Shelves on the balcony

Shelves on the balcony will help in the rationalization of space. If you close the hinged shelves with doors, you can get a wardrobe that is practically built into the loggia niche. Hinged models or folding, wooden, glass or original, the shelves are different from each other and on the principle of openness: some of them can be open, others closed. Depending on the design of the balcony, its dimensions should choose one or other models.

For an open balcony suitable folding structures or mounted, forming a whole rack. An enclosed balcony provides more space for fantasy, since weather conditions are unlikely to affect products. By the way, if the balcony is closed, but not heated, that is, in the cold season, the room temperature is much lower than at home, it is worth stocking up with moisture-resistant materials for the shelves - high-quality wood with processing or stainless metal.

Let's talk about these horizontal elements: materials, methods of fastening, what you need to create the shelves with your own hands and how to think out a functional and durable construction for the loggia.


  • Chipboard famous for its cheapness and practicality. Shelves made of chipboard are very simple, easy to process material allows you to create from the most simple designs to interesting collages with storage space. To create a real wardrobe on the loggia is simply due to the shelves: you can buy a finished structure or make it yourself. Chipboard is often used to create furniture for storage and especially - in a loggia. It is important that the material has a special coating against moisture and swelling, provided that humidity on the balcony is high or there is an abrupt change in temperature.

Wall-mounted pieces of furniture on a balcony from a chipboard will be suitable for arrangement of any balcony in any style. If you do not pay tribute to the interior design of this space, then install simple designs in the color of light wood, and it will become not only a practical piece of furniture, but also a modern and concise feature of your loggia.

  • Metal also serves to create hanging shelves on the balcony. The main thing is to choose a solid and easy basis for creating shelves on a loggia or to purchase a ready-made structure. For open balconies, choose stainless steel or aluminum; These materials are difficult to weather and are not deformed from moisture, unlike wood or chipboard.However, metal products can change shape due to too heavy things that are stored on the shelves; this leads to select a certain thickness of the structure and the material used to create it.
  • Wood is used to make furniture, and the shelves for the balcony are no exception. Natural wood is capricious, so you should not install any items of furniture from it on the open loggias or those that are not insulated.
  • Glass as a basis for wall shelves is used no less than the above listed materials. Glass shelves are more likely to serve as an element of decor than a functional storage system.
  • Plastic is an inexpensive and practical material that is superior in quality to chipboard. Plastic shelves in the composition of the rack perfectly withstand moisture, moisture, temperature changes, so it is useful for arranging an open loggia. However, plastic does not withstand too heavy a load and does not always look stylish.

How to make yourself

Balconies are different in their parameters, which requires an individual approach to creating furniture for it. If simple hinged shelves can be purchased in the store, it is easy to choose their size, then the construction of several shelves such as a cabinet, makes you look for an alternative.A great solution would be to create mounted wooden shelves on the balcony with your own hands.

First of all, it is worthwhile to determine the location of the shelves: mark the location of the future piece of furniture right on the walls, to facilitate the work and improve its quality, use the level: it will allow you to make the drawing as accurate as possible. After the marking is necessary to stock up on the necessary materials: bars, sheets (MDF, chipboard, wood, wall paneling). By the way, this and the following paragraphs of the article are devoted to the production of a small storage space on a loggia of open or closed type.

Nail 4 bars to the walls of the balcony, 2 bars on each side of each other, which form a niche, they will serve as the basis for fixing. If desired, you can install the rear and side walls for shelves, on the same walls you can attach bars and hang elements of chipboard or wood. Next - we fasten the sheets thanks to the screws on the frame, first attaching them to the place of attachment in order to ensure the correctness and functionality of the structure. It is important to determine the required height of the shelves and make the correct measurements so that things do not simply roll off the shelf.

After attaching the sheets, you should think about their design: leave them open or shield them with additional doors. Doors will require hinges, the doors themselves, handles and magnets. Here you can show imagination: it is not necessary to make the cabinet completely closed; Combine open and closed shelves, and you get the original and functional shelving.

It is also possible to make interior elements for storage from the wall paneling, more precisely, the balcony sheathed with this material with similar shelves will look good. By the way, lining is more practical in comparison with chipboard, it is better to take pine or spruce as a base - they are thermo and moisture resistant, durable and practical. If you cut out the elements yourself, then each of them should be treated with sandpaper or a grinding machine; in addition, they can be treated with varnish or another coating of predominantly transparent color, otherwise the natural shade of the tree will disappear.


It is simple to create an angular rack in the conditions of a loggia, and you can use wood or metal depending on preferences and climatic conditions in space.The angular design is incredible functional and especially useful on a closed balcony and even an open loggia, if you correctly approach the issue. When an open loggia is open, leave those sections of the rack on which direct sunlight does not fall and where the wind is unlikely to blow, the same recommendation will be useful when making structures in a closed area.

Corner structures on the balcony do not necessarily form a rack, it is enough to place the finished elements on top of each other and fix them with the original carved or strict design bracket.

Hinged shelves

Hinged shelves on the balcony, not forming a rack, will be appropriate on the balcony in small quantities. It is convenient to put flowers, books, any other decor and useful things on such shelves. Their location does not oblige the classical installation on top of each other, show imagination and place pieces of furniture like a ladder - at different levels.

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Interesting ideas

Thanks to the shelves on the balcony, you can get an original and practical interior room, for example, as in the photo below.Rectangular layout designs on each other spread with respect to proportions. Pic 1

Closed shelves look neat on a small balcony; they are intended for storage of household equipment or kitchen billets most likely. The doors in tone to the walls make the rack as if invisible to prying eyes, which allows you to create a rest area in the same balcony.

Horizontal elements of furniture made of wood or glass on the balcony will help in the arrangement of the cabinet, if you combine them with glass and wall lockers of the closed type. Open designs make the interior varied and provide space for decoration: beautiful books, candles, bowls and other elements. Pic 3

An interesting solution will be the manufacture of a bar cabinet due to the presence of several shelves of different width and height, most of which are closed by doors. Pic 4

The most functional, budget and the simplest design is considered to be a set of elements forming an open rack for storing jars of jams and pickles. Such an element of your balcony will become not only a useful space, but also a style guide, look,how concise and cozy the blanks look on the open shelves of the color of natural wood. Pic 5

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