Glazing of a balcony with a tree

With the advent of plastic windows, wooden glazing of residential premises became less popular and faded into the background. However, fashion is transient, technical progress does not stand still, and today, thanks to new technologies, glazing of a balcony and windows is reviving with wood. Modern double-glazed windows made of wood have a variety of shapes and unique colors.

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Glazing the balcony with wooden frames has several significant advantages.

  • Wood is an exclusively natural material of natural origin. It does not cause allergic reactions, is not toxic, and therefore safe for human health.
  • The frame of wooden materials has a very attractive appearance and fits any design.
  • Installation of window frames made of wood does not take much time.
  • The cost of a wooden double-glazed window is significantly lower than the equivalent of plastic.
  • Modern frames of the new generation, even in one glass, retain heat very well.And if you insert a package of energy-saving glasses in several layers into a wooden frame, then on such a balcony even in winter it will be warm and cozy.
  • The windows of wood have sound-absorbing ability. If your balcony faces a noisy street, with a wooden double-glazed window, peace and comfort will be provided to you.
  • Since wood fiber is a natural material, it breathes and is able to provide natural ventilation of a balcony or loggia. It has been scientifically proven that in 24 hours a wooden frame allows about two m3 of air to pass through it.

This circumstance allows not to supplement such frames with ventilation valves and micro-ventilation mechanism.

  • Fittings in wooden frames are not at all inferior in quality to the mechanism used in plastic constructions.
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Windows, made by modern technologies, practically do not need any complicated maintenance. Before you get into production, the raw material undergoes multi-stage processing. Factory windows go through a multi-stage system of water-based paints, which are considered safe for humans. Wood is dried, ground, painted or varnished, and thanks to special impregnations, the frames have a long service life.Depending on the client's taste preferences, the wooden surface of the product can be matte or acquire a beautiful glossy sheen.

To increase the service life of the window frame, it is possible to coat the outer layer with metal lamellas. Thus, from the inside you can enjoy a pleasant wooden texture, and from the street side the window will be reliably protected from natural disasters. Such windows can withstand quite serious temperature drops from -50 to +50 degrees. They do not have to constantly update and varnish or paint.


However, nothing is perfect, and the tree also has some costs.

  1. despite all kinds of treatments, this is still a natural material, which means that it is influenced by weather conditions. Elite eurowindows are less sensitive to precipitation and dryness, and less expensive frames, due to insufficient processing, can start to fail rather quickly.
  2. Even the best quality windows need to be re-soaked from time to time to increase their service life.
  3. The tree tends to age over time.
  4. With prolonged exposure to too hot air, the wooden frame may crack.

Types of glazing

There are two main types of windows for balconies and loggias.

  1. Cold With this finish, a frame is installed with one glass, the thickness of which can be in the range of 4-6 mm. It will protect the balcony from precipitation and wind, but a single frame will not save heat.
  2. Warm This type of window construction is more productive protection against cold air and noise. It consists of several layers of glass. There are two, three or even five-chamber double-glazed windows with wooden frames. Without additional insulation on the balcony, of course, it will not be as warm as in the room, but it will provide an advantage over a street of 5-10 degrees. And if you install additional heating on a balcony with warm glazing, you can use the additional territory that has been created for arranging a winter garden or a study.

Tree species


This is the standard and most common material in the manufacture of window blocks. With a relatively low cost of the frame have high wear resistance. Windows of pine trim not only balconies in urban apartments. Frames of this breed can also be found in private homes.The special chic is the glazing of pine in a wooden house, built of the same type of wood.

The price of this breed depends on the region of growth. Pine trees grown in the southern regions have a softer and more porous structure. Trees from the northern latitudes are more dense texture. The most valuable are the Angara pines from Komi.


It is a coniferous breed, has high resilience to the increased influence of moisture. Due to the high resin content, the processes of decay are slow, so its part is used in the construction and decoration of wooden houses in a humid climate, near water bodies. Larch windows have a very beautiful texture. However, their cost is high due to the difficulty of processing this breed.


This hardwood is considered one of the most elite. Oak has a very beautiful pattern, and the texture is quite dense and durable. For window frames use bars from the mountainous regions of the Caucasus. It is worth once to lay out a rather large sum for such a glazed balcony or loggia, and with minimal care they will delight you for more than a decade.

Meranti (Mahogany)

This breed is quite popular in Europe.Compared to many other breeds, its value is not great. However, in Russia it was not widely spread and is considered exotic. When sawing meranti, waste is obtained in the form of wood dust, which is extremely harmful to health, therefore, the production of products from this breed requires additional equipment with a ventilation system.

And this leads to additional costs and, accordingly, higher prices for the final product. In addition, the wood itself has such a multi-colored texture that it is extremely difficult to choose lamellae that are combined with each other. It should also be noted that the majority of Russian manufacturers have not yet fully mastered the technology of working with this breed, so if you want to order an exclusive finish for your loggia or mahogany balcony, this should be done with a trusted company.

Combinations of different breeds

Often balcony and window frames are made of several layers of different types of wood. For example, the outer layer of windows, and sometimes the middle one, is made from spliced ​​pine. This type of wood is imported from the northern regions and is considered to be stronger.And for the inner layer spliced ​​pine or even larch is quite suitable. This saves on the cost of materials. GOST rules allow such combinations for residential buildings.

Most often wooden windows are made of laminated veneer lumber. Contrary to the name "Glued" is a quality and eco-friendly material. In production, glue with a water-repellent effect is used, due to which the finished product does not absorb wet vapors and odors.

Laminated veneer lumber is considered more durable than the usual wooden array. The timber is less susceptible to deformation and the probability that the windows will lead with time is minimal. In the manufacture of this material, all parts undergo multiple processing, which ensures the absence of cracks and the appearance of rot.

For the manufacture of timber array is cut into boards, dried and culled parts with knots, cracks and other defects. After that, the splicing of the boards begins directly into the timber.

Different companies offer different ways of splicing timber - in length, width or a combined version. However, according to experts, the quality of the finished product does not suffer.

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