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Features and benefits

Installing furniture on the balcony is a great way to functionally occupy its space. Such a room can become not a storage room for storing unnecessary things, but a stylish continuation of the interior design of the entire apartment as a whole. On the loggia you can equip a very comfortable recreation area or even a personal workplace. It is only necessary to use the space correctly, choose the right furniture and place it conveniently on the balcony. And then you can bring comfort to your loggia and make it pleasant and even relaxing.

The main feature of furniture for a balcony is that it takes up little space, as a rule, its facades are very narrow, and the design itself is very functional. For the balcony is better to choose built-in or folding furniture. These options are more practical, and in case you need to free up space, you can remove the folding interior of the loggia.Using folding elements, you can constantly re-equip the balcony for the type of room that you most need. For example, in the hot summer night, you can arrange a sleeping place on the balcony by installing a cot there, and in the daytime it can be removed, freeing up space for other activities.

In addition, all folding furniture for the balcony is very compact, so it saves space in the room. Another major advantage of such interior items is their mobility. At any time you can remove folding chairs, tables and beds and completely refit the room. In general, the furniture for the balcony is not too different from the usual interior items of the apartment, but it is more difficult to choose because of the limited space of the equipped room. That is why to purchase such items in specialized stores or make individual measurements to order.


When choosing a furniture component of the loggia, it is necessary, first of all, to determine the functional purpose of this room. If you want to use such space for storing blanks or any necessary seasonal and other things, you need to provide shelving and shelves for these items,as well as closets with drawers for products. You can install there a beautiful bookcase and place there all your literature, as well as dishes and other necessary things. The ideal solution would be to install glass shelves for indoor flowers in pots, since in the warm season it will be more comfortable for plants to be placed on the sun loggia.

To save space loggia is better to use the built-in balcony furniture. So, perfect installation wardrobe with this design. The doors of such a cabinet moving to the sides will not occupy the extra space at all and, moreover, such interior items are spacious. A tall and narrow wardrobe can be used to store warm clothes or shoes, and a low locker of this type can be installed under the window sill and stored there cleaning, caring agents for cleaning or washing or other items.

The built-in furniture for a loggia helps to save the horizontal plane of the room, such furniture as much as possible occupies vertical space of a balcony. Each such element of the interior is securely fastened to the walls, floor and ceiling of the room with the help of special devices.Many items of built-in furniture are very multifunctional. Thanks to this quality, you can, for example, re-equip the wall of the built-in closet into a mini-sized sleeping place.

Quite often for a balcony get wicker furniture. Its popularity is justified by the fact that it has a very beautiful appearance, and at the same time it is very practical. As a rule, it is made from natural materials such as willow, rose or bamboo. These materials are not chemically treated and therefore are environmentally friendly.

Hanging wicker chairs or tables and chairs made from similar materials are perfect for arranging a recreation area on a loggia. Such interior items do not require special care, moreover, they are very mobile: they are easy to move while cleaning on the balcony. In addition, you can easily make regular changes, since bamboo and other wicker furniture has a very small weight. With such furniture you are provided with the freshness of the air and a cozy atmosphere at the loggia.

If you want to bring comfort to your loggia or arrange a relaxation area there, soft balcony furniture is just what you need. The loggia of the warmed type perfectly is suitable for installation of soft home decoration.Such furniture is especially suitable for balconies, which are combined with a kitchen or living room, and are separated from these premises only by a partition. You can install a folding bed there, a small sofa with a box for storing a mattress or bed linen. Compact sofas with a sleeping place are ideal, or there you can place a table with soft ottomans.

Now it has become very popular to equip the working area on the balcony, since in this case it turns out a private office in the open air with natural light. For such a loggia layout, it is best to purchase a small corner-type computer desk with drawers. For convenience, you can install several hinged bookshelves above it. A compact computer chair and a pair of cabinets with doors are also perfect for this workplace. The doors are necessary to ensure that the contents of the cabinet is not dusty.


Three qualities are important for balcony furniture: it should be not bulky, highly functional and at the same time aesthetic in appearance. These are the requirements for such furniture, so its choice should be approached with particular seriousness.The materials from which these interior items are made must be reliable and resistant to external factors, because sudden changes in temperature and increased air humidity, especially in a warmed loggia, are characteristic of a balcony room. That is why it is necessary to purchase balcony furniture only from high quality durable materials.

Best of all, furniture elements made of chipboard or MDF are suitable for such a room, since they are resistant to moisture. You can also use furniture made of plastic, but it is not very reliable and not at all environmentally friendly. Furniture items made of wood is better not to install unglazed insulated balcony, they are better suited for an open balcony, because they are very cold-resistant.

If you purchase upholstered furniture for a loggia, then the main requirement for it is the durability of its upholstery, as well as its non-opacity. Such a coating is difficult to stain, and on the dark upholstery there will be no spots from food or drinks, as well as settled dust. Furniture with upholstered furniture will not be suitable for open-type loggias, it would be better to give preference to leather or other upholstery, which is easy to wash and clean.

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How to choose

When choosing furniture for a balcony, you should consider: does your balcony have insulation, and is it glazed? For a cold loggia, it is better to purchase metal or plastic furniture, since it reacts least of all to precipitation and high air humidity. It is best to purchase furniture with a special antiseptic coating. An excellent solution would be to purchase furniture for the open balcony, which can be folded and removed at any time in case of precipitation or cold weather. In cold seasons, such interior items can be brought into an apartment or a house and used to decorate a residential part of a room while its presence on the balcony is impossible.

When purchasing furniture items for a loggia, it is necessary to consider its size. As a rule, the balcony area is very small, an average of 6 square meters. That is why it is necessary to purchase only the most necessary elements of the interior, differing in functionality and compactness, for a given room. Do not forget that about half of the walls are occupied by the placement of windows and doors, so select items that do not overlap them.In addition, the balcony furniture should not pile up the room, otherwise you just will not turn around there.

Do not forget that the entrance door leading to the balcony is usually quite narrow, measure its width before purchasing furniture. She should quietly pass into the balcony doorway. If you are planning an independent production of such interior items, remember that sooner or later you will have to take it from the balcony. It is necessary to carry out all its measurements first so that the takeaway does not cause inconvenience and is generally possible.

When buying balcony furniture, pay attention to the folding and most mobile options. A very good option is also to buy interior items with a folding design. Ideal for placement on the loggia multifunctional furniture-transformer.

In addition, when choosing and placing interior items on the balcony, check which side it is on. If your balcony is on the north side, it is better to purchase furniture of warm and bright colors. But if your balcony is located in the southern part, and during the day direct sunlight is directed at it, it is better to refrain from buying interior items of rich shades.Such furniture is very easy to fade in the sun. In this case, it is better to give preference to light pastel colors or perfectly white furniture.

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How to do it yourself

For the manufacture of balcony furniture is best suited plywood, chipboard, bars and other materials, installation of which is simple. In addition, to make such interior items yourself, you will need to get a screwdriver, electric drill, hacksaw, screws and nails, as well as snowstorm accessories. For the manufacture of furniture for the balcony, you can use the old elements of home interior. You can easily reconstruct an old waste cabinet. A new cabinet is also very easy to assemble: to do this, you need to fix two bars on one of the walls of this room; These items will replace your shelves.

Making the furniture for the balcony with your own hands, you can create exclusive items. In addition, in this case, you can choose their own design. Thus, you can make only the most necessary elements of the interior, which in this case will be ideally suited to your requirements. It can be very functional and roomy furniture.And you can make new balcony interior items from old furniture lying around, and at the same time you will get a great new one.

Interesting solutions in interior design

Interior decoration of a balcony depends, first of all, on its size. There are many types of interior that are great for finishing this room. For small loggias, it is better to pick up angular modern furniture in warm colors. So you can create a corner for relaxation. An example of such design is a small corner wardrobe and a corner sofa with a small table and ottomans.

In addition, you need to functionally occupy the maximum area of ​​this small room. So, you can install small wall lockers that take up very little space or shelves on which you can place pots of flowers. Plants will bring comfort and freshness into your loggia. You can make the space of a close loggia visually wider with the help of wall and floor decoration with light materials, as well as with the installation of light furniture.

For more spacious loggias you can come up with a lot of interesting design solutions.So, you can install an artificial pond, a pool table, as well as a treadmill or other simulator for outdoor sports. An unusual option would be the division of a large loggia into different functional areas. You can set a large table with ottomans or lounge chairs with friends, you can put a sofa bed or hang a hammock. A hammock will look very interesting with wicker chairs and a table.

Balcony can be furnished in any style. It can be a loft style with brick walls and bright color transitions in combination with unusual furniture elements such as ottoman-bags. This may be a modern style, characterized by a combination of rich colors with soothing light shades. You can also arrange a loggia in the style of Provence, which is characterized by pastel colors, make romance in such a room by using light curtains and pale pink or beige furniture elements.

To design a loggia in a classic style, it is better to give preference to furniture made from natural materials such as wood. You can also use light furniture with the effect of "old".It will be very pleasant to be on such a loggia, since such an environment will make it very stylish and cozy.

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