Glazing the balcony do it yourself

Preparations for glazing a balcony do it yourself with an assessment of the state of the balcony itself. It is necessary to make sure that the slab and the fence do not have serious damage, the reinforcement is not exposed, there are no cracks and chips. If any of this is available, you will have to repair the balcony first.

If we are thinking about a warm balcony, then we must decide on double or triple glass, or install two or three chamber glass. The future view of the glazed fencing will tell you what materials and parts we still need. In most cases, decisions are made in favor of double-glazed windows, although it will be more expensive than home-made glazed wooden frames, but installation and fitting will be simpler and more reliable.

We must not forget about the main component of the glazing process - it is the glass itself. To avoid the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, use glass with protection from the sun. They are covered with foil using a special technology.

If you decide to turn the balcony into a greenhouse, then we must remember that simple glasses can become “magnifying” for plants and then a burn of delicate flowers will be inevitable. To protect them from the scorching rays of the sun, you need to use tinted protection.

Many ideas on how to turn a balcony from the inside and outside into an object of festive mood. This installation of stained glass, glass of different colors, painting the internal walls of the balcony, exterior cladding, including installation of siding.

To maintain heat inside the balcony used energy-saving windows. A special metal layer is applied to the inner surface by a special technology in the factory, which reflects heat rays back inside the balcony.

So, all decisions have been made, it’s only necessary to remind about the legal part when changing the constructions or details of the apartment. It is best to go to a specialized government agency and clarify the legal provisions necessary in such cases, as well as get permission to change the design of the balcony. Such permission is issued without problems, because glazing of balconies is generally welcomed.

Glazing the balcony is more difficult than the same work on the loggia.

The opening of the balcony is three-sided, so you need to make three blocks. Two side blocks adjacent to the wall can be more securely fastened, the central block is the largest in size, and it is more difficult to fix it. It should be connected with the side blocks and with the base of the upper balcony, with this it is necessary to take into account the heavy weight and windage of the structure.

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Frame material

If before the plastic window era everything was decided in favor of wood, and then in favor of plastic, now the quality assessment of the two materials begins to level off. Processing by new technologies of wooden parts allows us to give them durability and beauty.

Choosing wood, you need to remember about the properties that ensure its durability. This strength and density, resistance to cracking, high antiseptic properties, the minimum number or the complete absence of knots, resistance to wear. Bioprotection with antiseptic and antipyrene. Now the most powerful drug that combines the properties against rotting and against insects and carpenter bugs is the “WOODEN DOCTOR” DL-3.

It is very important to conduct and fire-retardant treatment.

It is best to conduct a deep impregnation with flame retardants,which does not create a protective film on the surface of wooden parts, but changes the material itself, making its structure resistant to temperature influences.

But even having received the necessary prepared wooden blanks, for self-production of the frame and the supports, devices are needed for accurate preparation of the frame parts, a good tool and a room, because you will not turn around on the balcony with such works.

Therefore, deciding the question of choice in favor of a wooden frame, it is better to order it from a company that specializes in woodworking, and install it yourself, following the step by step instructions. Of course, you can still do everything yourself, but it is unlikely that you will be able to perform everything perfectly in aesthetic terms and cause the envy of your neighbors. But for a country house such a decision may be quite successful.

Let's go back to the balcony.

Now there are three types of glazing of balconies:

  1. French - glazing around the perimeter and height of the balcony
  2. Warm - maintains room temperature all year round, insulated from external cold
  3. Cold-outwardly similar to warm, but there is no good thermal protection, using simpler and cheaper materials.

On the warm version you need to talk separately because of the complexity of installation, so we will focus on a simpler, cooler version. We omit the options of a wooden window and aluminum profile, and stop at the windows of PVC.

Before the glazing you need to take care of the installation of the visor, so that later it does not become a problem.

Step-by-step instruction

It is necessary to accurately determine the size of the side and front windows. To do this, measure the distance from the parapet to the ceiling, the length of the parapet of the frontal part and the length of the side parts of the parapet. We check the diagonals, make sure that their difference lies in the range of 1.5-2.5 cm. We decide which part will be with the wings, which will remain fixed and make an order for the manufacture of windows and support frames.

  1. From the fixed windows take out the glass, remove the sash with hinges. This will protect the glass from damage and reduce the weight of the window.
  2. We fix the support profile around the perimeter of the fence, wall, ceiling.
  3. Retreating from each edge by 15 cm, we install frame mounts.
  4. Next you need to glaze - install the frame in the opening and secure with screws. Level control the horizontal and vertical parts of the frame.
  5. We put the rest of the frame.
  6. After adjustment we fix all frames with the help of anchors.
  7. All cracks are filled with foam.
  8. We install a double-glazed window in a frame and hang flaps on hinges.

You have done a tremendous apartment-wide job. After all, according to architectural designs, this is a kind of extension of living rooms and a link with the external environment. For those who have left their balcony open, we strongly advise to remove all unnecessary from there, sheathe the outside, install windows and turn it into a place of rest, reflection, flower fragrance and joyful atmosphere.

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