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Everyone has a glazed loggia. If an apartment is purchased without one, then the newly minted owners immediately try to correct this omission. In glazing, only the pros, except for the cost of purchase and installation. How to choose, buy and install windows on the loggia, you can learn by reading our article.

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Material selection

We first explain the fact that the glazing of balconies differs from the loggias, since they have a different, albeit somewhat similar, structure.

Recently, windows for absolutely any premises were made of wood, which was not the highest price and at the same time coped well with its responsibilities - it kept warm well, did not let the cold from the street, the service life was quite large. In our time, plastic has come to replace wood, namely one of its varieties - PVC.

This material has, in comparison with a tree, distinctive features. The main ones are strength and durability.They are trying to replace with plastic almost all the items we use every day in everyday life, and not only. After all, its price is significantly lower than any other similar material. Therefore, replacing wooden frames with plastic, you will not lose anything, but on the contrary, you will gain some advantages.

If you still chose the plastic material for your loggia, then you need to start to learn some information about it.

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Plastic windows

There are many types of installed double-glazed windows, depending on their functionality: folding, swivel, swing-out (the most common option) - these three types can be attributed to the standard operation; sliding mechanisms have their own peculiarities, which we will discuss below. What type is needed, of course, you choose. When choosing, it is worth considering your situation as well: what is your loggia in size, where it is, the purpose of its glazing, etc.

There are no particular advantages, but at the same time there are no problems with standard types of double-glazed windows - their position change is limited only by vertical or horizontal directions, but designs with a sliding mechanism are noticeably different from their counterparts.They have the original system of opening and closing - the type of coupe, as in trains. The mechanism of the design allows you to open the doors in different, at your discretion, sides - even up, even down, etc. All this can be pre-selected and ordered from the manufacturer.

The main advantage of the sliding glass is a completely small and limited space, which would not fit the usual swivel or folding mechanisms. Sliding doors do not require a large amount of space, as they can move away, say, to the left side, carefully lining up on each other, and ultimately settle down compactly at the very wall.

Disadvantages are also available:

First is the price. The cost of the sliding mechanism is much more expensive than conventional hinges.

Secondly - it is poor insulation. Due to a loose and unstable fit to the window sill, as well as due to constant opening and closing, gaps are formed, through which cold air will penetrate and heat will escape. Therefore, no matter how you insulate the glass unit with a sliding mechanism, it still doesn’t compare with the usual fixed windows as a heat preservation.

In order to install high quality glass, and most importantly, for a long time, it is necessary to observe the technology during assembly. The main problem is the purchase of the kit itself, which usually arise difficulties.

How to choose

What should be done when buying windows, and after you brought it:

  1. Carefully inspect and inspect all surfaces for defects. Even the smallest crack can have, although not now, but in the future a huge impact on the entire structure - at best, only one window will have to be changed, at worst, absolutely everything will be changed. So do not neglect this advice and spend a little time now, than over the years to change the whole system.
  2. Touch the material with your hand - it should be hard, and most importantly not too thin. Otherwise, from the slightest blow to the plastic, it will shatter into small pieces.
  3. The metal insert should have a thickness of not less than 1.5 mm, and have a protective anti-corrosion coating, for example, galvanized.
  4. For living on the balcony in winter, it is preferable to buy double-glazed windows with three-layer glass with a thickness of at least 4mm. This choice will save you the cost of heat.
  5. Fastening elements play an equally important role. They are the link, without which it is impossible to imagine a high-quality and reliable design.
  6. But the quality of the hardware itself should also be on top. It should be made of appropriate steel with quality characteristics. So, all joints should be made of high-strength steel, so that during operation no element would simply break.
  7. When choosing windows, an excellent solution would be to add a special optional micro-vent. He will provide, as the name implies, a small airing of the room. This is necessary in the winter season, when it is not fully possible to open the windows, for example, due to severe frost.
  8. In order to protect yourself and your loved ones, especially if you live on the first two floors, you will need to install a special sandwich panel. These are the same double-glazed windows, but additionally outside are covered with an iron profile, which will complicate the robbers access to your home.
  9. For ease of use, double-glazed windows should be installed in a certain order.So, it is necessary to alternate 2 opening windows through 4 stationary doors. This will allow you to save on additional opening mechanisms, to wash all the windows in a comfortable position, that is, on both sides.

For a rational calculation of the entire amount required for the purchase of double-glazed windows, a special calculator can help you. With the help of a calculator, you can calculate all the nuances, including the cost of each bolt. If the firm provides its own installation, as is usually the case, the cost of installation will also differ depending on the complexity and cost of the chosen design.

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Popular firms

To buy quality products, you must contact an experienced in your business seller. In the role of the seller often acts a certain company, and she has the original goods, each of which bears its name or brand.

  1. The companies producing high-quality accessories include Maco, G-U (Gretsch-Unitas), Siegenia-Aubi.
  2. So, experts from Maco produce unique electronic climate control systems of their kind. Such a system will allow you to automate the control of temperature, lighting the sun indoors.It is extremely necessary for people who want to arrange a kind of greenhouse on the loggia.
  3. Siegenia-Aubi is distinguished by its design in the style of ancient architecture, more suitable for houses with medieval themes.
  4. G-U - manufactures products with a maximum level of security.

To foreign manufacturers include the following firms:

  1. KBE is a German company that manufactures products for cold regions.
  2. PROPLEX is an Austrian company that manufactures products with excellent sound insulation properties.
  3. EXPROF - West Siberian company, produces products with heat insulating properties.
  4. ALUPLAST is a German company that manufactures products with reinforced glass fasteners, which increases safety
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Installation of glass on the loggia is best to entrust the experts, but if your budget is cut, you will have to start the installation yourself.

  1. Before installation, remove all old structures and treat the surface on which the glass unit will be placed to a more even layer.
  2. Installation of PVC - profile is carried out with the help of special iron wedges, but in no way case on wooden or plastic material, because the construction will be fragile.
  3. At the very beginning it is necessary to install a balcony canopy with dowels or special anchor bolts.
  4. Next, installs a PVC profile, check and remove all irregularities, then seal all joints with sealant to eliminate penetration of rain or wind into the room. It is necessary to produce the fastening of the profile to the loggia with anchor bolts that must penetrate the concrete by more than 40 mm.
  5. Now we install the glass itself, aligning it with the parapet from the inside. Install the drain, and close all the cracks with foam.
  6. Then we strengthen the window frames with sashes and close the openings.
  7. Install the window sill and fill all the cracks with foam.

At this our installation is finished and now it is worth only to clean the workplace, and subsequently adapt the new space for their needs.

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