How to make a room from a balcony

Balcony has long ceased to be a repository for pickles or unnecessary things. Now many people want it to become a zone for rest and relaxation. It’s quite possible to make a room out of a balcony, so if you are still thinking about it, then use the tips below and get started.

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It all starts with windows

If you are determined to combine a room with a balcony, the first thing you need to do is change the windows. As a rule, even in new houses the windows are not of very high quality, they quickly become useless, the paint is peeling off from them, and they do not protect at all from the cold. In addition, the frames themselves begin to open not very well, but when you plan it is important.

The most ideal way is to install plastic windows. They are well protected from the cold and almost do not let the noise from the street. It is recommended not to install them yourself, but to invite a wizard who is specially trained in this. Installing glass should be on bricks or blocks, approximately one hundred to one hundred and five centimeters high.


Further, in order to connect the living room with a balcony, it is necessary to engage in warming. And here is the good news - you can do everything yourself, without the help of a master. So, after installing the windows, you need to carefully inspect the balcony for cracks and close them with foam. Important note: do not save on foam and buy only high-quality, otherwise it will not cope with temperature changes and you will have to redo everything.

It is also necessary to remove the layers of old insulation, and then apply a sealant on the seams.

The most reliable, proven insulation materials are foam, as well as mineral wool. There are other means, but these two are considered the best for this type of work.

How to fix insulation?

  • first you stick to the fence one layer of insulation;
  • make a crate consisting of wooden bars;
  • fix it to the floor and the ceiling on metal corners;
  • mount another layer of insulation between the crate;
  • at the final stage, trim the balcony the way you like - plastic or clapboard.

The floor is insulated like walls.If you want even more comfort and warmth, it makes sense to think about installing a heated floor, but it all depends on the purpose for which you decided to combine the room with a balcony. Whether it will be a nursery, a study, a living room - now everything depends on you and your desire.

What's next?

After the balcony is warmed and has already become a continuation of the room, it can and should be decorated. Unfortunately, to completely demolish the partition that separates the balcony and the room will not work, since it is prohibited by law and very dangerous, because a huge load is placed on the walls. But even without this, you can quite easily remake the balcony in the room, you just have to show imagination.

The space of the balcony can be expanded through internal windows. If you remove them, there will be only a piece of the wall and the battery. The wall, if it is not too high, is suitable for creating an original table or bar.

Children's room

Also a balcony can be turned into a children's room. But here it is necessary to take care not only about additional warming, but also about security. First, you will need to make an additional crate. Secondly, call the masters to install underfloor heating.Doing it yourself is not worth it, because if improperly installed, problems can arise that can be solved only by dismantling the flooring - partially or completely.

When preparation is completed, it is necessary to choose colors in which there will be a room. Light well expands the space, so it is recommended to use it. In addition, the nature of the child should be considered. For children with a calm disposition, it is advised to select brighter colors in the interior, as this increases activity. And for little fidgets, on the contrary, calm pastel colors. It would not be out of place to ask the child himself what he wants.

Children love when the room turns into something thematic - their favorite book or movie. So that you can decorate the room yourself and make a child a surprise. For teenagers it’s better not to do surprises, but to pay attention to what he wants from this room.

Bedroom or study

If you decide to turn the balcony into a bedroom or study, then here too you need to take into account some of the nuances. For example, a wardrobe with clothes should not let in light, otherwise your clothes will quickly burn out in the sun. The same applies to the computer.Try to put the monitor so that it does not fall on the sun, otherwise it will be inconvenient to work, not to mention the harm to the eyes.

If the side of the sun is likely to need to hang thick black curtains so as not to be under the sun all the time.

There is a double bed on a small balcony, and if there is no space for a wardrobe, you can always think of and install drawers under the bed. If the cabinet still fits, then it is better to make its doors mirror - this will greatly expand the space, as well as bright or light colors in the interior.

The continuation of the room

If you want to use the balcony as a continuation of the room, then you have several options. Either the balcony becomes a separate room, with a slightly different interior and purpose, or a room with a balcony connected together.

The first case is suitable for large apartments. Here you can divide the balcony with a room with something like a panel or curtains, and also come up with a different, but complementary interior.

If the room is small, it is recommended to make the balcony its continuation. This will expand the area of ​​the room and create more convenience.

In the case of the union is best to do a total floor covering. And add a step if you decide to keep all the bumps between the room and the balcony. It is also best to choose the same wallpaper and furniture. In case you don’t like the doorway between the balcony and the room, you can close it by making something out of drywall.

In the event that the room next to the balcony is a bedroom, it is recommended to decorate it in light pastel colors. Also a great bed with a TV in front of her looks great. Bedside tables on both sides of the bed also look good, you can store personal items in them, for example. It is better to make shelves suspended - so they do not take up space and look beautiful and stylish.

Although, of course, the rules are created to break them, and you can decorate everything in a completely different way.

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