Wall-mounted clothes dryer to the balcony

Probably every person faced the problem of drying clothes, which was to find the right place. The way out of this situation will serve as your balcony or loggia. How exactly, we will tell in our article.

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Special features

The balcony is a great place with excellent ventilation. It is undoubtedly necessary to use for your own benefit - to grow various plants, to equip everything you need for rest, and also, combining business with pleasure, you can also install a clothes dryer.

First of all, it is necessary to determine the place where the installation will be performed. Based on this, you should select the appropriate option. Each of them is also different in its form and functionality, each has its own characteristics and disadvantages.

Dryer can be purchased at the store. At the same time, pay attention to the manufacturer, its reputation and experience. So, well-proven firms can be trusted.But too cheap models should alert you. If you want to save, then you can choose another option. For example, you can make the dryer yourself.

There are also special schemes by which you can even assemble a dryer with your own hands while at home, for example, using PVC pipes. They are used in plumbing and can be purchased at any store of a similar theme. Dryers are made from a variety of materials, from plastic to non-ferrous metals. Therefore, you can choose the option you need at your discretion, and most importantly the budget.

A wall-mounted dryer is a great option, especially for small balconies. It is a metal hollow inside the base, in which a special spring mechanism with ropes is installed. If necessary, it extends to a certain distance and you can safely hang the laundry, and after drying, immediately push it back to save space. Such a design is fastened to the wall with necessary screws.

There are special models with additional shelves under clothes weighing up to 20 kg. The usual standard options are kept in half.The disadvantage may be that over time, under the weight of the linen, the ropes may sag and have to be changed. Many hostesses prefer this option, since it is wall-mounted dryers that are quite practical, functional and convenient to use.


The wall version of the dryer is quite popular among modern people. They have many models that successfully fit into the space and style of your balcony. What else is the advantage:

  • The design of the dryer is quite simple.. It can be easily assembled, mounted, and even independently. You will not cause additional difficulties.
  • Practical and reliable. If you correctly installed the dryer on the wall, and also the design corresponds to the declared characteristics, then there is no doubt in its reliability. Such a product will serve you for a long time, with proper operation.
  • Ease of use. You can hang the dryer where it is convenient for you to use it. This will free up the rest of the space you need. The design itself is also quite comfortable. Inside the case there is a drum on which the clothesline is easily wound.If there is such a need, the wheel of the drum will be able to wind the excess length, thanks to the built-in spring.
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  • The wall clothes dryer can be conveniently folded and placed where it will not interfere with the passage of people. The ropes themselves are winding and hiding in the drum. Compactness is another advantage of the product.
  • Availability. Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of dryers at the most diverse prices. You can choose a suitable option for yourself and use it with pleasure. Of course, the more expensive the design, the stronger and more qualitative it will be (if you buy it from reliable firms).
  • Great mood. When the whole space is well organized, your mood and that of your family members will be excellent. The laundry will dry out efficiently in a certain place, and you will get additional space to put other necessary things there.


Modern manufacturers produce many types of wall dryers. They all differ in pricing, composition, design. The main models include:

  • Options that can be attached to the wall of a spacious loggia. Such products may have a variety of designs. It can be a compact and miniature dryer, like towel holders. There is a multi-tiered model that can withstand twenty kilograms of linen.
  • Inertial dryers on the wall at affordable cost. These models are mostly compact body that is attached to the wall. Inside it is a special spring drum with clothesline. This retractable design is designed mainly for six kilograms of weight. Hooks for fixing the ropes are located on the opposite side. Such a model will be comfortable for small balconies. Of course, it should be remembered that over time the ropes sag.
  • Console models. These dryers on the wall are sliding. They can withstand an impressive weight of linen up to ten kilograms. They are a construction in the form of an accordion, which is attached to the wall.
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Do it yourself

You can also try to make the design of the dryer with their own hands. This is a rather long and complicated process, but if you want, you can try to do it.So, you can save your time, money and money. For making you need tools and some materials.

It is necessary to purchase two bars, the material for which can serve both wood and iron. Next, you need to drill the entire length of the hole of small diameter. Install the bars on the edges of your balcony and securely attach them with screws, before pulling the clothesline. You can pre-paint the entire structure in the color you want. Applying a plastic base, you can use sanitary PVC pipes.

For the manufacture of such a dryer, you can use your imagination and come up with something unusual and original in your style. For example, you can use the same PVC material and weld the structure yourself or rely on qualified specialists.

If you still decide to install it yourself, then a great solution would be to buy a special kit, in which there are all the necessary elements. They only need to be installed at the place you choose.

You can try yourself to buy all the details necessary for the design or to resort to the advice of experienced professionals.

First, to find two or more direct timber from wood, iron or other material and fasten with special bolts to a concrete or brick base. This is necessary for better installation, otherwise, if screwed to the balcony panels, which are usually made of PVC, the whole structure can completely collapse, since the plastic, and especially thin, is not designed for serious loads.

Next, you need to tension the rope, preferably having a large diameter, for durability. If the length of the balcony is large, then in this case it is necessary to use additional bars, installing them in the middle, since the rope stretched in this case may not withstand and hang at best, and tear at worst.

There are more original options, for example, a roller dryer. It differs from the standard model in that there are rollers on the sides, on which the rope is pulled, and with their help you can move the product in different directions. Thus, the mobile product can be easily moved and taken with you.

If you have, say, a space of only 1 meter, and the other part of the balcony is filled with something, then you simply cannot reach the rest of the rope.In this case, such a construction with rollers will be useful, with the help of which you will be able to move the laundry, staying in one place. There are also convenient folding models that you can conveniently store on the balcony.

We told you in detail about the existing types of dryers installed on the balcony, their advantages and disadvantages. But most importantly, when choosing to pay attention not to which product is the best and most popular, although this is also important, but to your desires and possibilities. Therefore, after analyzing all the information provided by us, try to apply it to the benefit of you and your loved ones.

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