe material, durable and durable. To prevent cracks and deformations of the tree, it is necessary to coat it with paint and varnish. Renew lacquer layer required as needed. Thanks to such protection from dirt, moisture and temperature changes, the coating will delight you for years. Wood panels can be washed. In addition, wood panels perfectly retain heat. Moreover, this type of design leads on good reviews - beautiful, comfortable, durable.

Aluminum rail

As the ceiling decor, you can use panels made of aluminum. This design is suspended, mounted on the profile. Aluminum coating is very durable, unpretentious in the care. It can be used on both open and glazed balconies.This design is well suited for the style of minimalism, hi-tech, loft.

Plasterboard coating

Another material for a suspended ceiling is drywall. Finishing of the room can be made by hand. It is enough to install an aluminum profile to the concrete surface and attach drywall to it. The ceiling of plasterboard is quite durable. It is unacceptable to use this material in the finishing of the unglazed loggia - drywall will get wet in the rain and crumble. The advantages of drywall coating include: strength, environmental friendliness, ease of installation, the possibility of decor, low material cost. Such a ceiling can be painted in any color, pasted with your favorite wallpaper.

Stretch ceiling

This type of material - the most popular today. Stretch ceilings are used both in the decoration of rooms and in the decoration of non-residential premises, loggias, shops, offices. Let's try to reveal the secret of the increasing prevalence of this type of coverage.

Stretch ceiling involves a seamless coating without joints, it can be washed. The strong fabric cloth is calculated both for warm weather, and for a rain, and for a frost.Installation of the tension cover does not take a lot of time, but is performed exclusively by professionals. The cost of suspended ceilings is high, but the costs are paid off in the first year of operation. This type of registration of the loggia is very expressive. You can think of a competent lighting system in such a design - the use of a central luminaire, a group arrangement of point "fish eyes", single lamps.

Useful stuff

Loggia - a very functional space of the apartment. Here you can organize a recreation area, a mini-garden, place an office or use it as a utility room. Let's talk about the latter. If you are planning to place here a ceiling dryer, you should be careful when choosing a ceiling finish. The coating must be durable to withstand the weight of wet laundry. Consideration should be given to the placement of amplifiers in the attachment points. Aluminum slats are not recommended for placing dryers on them - over time, rust forms on the surface of such material, which can ruin things.

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Little about color

Of course, design the loggia should be in the same style.Natural warm shades of ash, beech, walnut, pine are always pleasant in the interior. The ceiling can be decorated in bright colors or sheathed panels with glitter, the walls and floor of the room in this case should be bright shouting shades. This design will look very harmonious. White or any other pastel color of the ceiling will fit well into any interior, even in dark extravagant tones.

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