Wrought iron balconies

For many years now the beauty of wrought-iron balconies has attracted the attention of people, being a wonderful decoration for the facades of buildings. The masterful work, fancy winding contours and unique design do not leave anyone indifferent, fascinating with unsurpassed appearance. Original design decisions and vast space for imagination are one of the main reasons why wrought iron fences have become so popular. Being a universal object of decor, as well as combining both classic and modern buildings, they are perfect for decorating ordinary city apartments or country buildings.

Production features

The production of fencing details is the work of skilled craftsmen and real professionals. Cold and hot forging allows you to achieve the desired shape. Cold forging is performed on specially designed equipment, and for its implementation just a single push of a button or the movement of a lever unit is sufficient.Of course, it is quite difficult to create something new and unusual, guided by the standard template, but the stencil allows you to repeat the same ornament many times, due to which the order is carried out relatively quickly and is relatively inexpensive. Separate parts connected to each other create a full-fledged balcony fence and are often installed on stairs.

Hot forging takes a lot of time and effort. The whole process is carried out entirely by hand and is not sufficiently demanded in the vast industry. At the preparation stage, the metal is heated in the furnace, then it is sent to the anvil for mechanical action. After that cools in water, dries and undergoes a coloration. Such grids look truly unique and original, however, they have a rather high price, since the manufacturing process takes a lot of time.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the main advantages of forged fences are:

  • stability and stability;
  • enhanced security;
  • environmental harmlessness;
  • original and charming view, abundance of options;
  • compatibility with all types of facades;
  • durable preservation of functional properties and aesthetics;
  • resistance to external factors and mechanical damage;
  • universality of parts;
  • possibility of combination with other materials.

Significant disadvantages are noted in:

  • gravity weight;
  • delivery and installation difficulties;
  • expensive;
  • long term of the order;
  • the inadmissibility of the installation of glass.


A unique, original wrought-iron balcony can be completely different in size, shape and fastening. Plate, type of construction and facade style are the main factors that affect the key properties of the product. Designers can safely experiment with the area and configuration of the balcony to acquire its external uniqueness. Height is always selected personally, at its discretion. There are the following types of wrought-iron balconies:

  • Straight fences. Straight and smooth objects of decor look impressive on classic facades and buildings built in minimalist style. Smooth railings, forward-concave rods and external flower beds look harmonious with classical constructions. The picture can be ordinary, typical, intricate or completely original.
  • Corner models. Such types of structures, made of several parts connected at an angle, are used for fencing original barriers. The rods can be smooth or convex, while their stylish transitions help to create quite beautiful compositions.
  • Radial balcony. The shape of a semicircle, along with arched railings, gives a special charm to the fence and brings a touch of originality to the standard design of buildings. The pattern of forging is made according to a personal sketch.
  • Mixed fencing. Combines angular, straight and radial parts and is mounted on objects with an intricate shape. With a variety of component parts and the combination of metal with other materials, the model acquires a special beauty.
  • French balcony. Small forged French wrought iron balconies are installed outside the building. The bars, which form a narrow lattice, act as a floor, if it is provided, because the French floor is often absent. The fence can also be attached to a protruding window pad. The decor represents the main function, besides this model is able to attract the attention of lovers of comfortable outdoor recreation.

Selection features

The demand for metal balcony fences is rapidly increasing, which is a sign of the excellent taste and well-being of their owners. Selecting high-quality forged balconies, you need to think carefully about the choice and installation.

In the selection process, you need to think about the desired result: what will be the design - extravagant or simple. Many people believe that a good balcony is the key to harmony, comfort and the cult of personal space.

It is necessary to pay due attention to the choice of the manufacturer. It is worth knowing all the details: whether the structure will be created from a photo or a personal sketch, whether the professional does the work, whether the firm has a forge or a simple welding shop.

It is recommended to think carefully about what the future fencing will be. Any decent company has its own designer, who is able to show photos of completed work and help to choose the right option. The finished sketch can always be changed by replacing the forged elements with more simple ones, taking into account the construction features. This mainly applies to high-rise buildings.In this regard, the designer examines the balcony base, identifying the strength of the plate, and recommends the fences that are ideally suited to the interior.


The manufacture of forged products is divided into several stages: the selection of the project, the measurement of parameters, the preparation of the outline, the production of decorative parts, their binding, painting and installation. Installation of wrought iron railings is the work of specialists, since this procedure has several stages. At the same time, the design should have a bulge and volume, and the products themselves should be contoured by 15–25 cm beyond the limits of the initial fence.

For the installation will need tools such as:

  • drill;
  • anchor and screws;
  • screwdriver;
  • seals.

Usually, the balcony railings are installed completely, but the lattices for the spacious balconies are created in parts, and after the main assembly is completed, the parts are joined together. Sometimes the facade is also installed, on which one can hardly notice the joints after welding.

At the beginning of installation, holes are drilled to fix the grilles. Then, at the junction of the balcony and the fence, a seal is placed.Holes are formed in the concrete, after which anchors are installed on the fences. Then there is a fixation with screws, which serves as the final stage of installation.


After priming in the course of treatment is heat-resistant coating. In addition to its main function, the coating serves for decoration. The composition should be combined with the color of the design of the facade and the product itself. Mainly used for coloring black, white and gray. Also, a patination method is often used, in which compositions ideally suited for various types of metals are used.

Focusing on the organicness of the balconies, designed to complement the terraces, to them are added some forged elements that are suitable in style. Perfectly combined with wrought iron pots for flowers, will not only serve as an excellent decoration, but also help owners to distract from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Style, color and pricing

Style and design should be as close as possible to the design of the house. Also, when choosing, the opinions and tastes of the owners, as well as the interior of the building are in priority. Each direction has its own characteristics:

  • A distinctive feature of the Baroque style is luxury, extravagance and sophistication. Sinuous contours and asymmetrical ornamentation are decorated with beautiful shells and ridges.
  • The hallmark of the Art Nouveau style is elegant flowing lines, giving the fence a light and elegant look.
  • The balcony, made in the style of Gothic, filled with three-dimensional ornament and a smooth geometric pattern, which gives a special grace and solidity.
  • Renaissance style can not do without the vines, flowers and fancy spirals. Flower arrangements, intricate weaves and figured ornaments are distinctive features of the Russian-Byzantine style.
  • Rarying asymmetrical lines - the main component of the rococo-style lattices. As a decorative addition, there are flowers and large shells, resembling a fan.
  • Russian style is characterized by intricate patterns.

The metal construction is undergoing processing with a special primer composition. The colors of the main pavement and the facade must be the same. Mainly used black, white and gray shades. Patinating allows you to gain products charming and unique appearance.

The price of products depends on the size, difficulty of manufacturing, features of delivery and installation. Creating an outline is the beginning of a workflow where the customer can discuss all the details and make possible adjustments. Payment for other items, such as furniture and flower, is made regardless of the cost of the balcony.


The elegant facade decor remains in demand for many centuries. What was the reason for such phenomenal popularity? The whole secret is exclusively hand-forged, used in the manufacture of balconies, which allows you to create truly unique masterpieces. The customer considers the outline of various options, choosing the best model, based on personal wishes and needs.

The shape of the wrought-iron balconies can be very diverse and resemble florid or strict straight lines, complemented by fantastic ornaments, which are impressive in their originality. This master will be able to fulfill any order on the outline, picture or photo provided by the customer. Perfectly complements the balconies in private houses with beautiful wrought-iron furniture.which serves as an excellent interior decoration. This may be a stylish chair with a table, behind which it is good to arrange a pleasant tea party. For an open balcony with the removal of a beautiful addition can serve as a flower that can create a romantic atmosphere.

Today the following types of shod balconies are in the greatest demand:

  • arched;
  • radius;
  • straight;
  • exaggerated.

You just need to choose the appropriate option, and the master will take up the creation of a decorative pattern, taking into account all the wishes of the client.

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