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If in the city you lack pieces of nature, then you can try to equip a greenhouse right on the balcony. In this bright area your plants will not interfere with anyone from home. Yes, and they will grow quickly, delighting you with their appearance and fruits.

Advantages and disadvantages

The location of a compact greenhouse on the balcony has its advantages and disadvantages. If you want to arrange in your balcony a place to grow seedlings or live flowers in pots, then you should get acquainted with all the pros and cons.

To the benefits definitely can be attributed compact size. A greenhouse with 3 shelves or even 4 shelves will not take up much space. At the same time the design will look beautiful. Another obvious plus is ease of installation. Even a person who has never built anything in his life can create a greenhouse with his own hands. Yes, and plant plants in the soil prepared or even bought in the store is not difficult.

You can also quickly dismantle the structure if you don’t like it or you want to use the balcony for some other purpose.

Disadvantage A greenhouse is only that not in any apartment it will fit. Sometimes it is more rational to use the balcony for any other needs, for example, to expand at its expense the kitchen or bedroom.

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A qualitatively glazed and additionally warmed balcony can already be called a greenhouse. It remains only to supplement it with the necessary details for the proper cultivation of plants. Simple shelf structures installed under the walls or near the entrance are perfectly suited for this purpose.

Mini-greenhouses that can be installed on your balcony are divided into three main types.


Greenhouses of this type consist of several tiers. There are greenhouses of different sizes. You can make them yourself. Such a mobile design is extremely simple. But this is immediately its disadvantage. This type of greenhouse is just a place where you grow plants in a suitable place and at a suitable temperature. And the possibility of watering and the presence of additional light have to provideon their own, either by purchasing the designs separately, or by watering their plants manually.


This type of greenhouse is already more advanced. In them all the processes necessary for the development of plants automatically take place. Such greenhouses can usually be used in different rooms, and not just on the balcony. In the conditions of the balcony space is good because there is usually no lighting and central heating. So, having established the automated greenhouse, you should not bother above to warm the room or to lead light there. So, you will save both your time and money.


Another interesting option for a modern apartment is a greenhouse showcase. This design allows you to see well all planted plants and control the process of their development. This design is also autonomous. It is covered with a transparent protective material. The basis of the design is represented by a simple rack consisting of several tiers. The dimensions of the rack should match the width of the window opening. Above such a greenhouse design, it is desirable to additionally install a simple lighting option, for example, a simple light bulb.

In greenhouse windows all year round, you can grow your favorite vegetables and herbs, as well as beautiful flowers, using it not only to get food, but also to decorate the space.

Important details

To organize a mini-greenhouse on the balcony, first of all you need to make the room glazed. If before your balcony was open, then immediately put double or triple glazing. For those who have it already glazed, it is also better to replace the glass with more durable and passing through at least cold.

In order to keep the room temperature ideal for normal plant growth, it is advisable to install a room thermometer in the room.

Also, make sure the plants get enough light. First of all, think about natural light. It is natural light that contributes to the proper development of seedlings and flowers. But you need additional lighting for gloomy days.

Also make sure that the plants constantly receive their portion of fresh air. To do this, when installing windows, make one of them openable. For the balcony is better to choose the option with a sliding window or sash,which swing open outwards, not inwards.

The last important factor in the organization of the greenhouse - the constant wetting of the earth. Constantly watering your plants sometimes do not have enough time, so it is better to install a structure with automatic watering.

Regarding the location of the mini-greenhouse, it is desirable that it is located on the west side. If your balcony faces north, then you should provide additional insulation for a mini-greenhouse. This side is the coldest.

East-facing windows are good because they allow plants to get maximum morning sunlight. This well contributes to the rapid growth of your seedlings and flowers.

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Greenhouse do it yourself

If you have on the balcony favorable conditions for the installation of the greenhouse, then you can either install the already ready, or create it yourself. This process is actually not as difficult as it seems.

Before you turn your ideas into reality, it is advisable to create a drawing of your future mini-wig on paper. Consider how many floors there will be and how it will fit into the dimensions of your balcony.

The easiest option is to build a greenhouse from a tree.This material is eco-friendly and natural, therefore it is ideal for growing plants there.

Creating a wooden structure is not so difficult. To do this you need only smooth boards and the right amount of nails. Chuck the boards properly to get a steady and practical shelving.

Transparent polyethylene is attached to the rear of this finished structure. This should be done not with nails, but using brackets and a special stapler. Durable glass can also be used instead of film or polyethylene.

If possible, it is also advisable to install several lamps on the sides of the greenhouse. They will ensure your plants normal growth and development. Buy these lamps can be in almost any store of household goods. And installing them is not such a complicated process.

When the base of the greenhouse is ready, you can begin planting. First prepare the primer. Do not use only clean land. To grow plants quickly, the soil must consist of several layers. On the bottom of the box in which the plants will be planted, the sand is laid out, which is covered with drainage and only then with a thick layer of soil.

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After that, the plants themselves are planted in the prepared soil. On one shelf, a simple rack usually holds about ten standard boxes of plants. But, depending on your individual calculations, the figure may be different.

When the plants are apart, the front of the greenhouse is covered with a film or glass. This is done in order to create an ideal microclimate inside. However, if you installed the lamp, then this is not necessary.

A greenhouse on the balcony is an ideal solution for those gardeners who live in a small apartment, and do not know where to apply their talents. This type of design balconies receives only positive feedback from gardeners. Therefore you can safely decorate your balcony in this way, using it with maximum benefit.

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