How to choose and arrange a plastic door to the balcony

Today, the presence of a balcony or loggia is considered one of the main criteria for choosing an apartment. If a few decades ago, a balcony was used as a storeroom, where all sorts of seasonal items and children's vehicles were stored, as well as clothes were dried, then recently the priorities have changed significantly.

The balcony is a recreation area, a winter garden can be placed here or the room is designed for a study. In addition to the intended purpose, the attitude of society and to the materials used for the arrangement and design of the loggia changed. If earlier wood or wood plates were mainly used, now plastic is called the most popular material.

It is important that the plastic is of high quality, non-toxic, safe for human life and health.

Modern designers working with the decoration of interior decoration of rooms, allocate a separate direction in their activities, which is called "balcony interior". Stylists identify a number of issues that often disturb apartment owners when arranging a loggia or balcony:

  • insulation of the outer and inner walls;
  • glazing;
  • repair work;
  • selection of the type of lighting;
  • choice of balcony door.

Balcony door must meet the following characteristics: practicality, durability, reliability and high operating life. Masters recommend to pay attention to the metal-plastic models, which are presented in a wide range: standard sizes and custom-made, of different colors and types, combining with a window or independently installed.

In order not to be mistaken when acquiring the door to the balcony, one should deliberately approach this issue and study the recommendations of the masters and the advice of stylists.

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The popularity of PVC doors has increased so much over the past few years that metal plastic products manufacturers try to expand the existing range annually and offer consumers new product options. The model range is able to satisfy the tastes and requirements of any, even the most demanding, buyer.

There are several classifications of balcony PVC doors.

Depending on the attachment to the window opening:

  • detached unit;
  • combined or balcony blocks (the door can be installed on the left, on the right or in the middle).

Depending on the mechanism used:

  • swivel;
  • rotary and folding;
  • deaf;
  • sliding

Depending on the modification option:

  • one door with one big glass;
  • consisting of two parts, both parts are glass;
  • consisting of two parts, while the upper half has a double-glazed window (ordinary glass, frosted, stained glass), and the lower half is closed by a plastic “sandwich”.

Depending on the type of construction:

  • with one flap;
  • with two doors;
  • panoramic.

The last block also has an internal classification:

  • panoramic balcony unit with a glass door;
  • swing models;
  • sliding options: door-book or door-accordion, door-compartment or door-portals, lifting-sliding, inclined-sliding and lifting-sliding, stained glass.

Standard sizes

The size of the balcony door depends on the parameters of the entrance to the loggia. There are standard standards: the width is 60–90 cm, and the height is 190–210 cm. For a wider opening, it is better to choose double or sliding doors.In rooms with high ceilings it is possible to install a blank window at the top of the doorway. This solution makes the design more visually attractive, the room receives more daylight.

Stylish look will be the top window, made of frosted glass, which transmits light, but hinders direct sunlight.

How to choose

Plastic windows and doors so closely entered the life of modern society that today the range of choice has almost no boundaries. In addition to the standard options, it is possible to manufacture products to order. However, the procedure for selecting a balcony door unit is not an easy and slow process.

It is necessary to study in detail the proposed range, select several models, compare, weigh all the pros and cons, which in the future will avoid problems in matters of operation.


What does a plastic balcony door consist of?

  • PVC profile, which is responsible for the level of noise absorption and the degree of thermal insulation. Each manufacturer of plastic products has its own requirements for the manufacture of the profile.The products of the German trademarks REHAU and VEKA, which for several decades have occupied the leading positions in the global consumer market, enjoy high popularity.
  • Double-glazed window - a kind of "filter" of infrared and ultraviolet rays.
  • Fittings are the most wear-resistant part of a metal-plastic balcony block, its working joint. These are various mechanical parts: handles, latches, bollards, hinges, locks and other elements.

Criteria for choosing a PVC balcony block:

  • window manufacturer;
  • high quality profile;
  • double-glazed window with positive recommendations;
  • accessories;
  • additional functions and elements: mosquito net, climate valve, etc.


The installation process consists of several steps:

  • Removal of measurements.
  • Preliminary work on the preparation of the doorway: cleaning and leveling the walls.
  • Model selection and production of a balcony door unit from metal-plastic.
  • Installation.
  • Check for good condition: tight fit, reliable fixation of the seals, the correct operation of the opening-closing mechanisms.
  • Finishing work.

It is better for experts to entrust the installation of a balcony door unit, because the correctness of the installation contributes to the proper functioning of the door in the future.

Causes of failure

Any thing can break. Unfortunately, no manufacturer of plastic products can give an absolute guarantee that the product will last forever and never break. The options for breakdowns and the reasons for their occurrence can be an incredible set.

The most common problems include:

  • hardware malfunction (loosened handle, false-handle / shell-handle not attached to the balcony door, etc.);
  • worn or broken seal integrity;
  • double glazing damage;
  • door skew;
  • bad door closes;
  • malfunction of the clamping mechanism;
  • slack loops;
  • deformation under the influence of high air temperature;
  • balcony door does not close tightly.

How to fix

Is it possible to troubleshoot PVC doors by yourself? Of course you can. However, there are a number of situations that are subject only to high profile specialists. Therefore, before starting repair work, it is necessary to determine to which type the fault relates. There are two types of damage: serious and domestic.

Serious faults:

  • damage to the glass unit window or a balcony door - a complete replacement of the glass will be required;
  • Snatched loops;
  • destruction of accessories or its elements;
  • violation of the integrity of the door leaf.

All of the above problems require a thorough examination of the master, the detection of causes of malfunctions and the selection of options for elimination.

Domestic or minor problems that can most often be removed on their own:

  • Difficulties with opening and closing the door - you need to adjust the door leaf.
  • The door is pressed badly - it is solved by adjusting the clamping of the balcony door from the side of the lock.
  • The seal was worn or deformed (most often this problem happens after 5 years of operation) - it is necessary to completely remove the old seal and install a new one. Preference is better to give products of German trademarks.
  • Broken handle - need to be replaced with a new one. Such repairs can be performed independently by the owner of the house or apartment.

In addition to the described faults, there are still many other problematic situations with the operation of a balcony door.To carry out repair work on your own or to seek help from specialists is the first thing that needs to be solved when a particular malfunction is detected.


Chose a balcony door and installed? It's time to move on to its design. The best option would be a decor that matches the style of interior decoration in an apartment or house. To effectively decorate the door leading from the room to the loggia, you can use curtains, pelmets, beautiful curtains, drapes, blinds, shutters, Roman or Japanese curtains, colored or mosaic glass.

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Depending on the purpose of the room, the appropriate type of decor is chosen. In the bedroom window and balcony door can be closed with thick curtains. In the living room it would be better to look at the open window, decorated with elegant and stylish panels for decoration. Under such panels usually hide batteries.

It will be interesting to look at the window sill of the balcony block in the hall with bright flower pots. In this case, the loggia is used as a winter garden or a rest room, where you can relax after a busy day.

For a kitchen with access to a balcony, white doors combined with various curtains or blinds are the best decor.

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Interesting solutions in interior design

Looking for original and unusual options for decorating a balcony door unit? Want to surprise your friends and relatives with a stylish design? It is enough just to study the issue closely in order to find dozens of incredible and unique solutions. For example, discard ordinary glass. Multi-colored glass mosaic, art painting or sand blasting, forming an openwork transparent pattern, stained glass windows, using fusing technology will help to decorate any room.

Also, stylists recommend to pay attention to non-standard forms. So, the window opening in the form of an arch will emphasize the refined taste and sense of style of the hostess of the house. A balcony door of solid glass visually enlarges the room, makes it more spacious and lighter.

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