Sliding windows to the balcony

The glazing of a balcony became irreplaceable work in arrangement of this room. But technology does not stand still. To replace the swing structures come sliding windows on the balcony.

Features and benefits

Designs of this type have several advantages over their predecessors.

First of all, they do not occupy space when opened. This is especially important for small balconies.

Sliding windows will not slam in the open position when the wind gusts, which is quite common in glazing with hinged structures. They will not damage the furniture and the neighboring windows, they will not hurt you.

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Another positive thing in the glazing of the balcony with sliding structures is the fact that when opening them you will not have to rearrange the decorative elements or flower pots placed on the windowsill.

Sliding structures are cheaper than hinged, which will save a ton of money when glazing a large area balcony.

In addition, such double-glazed windows are usually immediately equipped with mosquito nets, which can easily be pushed aside, they will not prevent to look out of the window.


Mostly, sliding windows are of three kinds.

  1. With a coupe mechanism. They are located on a special profile and with the help of rollers move parallel to the frames. Their design resembles the doors in the wardrobes. But these windows have a flaw. Double-glazed windows of this type require a place to move apart, so the extreme to the corner of the sash is usually made deaf.
  2. With sliding mechanism. Such windows are equipped with special fittings that allow windows to move forward first and then move aside. The convenience of this option is that, if necessary, the window can simply be tilted slightly, on the principle of plastic double-glazed windows.
  3. "English windows". Glasses of this type of construction go down. The glazing of this type allows you to fix the window at the height that you need. Similar constructions are practically not used in our country.


Sliding balcony designs can be made of various materials.


Windows made of this material are often used in the glazing of balconies, which do not involve insulation. They perfectly protect the balcony from dust, wind, rain and snow. Although winter is unlikely to use them. Usually, due to the condensation accumulated on them, the frames freeze and it is impossible to open them.

Insert the glass in the aluminum frame will not work. Here only single glass is supposed to be used.

The sound insulation of aluminum windows is very low. They will not protect your balcony from the penetration of sounds from the street.

Although the view is very good. With these windows, you can give your balcony a modern, neat look. They are not subject to corrosion, they do not need to be painted.

In addition, these structures have a small weight, which allows them to be used even on bay windows with a long history, which are over 40 years old.


Sliding structures of this type are extremely rare. This is due to the fact that with changes in humidity and ambient temperature, the frame of wood can lead and deform. In this regard, they will be impossible to move in the provided grooves. But it is a natural, environmentally-friendly material.The room in which the windows are installed with frames made of it is easy to breathe, there is no feeling of stale air. But if you decide to glaze the balcony with wooden sliding structures, then do not forget to treat them with special impregnations that protect the material from rotting and various parasites.


This type of construction is the most reliable. With proper use, the life of this type of glazing is more than 50 years.

PVC windows protect from cold. They have rather high thermal insulation values. They allow you to make an additional insulated room in your apartment from the balcony or to combine it with the living space of the apartment. In addition, even if you do not carry out additional heating in this room, the temperature on it will be quite comfortable, for being there without outerwear, even in cold weather.

The noise insulation of plastic sliding windows is also very high. The extraneous sounds of passing cars or children playing on the playground will not disturb you.

These windows are not subject to deformation, they tolerate temperature and humidity differences.

These double-glazed windows have a wide range of colors, they can be chosen for any interior.

But such windows have significant weight and are unlikely to suit old balconies.In addition, they do not miss the air. The room, glazed in this way, must be periodically aired.

How to choose?

The choice of materials for sliding structures depends on the functionality that you assign to the area of ​​the balcony.

If you plan to organize a winter garden on the balcony, an additional room or combine with an existing one, of course, only metal-plastic constructions will suit you.

If the room you need only for storage or for drying clothes, it will be enough to install aluminum or wooden structures.

If the windows of your balcony face south, it is worthwhile to order sliding frames with darkened glazing or install blinds on them so that you can adjust the degree of illumination of the balcony. This will save the room from overheating.

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To install sliding structures on the balcony you need to make special demands. The quality of their installation depends on the longitude and performance of windows. Incorrect installation can lead not only to the appearance of fungus and mold on the window frames, but also deformation and the inability to open this structure.

Trust the installation should only professionals with positive feedback and many years of experience.

Before installing windows of sliding construction, you need to check the reliability of the balcony base plate, whether it will withstand considerable weight of the glazing. Parapet for mounting sliding structures should be strong, it is better if it is made of concrete brick or metal.

It is possible to glaze the balcony and sliding structures with panoramic glazing. In this case, only the upper part will open; the lower part will have deaf doors.

During the installation period, it is necessary to control the process so that the profile does not have any bends and does not deform.

Glazing is best done at a positive ambient temperature, but not in heat, so that the profile subsequently does not break when the temperature rises or falls.

After the installation of the structures themselves, it is necessary to install the ebb and to fill all the holes with assembly foam and sealant. This is especially important when weathe the balcony so that cold air does not get into the room through the gaps.


Glazing the balcony, you close the room from direct sunlight,so you need to keep the glass on the balcony in complete cleanliness. Cleaning the sliding structures is not that difficult. For this you can use the usual means. From the outside it is convenient to carry out washing with the help of a slip on a long stick.

On metal-plastic constructions it is necessary to process silicone gum with special compounds twice a year. This will extend their lifespan, and gum will maintain the integrity of window designs for many years.

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Sliding windows are an excellent choice for glazing a balcony. They will save space and allow you to open windows without emptying the window sill. Especially such designs are perfect for a balcony, where a bar counter is installed near the window. Sitting with a cup of tea, you can calmly enjoy the view from the window and breathe the fresh air. At the same time, the window casements will not disturb you at all. These windows will give the balcony a modern look, while not piling window space with an extra profile. Also, with sliding glass packs, you can nest any functional in the balcony area by selecting the appropriate window frame material.

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