Beautiful balconies: 20 cool ideas

The balcony is one of the rooms of your apartment, which, if desired, can be transformed into a study, a workshop for creativity, a recreation room or a greenhouse. It all depends on your desires and capabilities. On the balcony you can spend time reading an interesting book or just chat with loved ones.

This room can be the most important area of ​​your living space, and not just a place where unnecessary trash is stored and laundry is dried. This article will offer you more than 20 options for the original interior on the balcony or loggia.

Ideas for a beautiful design with their own hands

There is a huge number of options with which you can decorate the balcony yourself. Before starting work, determine what quality you want to use this room for and proceed to action. Before starting any construction activities, develop a drawing that will help you think through the smallest details and calculate the number of materials needed.

Balconies can be of two types: closed and open.For each type has its own characteristics in the decor. How you decorate a closed room will depend on how comfortable you will be here in any weather, unlike open options where snow or water can go.

Registration of an open balcony

Ideas for decorating open spaces are much less than for the glazed version. At the same time, you should not despair, because all the proposed options are original and beautiful.

First of all, you will need to replace the old railings with new ones. You can place an individual order in which to specify all your wishes. Currently, many blacksmiths use artistic forging in their work, which makes it possible to create unique masterpieces.

In the open balcony there is a high probability of water getting inside. Make a visor to protect your room from rain. This is a simple job that consists of sewing the side walls with profiled sheets. The canopy is made from similar material.

Inside the wall can be trimmed with porcelain tiles, which is characterized by a wide range.You can paint products with special paint for facades, which is resistant to natural influences.

Arrangement of furniture refers to an important stage in the decoration of the balcony. For example, you can leave here a couple of chairs and a small table where you can enjoy your morning coffee. You can decorate the windows with flowers. They are very popular among gardeners of petunias, who look original and are able to distinguish your balcony from the rest.

If you like plants, but the area of ​​your apartment does not allow them to grow, you can use a balcony for these purposes. This room is well lit, so you can deal with flowers, decorating the whole room with them.

With the help of landscaping, you can get a beautiful style not only inside the room, but also outside. Install vertical shelves on which flower pots will later be placed. They will not take up much space, along with this will give a cozy atmosphere and fill the balcony with pleasant aromas.

You can equip a winter garden on your loggia. Such a solution in the interior will be your pride, because the mini-garden attracts attention and gives the room a warm, romantic atmosphere and comfort.Hanging pots can be placed on the railing, pay attention to pots that can be hung under the ceiling. Choose vertical vegetation that will grow on the trellis or special walls.

With the help of a green wall located vertically, you can not only decorate the rooms, but also carry out full-fledged "finishing works" with the wall. If you want to build a floral interior, consider the rule of this design: either colorful flowers, or original pots for them. You can pick up original compositions.

How can you decorate a closed balcony

Before working on the decor, you need quality training. This process includes several steps:

  • free the balcony from all objects that are present in it;
  • when planning to get rid of the old finish, you will need to dismantle the walls, ceiling and floor;
  • after removing the finishing materials, carry out surface checks. If cracks are found, seal them with foam or mortar;
  • Now you can begin to weathe the walls. Use mineral wool, foam and other materials that are sold in any hardware store;
  • if we talk about the material for finishing, you can use a block house, wall parquet panels, acrylic paint, ceramic-tile or mosaic, and also decorative stones.

How to choose furniture

Now in the shops there is a wide selection of specialized furniture for all balconies, even 6 meters. With its help, you can give a cozy look to this room and make your stay more comfortable here.

Choose moisture-resistant furniture that may be located inside an open or closed balcony. Additional protective covers help you in protecting items from moisture.

If your balcony is very narrow, it is recommended to purchase furniture-transformer or built-in options. At the expense of such furniture you can make the most of the free space, which will contribute to the arrangement of the interior from the inside. You can choose not only wooden things, but also furniture made of plastic and metal.

A small sofa in this room will help you to relax after a hard day's work and relax.

Decor ideas

In order for your balcony to look original, it must be present details of the decor. On many beautiful balconies are items such as:

  • pillows;
  • plaids;
  • flowers
  • decorative lamps.

In addition to the main decoration, in the decoration of the balcony, you can use the original furnishings. The most effective option is the installation of a safe fireplace. However, this item will be relevant only on balconies with a large area. The portal is able not only to carry a decorative function, but also to heat the room.

For textiles in the interior is not the last role. Especially carefully select the curtains. They are required to provide good protection from exposure to sunlight without loading the design of the room. You can choose simple, but functional curtains that will look amazing with a texture image in tune with the canvas.

Such components will give your room a unique image. Do not forget that the balcony can be used not only as a place to store unnecessary things, but also as a recreation area. Here you can relax from the annoying affairs and enjoy the peace. It is also worth noting that it is necessary to decorate the balconies not only from the inside, but also from the outside.For these purposes, suitable moisture-resistant materials sold in any hardware stores. Using these recommendations, you can come up with 20 cool ideas for your balcony.

Interesting solutions in interior design

In order for your balcony to become attractive, you can take advantage of ideas from the direction of the country, use the style of Provence or the Mediterranean interior, which will help to turn a small room into a recreation area.

If you are a fan of simplicity and brevity, you will suit such interior styles as: modern, loft and minimalism. They combine modernity with practicality. For fans of clarity in the lines, there is a Japanese direction.

An interesting design, along with the finishing of the loggia, should have a close relationship with the thematic direction of the room. If you plan to arrange a playroom for children on the balcony, take a closer look at the images of the ships, doll houses and castles. In order to present the most beautiful children's room in your apartment, choose a light palette as a base and dilute it with bright colors.

You can turn a small loggia into a cafe with a combination of wood, stones and forged products. Choose a gazebo as the basis and all the guests will spend time only in this room.

For small balconies you need to choose paints of light colors. If you like dark colors, leave a glossy surface. Mirrors contribute to changing the geometry of the room, but not everyone knows that narrow vertical stripes, which alternate with stripes in a different finish, are able to expand the walls. If you hang mirrors at the joints of adjacent walls, you can add perspective.

Use for finishing work vertical stripes of contrasting colors for the end walls. This solution will help to visually expand the narrow balcony. For this purpose, suitable lining of two colors.

Color palette in the interior

First of all, you need to decide on the style of the room:

  • for the eastern interior is characterized by bright colors with variegated textiles. This style will be in harmony with the rest room;
  • Japanese style implies a general beige color, with dark beams in contrast;
  • In Provence will look good light wallpaper with elegant colors. Choose curtains of similar tone and wooden elements of pastel shades;
  • Eco-style suggests natural colors that are intertwined with a panel of bamboo or straw. This option would look perfect in a wooden house with a veranda;
  • in the loft, preference is given to a light gray color scheme, which is combined with a bright wall and brick masonry shades.
  • You can arrange a balcony in a nautical style. Natural or artificial stones in the corners, wooden walls, along with wrought-iron furniture will be appropriate here.

With the help of these styles you can decorate any balcony, even a small size, which are present in the Khrushchev.

Original tips from designers

Each apartment owner wants his room to be original and unusual. The balcony should also be given special attention, because this room can give your living space not only a highlight, but also charm.

Designers recommend using several rules when creating an interior in a small room:

  • if there is a monochrome finish on the balcony, try adding bright spots;
  • if the main surface has a variegated design, pick up the rest of the subjects calm and monochromatic colors;
  • if your interior has a beautiful accent spot, make sure that it is one;
  • built-in wardrobes with original facades can not only decorate the interior, but also help to unload the free space in the apartment.

How to put accents

If you want to focus on an object, remember that it should be the main decoration on the basis of which the rest of the room design is built. You can use stucco in the interior, or ready-made bas-relief tiles. Such a solution will help create a unique space. Sustained in this direction, the ceiling, floor, or one of the walls, will help to recreate the original idea.

Consider the ceiling decoration option, which gradually turns into wall decoration. In addition to photographic prints and artistic painting, you can use a panel on the wall, lined with mosaics. Colorful drawing will help you to charge a positive mood for the whole day.

These recommendations will help you create a cool interior for your balcony, regardless of its size and shape. These rules apply to any premises and you can come up with your own unique image that will be present only in your apartment. There are no restrictions for creating an original interior, it all depends on your imagination and aspirations.

Combining a balcony with a room

Recently, many apartment owners have decided to unite a balcony with a kitchen or a hall. Such an event helps to increase the free space and transform the interior in a residential area. If you are thinking about this issue, you should consider a few nuances:

  • it is necessary to obtain permission from the relevant state bodies, sending them your project;
  • This process is accompanied by high repair costs, because it is necessary to warm the walls and re-do the finishing work.

There is a simplified version for which you do not need to get permission, but when selling an apartment you will have to return everything to its original appearance. It consists in dismantling the window block, without eliminating the wall itself.Thus, you will receive a bar counter at which you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner with your family.

By combining two rooms, you can create an original interior that can combine a rest room, a kitchen area, a work corner, or even a library. Only you decide how you want to dispose of these meters.

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