Panoramic balcony glazing

Today, almost every developer is trying to build houses of the highest possible number of floors. However, the height of the building is not only the benefit of the developer, but also the opportunity to buy an apartment with a great view. Often, developers specifically choose such places as residential buildings, from the top floors of which a breathtaking panorama would open up.

Loggias made in the French style, where the windows occupy the entire surface of the outside, became in demand. More and more people want to transform the apartment, adding a lightness and a touch of romance to the room.

Panoramic glazing of the balcony, loggia can transform the whole apartment completely beyond recognition. Thanks to this glazing, more sunlight penetrates the room. In general, the apartment becomes much brighter, and also the space increases visually.

Of course, panoramic windows should be chosen wisely. This design balcony or loggia is not suitable for everyone.

If necessary?

Of course the main factor influencing the choice between conventional glazing and panoramic, is the view. It makes no sense to make the windows of the balcony from the ceiling to the floor if, for example, the apartment’s balcony faces the courtyard or the roadway. Perhaps in the summer will delight the sun, green trees and birds outside the window. But in the offseason, certainly not look at that. Options in which the glazing of the balcony is a win-win solution, this is a view of the forest, an extensive panorama of the city, a river or a reservoir.

Another thing, if the apartment is located on the 8th floor and above. At the same time the house itself is located on a hill. In this case, even if the windows are not on the best side, they, as a rule, still open a beautiful panoramic view of the city.

Floors matter not only from the side of the opening view. Many people on the lower, middle floors may not like the panoramic glazing of the balcony due to the fact that the room from the street is clearly visible. You must admit that few people would like his personal life to be considered in detail by passersby and residents of the house opposite. Of course, as an option, you can hang all the curtains, but then what's the point to do panoramic windows?

East is a delicate matter

Some people decide on panoramic glazing only because of the windows to the east. In their minds is drawn a beautiful image of the rising sun, slowly filling the dark morning room with rays. But do not hurry. Sunrise is really a beautiful thing, especially from a bird's eye view. In winter, when the light is not enough, it can please. But in the summer the sun can become too annoying.

In the warm season, the temperature in the apartment rises by an order of magnitude higher with windows facing east. Having a panoramic glazing, the effect is doubled. The apartment can become stuffy, hot.

The Western side, on the contrary, can be an excellent alternative. First, during the day you can compensate for the lack of light, because the sun at this time on the other side. Secondly, it is possible to watch the sunsets.

The south is considered the ideal side of the world for panoramic glazing. On the south side, the sun does not shine much and does not give much heat, but there will also be no shortage of light and heat.

Advantages and disadvantages

Having decided the question of whether this type of glazing is suitable, you should familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of such a design.This will help to make a final conclusion and make a decision.


  • View. Here we have already decided. The main point of the panoramic windows is a beautiful view from the window. Undoubtedly, panoramic glazing is far ahead, compared with conventional windows.
  • Shine. Panoramic windows let in more light, the room becomes brighter and more beautiful. This can be attributed, albeit small, but still saving electricity, due to the longer and greater light input from the outside.
  • Style. Undoubtedly, even if it is a deep night outside, your friends and acquaintances will appreciate the presence of panoramic windows. This type of glazing loggia automatically raises the prestige of the room. It is not excluded that friends will want to visit your guest already during the day, appreciating the view from such windows.
  • Visual increase in area. Clear glass looks light compared to the usual balcony trim. Made over the entire height and width of the outer wall, they undoubtedly visually push the space.


  • Price. Let's start with the obvious. The cost of this design is much more expensive, compared to the usual balcony trim. Delivery and installation work more difficult.From all this it turns out a considerable cost of the whole structure as a whole. Determining exactly how much more panoramic glazing will be more expensive is quite difficult. Here plays the role of the type of windows, additional improvements, such as the automatic opening of windows for airing.
  • Maintain cleanliness. A significant disadvantage of panoramic windows. The windows are quite susceptible to pollution and washing them is not easy. High ceiling-to-floor windows make this task even more difficult. The minimum will have to stock up on special tools that allow you to reach the most inaccessible areas. In some cases, you may need the services of special companies that wash windows at height. And of course, time. Washing such windows takes a lot of time. Often, for this reason, people refuse to panoramic glazing.
  • Excessive transparency. As it was written earlier, the panorama outside the window gives an open view to those outside the window. Pros in this difficult to find, definitely there are disadvantages. Anyone can see your personal life.
  • Mosquitoes. A possible minus of the panoramic windows is the impossibility of installing a mosquito net.This question is not relevant for all apartment owners. For example, starting from the fifth floor, mosquitoes and flies rarely if they fly.
  • Noise. About good sound insulation, as a rule, you can forget. Panoramic glazing is inherently very thin and does not cope well with this task. If you use special glass and technology, then you can spend an unreasonable lot of money.

Of course, the list of advantages and disadvantages of panoramic glazing can be continued indefinitely. Everyone looks at it from a different angle. For this reason, reviews of panoramic glazing fluctuate.

We have analyzed only the main points in order to have an idea of ​​what the panoramic windows can bring to their owners.

Along with the pros and cons, there are important nuances of this design. Options for the performance of panoramic windows quite a lot.


The first thing worth mentioning is security. Few think that a balcony plate has a weight limit that many do not comply with at all. Some will say that this is nonsense and never heard the balconies fall. But the cases were still there. The permissible weight on the balcony slab is prescribed in building codes and regulations,in the column "load and impact."

When ordering installation of panoramic glazing, it is worth knowing in advance the final weight of the structure. This should also add the weight of people, floor finishes, possible furniture, which will be located directly on the balcony slab itself. Beauty is beauty, but own safety is more important than any kind outside the window.

Demolish the wall or not?

An extensive discussion topic is the issue of demolition / abandonment of the wall between the room and the balcony. The opening with a door and a window at the panoramic glazing of the balcony, many want to tear down. Thus, the main room merges with the balcony and the useful area increases by an order of magnitude. Panorama outside the window, the abundance of light in the room, a gorgeous view of the room - it all looks impressive.

However, not always the demolition of the wall will bring the desired effect. First of all, it is worth thinking about the heat cost of space heating. It is clear that such a question does not arise among people living in the southern regions. A warm room will be warm at almost any time of the year, regardless of the balcony wall. But, what to do if the idea to connect a panoramic balcony and a room occurred to the tenant of the northern part of the country? Worthto understand that panoramic glass does not hold back warmly and therefore it is difficult to achieve a warm room with such windows.

The exit from the situation can be thick glass, massive floors. But it increases the weight of the design, style and effect are lost.

And by refusing to demolish the walls, it is possible to zone the balcony, to make a beautiful finish, different from the basic design of the room.

Types of glasses, their mount

Glasses may be different. They vary in thickness and in physical properties. For example, it is possible to make thin glasses from heavy-duty glass, which will allow you to create a frameless design. Glass will be inserted into the frame only at the top and bottom. There will also be located runners on which they move to open. There will be no frames between the glasses themselves. At the same time, the construction will take on a light appearance and create the illusion that there are no obstacles between the viewer and the opening panorama.

The same effect can be created for the lower part of the panoramic glazing. Between the upper, higher and lower windows, a thin frame is made. The main weight is distributed to the frame and glass at the bottom.

It should be understood that the smaller the minor structures to support the glasses are, the greater the cost of the panoramic windows. To build such a structure is more difficult, and the glass itself is more expensive.

The most common option is the usual glazing with plastic windows in frames, fastened together in a single structure. In terms of temperature difference is the only correct option.

A significant contribution to the cost of the finished design can make tinting coating and automatic ventilation systems. Tinting is done to protect from excessive sunlight in the summer, but it is quite expensive. Automatic ventilation systems are designed to maintain optimum temperatures in summer and winter.

Style and decoration

Proper decoration of the balcony, loggia can double the effect of the panoramic view. You can make an urban-style interior, a kind of study with a laptop table, metallic color on the walls and loft-style lamps. This is perfect for those who have windows overlooking the city.

Or on the contrary, to make the finish in wood, in soft colors and to put the wicker chairs, a small tea table.This will allow you to use the balcony as a relaxation room. Coupled with a view of the river or the forest will turn out just a gorgeous combination.

As for the materials, everything will do. You can use lining or wood to provide a warm floor covering, and lay decorative stone on the wall. The most expensive option is decorative plaster, but with its help you can create a truly unusual design.

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