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Many modern apartments are complemented by a small balcony. To free space is not wasted in vain or not used for simple storage of all kinds of rubbish, it can be turned into a small room. If you work at home or just spend a lot of time at the computer, then you can use the balcony space to organize an office there.

Features and benefits

Such a solution has its advantages and disadvantages. So, if your balcony is already used for storing conservation or other things that cannot be placed anywhere else, then it is irrational to do so. Another important point - the design of the balcony itself. If you have it open and not heated, then you need to be prepared for the fact that you have to spend a lot of time and money on it.

Also the balcony may be too small. Therefore, it does not really fit a chair or even a small desktop.But, no doubt, such a design solution has its advantages. First, you will finally have a full-fledged room where you will work alone and in silence, without being distracted by anything.

Balconies, as a rule, from three sides are supplemented with high and wide windows. If you choose the French version of the glazing, then the windows will be from floor to ceiling height. This means that the natural light in the room will always be very good. Therefore, you can safely work or read all day without fear for your vision.

Balcony in good weather is very easily ventilated. And from midges and mosquitoes it can be protected with a simple mosquito net. So, if you properly design your workspace, then you will be comfortable in it in your business.

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Space preparation

Before you engage in the design of the balcony space, it is necessary to carry out the main work on its alteration.

Having decided to locate an office on a loggia or balcony, first create there suitable working conditions. If the balcony is initially open, then it needs to be glazed and further warmed.It usually takes about a week of free time. Remember also that before you carry out any work, you must obtain a special permit for this, and the territory of your future cabinet must be inspected by an engineer.

For the glazing of the balcony room it is recommended to use double glazing. Thus, you can protect yourself even from the winter cold, and make your office a place to work at any time of the year without fear for your health.

It is also necessary to warm the balcony. First of all, seal all cracks with sealant or special foam. If you are not sure that you will cope with this task, then it is better to immediately turn to specialists. After all, if you improperly seal the room, it will remain cold.

A miniature balcony should not be supplemented with wide panels. It is better to give preference to penofol. This material is good because it does not reduce the space. Penofolm should build a wall that connects the balcony with the main room. This at the same time not only warms the room, but also contributes to good sound insulation.

Another way to warm the cabinet is to install a heated floor there.For this purpose, a special system is used, which is laid under ceramic tiles or tiles. To install this type of insulation you also need a special permit. You can also install a heater in a small room. Choose a compact converter that does not cause dangerous situations, and also does not take up much space. The only disadvantage of this type of heating is that on a small balcony your compact heater will over-dry the air.

Balcony space is also worth protecting from insect invasion. Hang mosquito nets on the windows so that in summer even flies and mosquitoes will not irritate you in the evenings. Alternatively, install windows with special mosquito inserts at once, which, if necessary, can be easily removed and reinserted.

The next stage is the installation of lighting. Initially, there is no electricity on the narrow balcony and even on the loggia. But it is quite possible to spend there. This procedure also should not be done independently. Wires must be laid by specialists. Wiring is laid either in plinths or under the floor.

In order for the working space to be as comfortable as possible for you, it is advisable to install at least two or three sockets in your new room. As for lighting, you can confine one lamp or install overhead lighting or sconces. As for work and study, we almost always need the Internet, make sure that the signal from your router reaches the balcony. If not, run an internet cable.

The final stage of redevelopment of the room - redecoration. Walls and ceilings are best performed in light and fresh colors. Ease the design of the office will give wallpaper in white, light green or coffee color. The same effect is given by a variety of floral or abstract patterns, made in the same light shades. The light base is especially well combined with the furniture of contrasting dark colors.


After the redevelopment of space and the creation of all comfortable conditions, you can proceed to the design. In the office should be at least the minimum set of furniture. This list includes a desk, chair and shelves or racks. Such equipment will provide you with normal working conditions.If you put a table in a corner and place shelves with books and all kinds of decorative elements above it, then you will have plenty of free space left.

Desk designers recommend installing perpendicular to the door at the wall. The ideal option is a table that fits the width of the balcony space. Thus, you will not lose free space.

If the dimensions of the balcony allow, the equipment may be more. In the office you can install a bookcase, an armchair, a tiny sofa and a small coffee table.

And if there is not enough space at all, then you can opt for a tiny corner table or mounted worktops, which also practically do not take away free space.

In order to save space, you can use window sills on the balcony instead of tables. Paint and paint them, and they will be your ideal work surface. But you can go the other way, removing all the window sills. This frees up a lot of free space.

Another interesting idea that will save you space is to connect the balcony to the room.So you get a bedroom, divided into two zones: working and, in fact, a bedroom. If you want to turn this idea into reality, you can make both rooms in the same style, or divide the room into zones using different design options.

We already talked about how to conduct electricity to the balcony. Now let's look at this question in terms of aesthetics. Lighting devices are also part of the interior. On a narrow balcony, it makes sense to use either tall narrow floor lamps or a few table lamps. You can also opt for traditional overhead lighting.

Lamps should be chosen for the interior features. So, in an office in the modernist style, a monochromatic glass lamp will look appropriate, and in an English-style room - an original lamp in vintage style.

So that in the evenings you feel comfortable at work and are not distracted by the views of strangers walking along the street, it is advisable to supplement your room with properly chosen curtains or blinds.

The best option for a small balcony would be neat blinds. They are compact, take up little space and open easily.The advantages of blinds can also be attributed to the fact that they are very easy to maintain, so you can safely buy even curtains of white or pastel color.

If the blinds do not fit into your office in style, then you can hang there and thick curtains. For a narrow room, it is better to choose light curtains, which are known to help visually expand the space. If you hang light curtains on the floor, the walls will appear higher.

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How to make workplace

Some small decorative details make a truly cozy and individual any room. It is worth picking them up, focusing solely on your taste, but trying to organically combine them with each other.

The working area must certainly be as comfortable as possible for you. Only in this case you will be happy to spend time at work or study. You can make your renovated room cozy by laying a soft carpet on the floor and placing home plants in pots on free surfaces. Needlewomen can also decorate a study for themselves or loved ones with various handmade decorative items - statuettes, napkins, etc.Also, such a room is ideal for making home nail salon in it.

But, being engaged in registration, do not go too far and do not litter your office with too many decorative details - the room is already very small, and its size can only decrease.

If you want to redo your balcony in the office, it is quite possible to do in a fairly short time. Use the space of your balcony or loggia to the maximum, filling all free niches with functional items. A well-designed study on the balcony is a good alternative to a full-fledged workroom.

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