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The process of housing arrangement is not only in the design of the dwelling, but also the improvement of the balcony, which today is considered an integral part of any apartment or house.

Siding is not only an element of decor, but also a reliable protection from external factors. The frame of modern material is not afraid of temperature changes, the rays of the sun, frost and wind, while performing the function of heat and sound insulation. The popularity of balcony cladding with siding is also explained by the fact that the building material is characterized by a beautiful appearance and has many advantages. In addition, finishing the balcony in this way, both inside and outside, is a completely uncomplicated event that you can do with your own hands. Before installation, the most important thing is to properly prepare the surface and ensure that all the necessary tools are available.

Features and benefits

The outer lining of the balcony allows you to perform not only a high-quality restoration of the old coating, but also reliably protects it from precipitation, gives the style the appearance of the feature and individuality. Making the balcony, you need to choose the right siding, it should be harmoniously combined with the general interior of the room. During finishing works, the following nuances should be considered:

  • Poor-quality material at high temperatures can release toxic substances, so you should give preference to well-known manufacturers and not save on the price.
  • The appearance of the siding fades over time, loses its original color.
  • Balcony sheathing in this way is characterized by ease of installation, which in turn allows you to perform it without the involvement of craftsmen.
  • Siding is resistant to ultraviolet radiation, well withstands high temperature drops.
  • The material is presented in a wide range, has a variety of colors and textures.
  • The surface covered with siding is easy to clean and easy to clean. When cleaning it, you can also use any detergent.
  • Affordable price. Modern material at its cost is available to everyone.
  • Thanks to this type of finish, it is possible to significantly increase the thermal insulation of the structure and hide all undesirable surface defects.


Siding panels are made of various materials. They can imitate brick, stone and natural wood. As a rule, the length of the panels is from 2 to 6 meters, and the width is from 10 to 30 centimeters. Fix the siding with special screws and snap-on locks, which are placed on the panels. According to its configuration, it can be made in the form of a Christmas tree and a bar. Due to its unique design and positive characteristics, siding can be operated for many years without additional restoration and painting. For some cases, suitable combination of siding with corrugated board.

In the construction market there are 6 main types of siding, which differ in the material properties and appearance. Particularly noteworthy models of wood, they are made from resin and peresovanyh wood fibers. Cement siding, which consists of cellulose and cement fibers, is also considered to be no less popular.It has a large weight and high strength, while such panels are difficult to mount and cut.

Despite the huge choice of material the socle siding is considered the most expensive and popular. It is used not only for decoration, but also for the decoration of walls. It perfectly imitates all types of natural finishes. Ceramic siding made of clay is characterized by high fire resistance and environmental friendliness.

If you need to choose a building material that is affordable, then vinyl siding will be the right choice. It is made from polyvinyl chloride, thanks to which it is resistant to temperature changes. Such siding does not burn. During installation, its panel is installed on a wooden or metal crate.

The surface of the panels can be rough, smooth or resembling wood. Due to the presence in the lower sections of the material holes, air circulation is constantly ensured. It is very important for additional protection of insulation and crates from condensation, which can cause the process of rotting and the appearance of corrosion.

As for the metal siding, its panels are mainly made of zinc, steel and aluminum, in addition, the surface of the material is covered with soil and polymers. It is very practical, but expensive. Metal siding is well resistant to corrosion, is not afraid of mechanical deformation, does not burn and is presented in a huge selection, among which panels with natural stone and wood are especially popular.


A huge role when choosing a finishing material for a balcony is color. It should fully fit the overall interior design. Each manufacturer color and structure of the siding is different. At the same time, sheathing the walls of the balcony, it is necessary to select a color that would be harmoniously combined with the roof and windows. Most often they prefer natural contrasting shades, gamma in dark and pastel colors.

In order for the balcony sheathed with siding to have a classic look, select panels of the color of coffee beans or coffee with milk.

If in the design there are wooden elements of decor, it is recommended to purchase material of terracotta or eggplant color. No less beautiful looks and shades of spring foliage, in brown, olive and chestnut design.

Most designers recommend choosing the climate zone when choosing a siding palette.For areas where rainy weather prevails, bright and warm colors are perfect. For hot areas, the best option would be gray shades.

Step-by-step instruction

To sheathe a balcony with siding outside is independently under the power of everyone, the only thing that during finishing work, you need to know and adhere to certain rules. They will not only facilitate the installation process, but also help to avoid all sorts of mistakes. Like any other kind of finish, Siding installation begins with preliminary surface preparation and fencing. As fences, mainly slate, metal profiles or iron rods are used. Therefore, all the old lining is initially dismantled, and metal bars with a special brush are cleaned of rust.

The next stage of work is the priming and painting of the rods. It should be noted that before installing the panels, the balcony must be cleaned of dust and dirt. Also dismantling subject to all ebb and rails. In the event that there are distortions on the balcony, and this can be checked using a level, the crate is installed with this in mind.In addition, irregularities on the balcony may indicate that he is in disrepair, and therefore may require additional repair work and strengthening of the structure.

The next stage of the trim will be mounting crates. For this, the rods are fixed to the bars previously exposed along the belts from below and above. At the same time, the height of the bars should not exceed 8 cm. The wooden structure is fastened to the walls on metal corners or with the help of liquid nails. The bottom belt of the lathing is placed on special sides or directly on the concrete base itself.

Once the crate system is installed, you can proceed to the fasteners of additional elements. Particular attention should be paid to the outer corners, which play the role of nests. Corner bars are inserted into them, having a V-shaped notch in the middle and a bend of 90 degrees. To ensure that the skin is durable and reliable, when fixing the plastic, the panel is recommended to be slightly heated.

The first panel of siding is fixed at the level of the upper edges of the crates. It is attached to factory hooks, which, after mounting, are led outside the balcony.Similarly, the installation of subsequent panels is performed, they are fastened with screws. Then, in the construction of the lower belt, the external corners are strengthened; for this, a small amount of construction adhesive is used. When covering the balcony, the work is best to start with the side walls, and then smoothly move to the center.

The final stage of installation is fixing the final slats. They put on the last strip of siding.

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