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Many residents of modern cities complain about the lack of free space in their apartment. To expand the living space, it is not necessary to demolish the walls or to merge two apartments into one. It is enough to properly use the available space. An example of such a rational solution is the use of a balcony for a living room. In this article, you will learn how to retool your balcony under a cozy bedroom.

Advantages and disadvantages

This design solution has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include the fact that such a room will immediately solve your main problem - the lack of space. If your family is expanding or children are growing up, then it will definitely be useful for you to equip a balcony for an additional sleeping room.

This option is also good for those who need a bedroom for a short time - to let relatives or friends live, for example. Such a room can then easily be converted into a living room or a place to rest.Another plus of this redevelopment - a bedroom on the balcony, regardless of its design, will look original and unusual.

In addition, the balconies are usually large windows and a lot of light, which means that even in gloomy weather all the rays of the sun will fall to the inhabitants of this small room.

Will delight the bedroom on the balcony and lovers of minimalism. In a small space, you can only install everything you need, which means you can do without all the extra details. And the order in such a small room is much easier.

But there is a compact balcony bedroom and its drawbacks. First of all, we must not forget that the balcony is, as a rule, the territory separated from the apartment. There is no lighting or central heating, so the installation of all these vital things will have to take care when redevelopment, doing everything from scratch.

In addition, for this you will need special permissions that you may not issue. And time will have to spend on it. Another disadvantage is that even if your balcony is glazed, still there will not be a sufficient level of sound insulation.Therefore, for normal sleep it will need to isolate.

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It is quite obvious that a small space is not a plus for everyone. Many are just upset because the new bedroom turns out to be so small. In some cases, it can only accommodate a bed and a few hanging shelves.

There is also a psychological factor - some people feel uncomfortable in such conditions.

Project preparation

If, after weighing all the pros and cons, you decided to make a bedroom out of your loggia, then you should familiarize yourself with all the nuances of this procedure in advance.

The most difficult process is obtaining all the necessary permissions. In order to place a bedroom in a non-residential space, you must contact your local BTI. This should be done with the preparation of the project, where all the procedures that you plan to do will be specified.

Remember that according to the rules, bedroom equipment on the balcony is permissible only if its dimensions exceed two meters in length.

The balcony on which you are planning to arrange a bedroom, should certainly be glazed. For glazing is best to use double glazing.This will allow you not to freeze even in winter, especially if you additionally warm the room. To save space, windows should be either sliding or with doors that open to the outside. Side walls are best left deaf.

Features of insulation completely depend on what type of balcony you have. It is necessary to warm not only the walls and windows, but also the floor with the ceiling. Today there is a huge amount of materials for warming the room. The most common of them are different types of foam, mineral wool and foil insulation.

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Since there is usually no standard heating on the balcony, you will also have to take care of the installation of heaters separately. For heating should use a convector or radiator. But remember that they should be as safe as possible. The use of electric fire in the balcony is prohibited!

An additional advantage in the bedroom will be a heated floor. It is most often installed under the tile. For a balcony, this combination is considered the best. A simpler option is the infrared film floor. It can be put under a laminate.

How to make a bed

When planning a bedroom, it is important not only to equip it properly, but also to decorate it in style. There are balconies with access to the living room, bedroom. The style of the next bedroom depends on which room is next.

It is desirable that the room was made in the same style with a balcony space. Then the interior will be more organic and attractive.

Making a bedroom on the balcony begins with the definition of a general idea that will set the tone for the whole interior. To visually expand the space, it is best to use light colors for the walls, floor and ceiling. Such a room, and in combination with large windows, will make your room more spacious and beautiful.

So that in the mornings you are not woken up by persistent sunshine, and at night the headlights and street lamps do not interfere with sleep, you should pick up blinds or curtains. The choice of curtains or blinds depends on the style of your room. So, laconic blinds will fit into the interior in a modern or loft style better. And in a small bedroom in the style of Provence, light curtains with floral or floral patterns will look good.

In general, the curtains, as well as the walls should also be light - this is a great way to expand your space and add lightness to the interior.

The next, no less important stage - the choice of furniture. Since you have little space, every detail of the interior should be not only stylish, but also functional. No extra tables or cabinets will fit on a small balcony.

The most important element of any sleeping space is the bed. You can install a single bed, a sofa bed or even an ottoman to save space. If you prefer, you can even make a bed to order. In this case, it is exactly the size of the parameters of your balcony. If you have it wide enough, you can try installing a double bed there. Just be prepared for the fact that it takes up almost all the space.

You can also just put a regular spring mattress on the floor or on a special wooden frame. In a modern room, such a solution will seem stylish and modern.

Classic cabinets and cabinets in such a small space is unlikely to fit. Therefore, it is better to choose hinged shelves and corner lockers.They do not take up much space and can be placed on the wall just above the bed.

The final stage of the new room design will be the decor. Decorate the bed with a beautiful blanket, and decorate the shelves with your favorite books, frames with photos, paintings, flowers in pots and other details. The floor can be additionally insulated with a colored carpet, which will not only decorate your room, but also make the room more comfortable. It is all these individual little things that make the home truly “ours”, so it’s worth using them even in such a small space.

As you can see, in the conditions of a modern apartment a new room can be created literally from nothing. Redevelopment of a previously unused balcony, its warming and a small redecoration will allow you to create a cozy sleeping space for a child or adult. Use every square meter of your home wisely, show imagination, and all your friends will admire your comfortable living space.

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