Balcony wood decoration

A large variety of finishing materials and all sorts of stylistic trends allows you to experiment in the design of small balconies. One of the most environmentally friendly materials is wood. A wooden paneled balcony is an excellent stylistic solution for any home.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Like all other finishes, it has its advantages and disadvantages. The main advantages include safety and non-toxic coating. Another bonus is ease of installation. You can even sheathe a balcony with wood, without spending too much time on it.

The wooden coating does not look as boring as it may seem at first glance. There are many types of wood and processing options that allow you to greatly change the appearance of the material. Therefore, you can not be afraid that the tree will look too trite and simple.

The disadvantages of this method of finishing include fragility.Untreated wood is very sensitive to temperature extremes, and over time it may begin to rot or re-dry. If you want to redo or wood trim a balcony, then make sure in advance that all materials are treated with special protective equipment before installation.


If you decide to decorate the balcony from the inside with wood, then you should familiarize yourself with the whole variety of materials that will allow you to make this idea a reality. In addition to the classic wood panels, which differ only in colors and texture, there are other options. For finishing the balcony space from the inside, MFD or drywall sheets, cork or bamboo panels can be used.

But the most popular option is still lining. She looks aesthetically attractive, and at the same time, has a very good quality. Having decorated a balcony with clapboard inside, you will feel as comfortable and cozy as possible there, because this material has excellent thermal insulation properties. Using this material for decoration, you will create a cozy atmosphere in the room.

There are two options for such finishes: a full array or separate panels. Finishing with solid wood is significantly more expensive. Yes, and do it yourself so difficult procedures, not everyone can. It is much easier and cheaper to install separate panels. As a result, the design looks just as good, and you save a lot of money.

Most often for interior decoration using wood of pine, spruce, ash, oak or cedar. But it may well be some more rare species of wood. When choosing a material, it is necessary to pay attention to how smooth and high-quality its surface is. Cheap low-grade materials can only be taken if you plan to paint the walls further.

Do it yourself

If you decide to trim the surface of the balcony walls with wood yourself, then this simple instruction will be useful to you.

To install wood panels, you must drill several holes. On the very balcony wall and the frame, which was built for the reliability of the finish, you also need to drill holes of forty cm depth. Dowels are inserted into them, which allow you to fasten the panel to the wall with screws.

If you want to further insulate your balcony, then under the panels you can put special heat reflectors or plastic wrap. They will protect the room from the winter cold.

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Another important point that must not be forgotten is that there should be gaps of at least one centimeter between the individual boards. This will extend the life of the wood. At the increased humidity the surface will not burst.

After the panels have been fixed, it is advisable to treat them with antiseptic agents or paint them with high-quality ship varnish. This will also protect the wood from damage. Such a lacquer is not cheap, but by extending the life of a tree, it will allow you to save significantly on new repairs.

If you want to cover wood panels with stain, then you should take into account the fact that it changes the color of wood. The more layers of stain you apply, the darker the shade you get. It is necessary to apply each separate layer only after full drying previous. The same applies to varnish.

A balcony trimmed from the inside with a tree is an interesting design solution that fits perfectly with modern realities.It does not matter if you want to make such a cozy balcony in a wooden house or a small apartment. The main thing is that you like the chosen design, and the quality of the finish remains at the highest level.

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