Balcony decoration with MDF-panels

Today, a wide variety of materials are used for interior decoration. Their differences are in performance, stability and durability. Modern manufacturers are trying to improve the traditional options and update their specifications. One of the most popular and high-quality types are MDF-panels - durable and reliable material used for finishing various rooms.

Material advantages

MDF panels are in great demand among buyers, due to not only good performance, but also an acceptable cost. In comparison with other equally popular options, the price of this material is much lower. It is worth noting that MDF panels have a large number of advantages. These include:

  1. good appearance;
  2. wide range of choices;
  3. unpretentious care;
  4. panels are resistant to temperature changes.

A feature of MDF boards is the presence of a laminating film. Thanks to this additional coating, the material has the necessary moisture resistance. It has a long operational life, is easy to clean, and is not afraid of the effects of detergents. But It is worth noting that for washing surfaces it is not recommended to use compounds that include aggressive chemical components.

Quite often, MDF panels are used to finish balconies. Thanks to the use of this material, the room takes on an attractive appearance, and its heat and noise insulation properties are enhanced. You can sheathe the balcony yourself, using the detailed instructions for this.

Preparatory stages

Installation of MDF panels on the balcony can be performed independently if you have even minimal skills in the repair sector. All that is required of the master in this case is the observance of instructions and the preparation of tools for the work.

The drill, saw and hammer are standard for this process. To create a plating, you need to prepare a screwdriver, fasteners and brackets (for the batten). The process uses construction foam, plummet and meter.It is necessary to take care of the availability of material to create crates.

Finishing the balcony with MDF panels takes place in two steps. First you need to create a main crate on which the material will be mounted. The installation of panels on the base refers to the second stage. Before you begin the process, the surface must be warmed. The type of batting directly depends on the size of this layer. Basically, for these purposes a simple carcass or independent construction is equipped.

If the layer of insulation exceeds the mark of 3 cm, the second type of base is used. Independent designs allow for a smoother surface. If the insulation is less than 3 cm or is completely absent, the base is fixed on the wall. The advantage of this option is to save space.

For the manufacture of crates used a variety of materials. Basically, metal profiles, wooden bars or standard slats are used for these purposes. If you use the last two options to create the frame, you must treat all elements with a special primer before installation.

Creation of the frame

If you use metal profiles to create the base, you need to mount using dowels-screws. First you need to perform measurements, and then make the markup. On the marked places fasten guides. As a guide during the work will help door and window openings. From these places determine the optimal distance.

You must create a special mark that runs along the ceiling. In the place where it intersects with the corner part of the balcony you need to fix the dowel-screws. Plumb lines are fixed here. In this case, a vertical mark is obtained, reaching the floor.

The guiding elements on the screws are fixed according to the created markings. It is necessary to make holes of a suitable diameter, on which the fasteners are fixed.

After that, you need to install the profiles, which are located in the vertical direction. The MDF panels will be fixed on these elements. To ensure the strength of the structure, special suspensions or angles are used. Such elements can be created by hand from the same profile.

Main process

Covering the balcony should be started from the corner of the room.The material is fixed to the frame with screws. The correct location of the panels must be measured at the building level.

The rest of the material should be fixed on the horizontal bars with special brackets. During installation, all panels need to align and trim the excess parts. For this process it is best to use jigsaw. It is recommended to perform the adjustment immediately by fixing the MDF.

At the final stage, the installation of slopes. The length of the openings need to fix the starting PVC profile.

Many beginning masters ask themselves the question: is it possible to fix the corners for decoration with the help of liquid nails? The answer is unequivocal - yes. This option fixes all elements as firmly as possible.

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