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When choosing an apartment for ourselves, we usually pay attention to whether it has a balcony or a loggia. If the apartment has a closed balcony with a window, the convenience of its use largely depends on the availability of a window sill, which, if necessary, can be installed or replaced with your own hands.

How is the balcony used?

At the present time, balconies and loggias have ceased to be additional space for storing unnecessary things, and more and more often hostesses prefer to make this place a cozy and comfortable corner for relaxing and contemplating the surroundings.

On the balcony combined with the kitchen, it is logical to equip a small garden-garden for the cultivation of your favorite greenery. On the balcony attached to the bedroom, it is nice to arrange a nice romantic corner with flowering plants. In the case when the apartment is small and the room is multifunctional, the possibilities of our living space simply need to be expanded by arranging an extra workplace or even a bed on the balcony.

In addition, the space of a room or kitchen can be increased by attaching a balcony or loggia combined with it. In this case, instead of the window sill, it is best to install a tabletop in place of the former internal window, which can be used to store books, dishes and various household items.

Why do you need?

The window sill on the balcony is usually installed simultaneously with the glazing process. It is an integral part of the window system and is mounted at the bottom of the frame. First of all, the window sill is designed to protect the room from the cold and prevents heat from leaking from the balcony and cold air from entering the room.

In the case when there is no window sill on the balcony at all or we are not satisfied with its size or shape, everything can be corrected on our own.

The size

The main criteria when choosing the size of the window sill and its geometric shape are the size of the balcony and the functional purpose.

When the balcony is large enough, you can install a wide window sill and place on it flowerpots, pots with flowers, boxes with green onions, dill and other greens. If the dimensions allowunder the window it is quite possible to mount a desktop or sofa for rest. Under such a wide window sill shelves or storage cabinets will fit well.

In the case when the balcony is not happy with its size, you can install an external structure that will be located outside the window and increase the area of ​​the balcony. It should be mounted before installing window frames and be sure to provide ebbs to remove precipitation. The inner part can be narrow, only to the depth of the window opening, but to have a folding surface that will be used as an additional working table.

Material selection

Usually there is no heating on the balcony, so in winter temperature drops are inevitable on it. And this means that the material should be selected taking into account such jumps. Most often for the manufacture of window sills prefer to use the same material that was used in the process of glazing, although this is not necessary. When choosing, we look at the performance, cost and weight, as the balcony is lightweight and should not be heavily weighted.

We must not forget that the window sill is a decorative element of any interior, including the balcony, so for its manufacture it is necessary to select a material that is suitable in color and texture to the elements and glazing already existing in the room. The variety of building materials is large, but specifically for use on balconies the most suitable are wood or plastic.

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What will we choose?

Wooden window sill is time-tested and well suited for residential premises. It is made both with wooden frames, and in the case of installation of plastic windows. In order for it to last longer, it is necessary to protect the wood from the effects of moisture and decay by treating it with water-repellent and antiseptic agents.

The plastic window sill is durable, moisture resistant, resistant to microorganisms. It is easy to care for him. This is the most economical option. There is a large assortment of colors and patterns that can be chosen for every taste.

The window sill of artificial stone looks solid and elegant. It does not remain stains and scratches, pathogenic microbes, fungus and mold do not live. It will last a long time.Many textures and colors will satisfy any need. However, it must be remembered that such a tabletop is significantly heavier than plastic or wooden, and is not always suitable for a balcony window.


Installing a window sill is a simple process and, with some knowledge, it can be performed independently. The main thing is to do the work efficiently and reliably. If the window sill does not have a strong support, then under load it may fall off and damage the objects placed on it. Considering that the balcony is most often not heated, work in this room is best done in the warm season.

First of all, it is necessary to prepare the tabletop itself from the selected material and adjust it to the window size. We check the condition of the surface on which the window sill will be mounted. It should be clean and dry. Inspect the design of the window. If you find voids under the window frame, they must be filled with foam to prevent the entry of cold air.

Depending on the width of the window sill and the depth of the window opening, the fastening is performed using foam or brackets.

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Installation with foam

If we chose a narrow sill, which protrudes only a few centimeters, then we can use the easiest way to install using foam. On the prepared base put the required number of linings of the desired height. Try on the table top and check its position with the help of the level. It is allowed a small (by 2-3 degrees) inclination towards the room, which will avoid condensation on the surface. Fill the space under the table top with foam.


If we want to make a wide window sill, it is better to use a more reliable method of fastening with clamps and metal brackets. Under the window unit, you should install a U-shaped profile and fix clamps to it, then insert the tabletop into them. We attach the brackets to the wall under the window in increments that maximize the strength of the structure. A window sill is put on the prepared place in the latches, and then with screws and a screwdriver attached to the brackets on the bottom side.

If the balcony is small, but you need a wide working surface, it is possible to choose special folding brackets that will allow you to create a more complex, but convenient design.It will be used as a folding balcony table, which can be straightened and cleaned if necessary.

Induce beauty

The final moments of the process are the same for any mount. Using silicone sealant we seal up the junction of the window frame and window sill. We remove surplus of the stiffened polyurethane foam if they are. If the end sides of the tabletop do not rest against the wall, you need to give them a beautiful look.

To make a chic window sill on the balcony with their own hands without any help is within the power of everyone. It all depends on the desire and imagination of the happy owner of the balcony.

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