Balcony plastic door adjustment

Currently plastic is one of the most practical materials. Wood is considered to be an environmentally friendly material, but it is difficult to maintain, and, moreover, wooden structures are difficult to adjust after they sag and lose their properties over time.

In order not to be afraid that one day the balcony door simply will not close or, on the contrary, slam shut so that it cannot be opened, modern building owners install plastic balcony doors that can always be adjusted.

When does the door need adjustment?

As a rule, it is impossible to say the exact date or time, which is optimal in order to adjust the design. This usually happens closer to the cold season. In the summer, the door is often open, so the fittings may loosen, then adjustment will be required.

To think about how to bring your door back to normal is worth it if the following signs appear:

  • Draft
  • A crack appeared in the glass unit
  • The handle is difficult to rotate or, on the contrary, rotates too easily.

Do it yourself or call the master?

The answer to this question is ambiguous, because on the one hand, a reliable master always knows his business, especially if he is an employee of the company that installed the door unit. But sometimes it happens that everything is better to take in their hands. Experts say - to cope with such a task on their own - quite real and nothing terrible is not here. The main thing is to take the necessary tools and get down to business.

What tools are needed?

Before proceeding with the adjustment process it is worthwhile to ensure that everything necessary for this is in your home. The set is simple, but without it the matter will not get off the ground.

For this job you will need:

  • Pliers
  • Hex screwdrivers
  • Roulette
  • Flat and cross-head screwdrivers
  • PVC gaskets

Directions of adjustment

If you have everything you need, you can proceed to the adjustment process. This can be done: vertically, horizontally or in the frontal direction.

Adjusting screws are easy to see if you remove the decorative panel.To do this, open the balcony door and use the hex key 3 mm.

Instructions for directions of adjustment

Horizontal is the movement of the door leaf to the right or left. Most often it is used when the door ceases to close smoothly, and this is due to temperature fluctuations on the street - that is a thaw, then frosts affect the structure. In order to adjust the door, the hexagon is inserted into the side adjustment screw, which is located in the side surface of the bottom hinge. By simple actions, the screw is twisted, so the sash is attracted to the loop.

The vertical direction is when the door hits the threshold or when dents appear on the seal above or below. Here you will need various screwdrivers for adjustment - these are hexagons for 5 and 2.5 millimeters, as well as a regular flat screwdriver. To move the main locking bar, you will need a cross-head screwdriver, which every owner has.

And the last direction is frontal. Here is a more complicated procedure. It is necessary to remove the beadings that regulate the glass. Then, between the glass and plastic will need to insert gaskets.This is not an easy task, because you need to choose the right thickness and size. Therefore, more generalists resort to this type of adjustment. They can both work with doors and adjust sliding aluminum windows, if they are installed on your balcony.

Is it tightly closed?

You can do it yourself, using a regular sheet of paper. Absolutely anyone. It is inserted between the sash and the frame. If in order to pull out the sheet, you need to apply efforts, it means that everything is in order with your design, and it does not require repair or adjustment. If the sheet that you inserted is easily removed, it means that a gap has formed, and the door needs to be adjusted.

If you have done a simple test with paper, and he showed that you should intervene so that you do not blow in the winter cold, then you need to purchase the necessary tools. They are sold in any hardware store. There are such sets in the companies for the installation of windows and doors, you can call there and ask the manager. Tools may not be in specialized stores, for example, in the departments where they sell bicycles, you can always find sets of hexagons.They cost 400-500 rubles and will always be useful in the economy.

Specific problems

What to do if, for example, the glass unit is skewed and left the seal?

It happens with one edge of the sash and visually noticeable. Experts advise to remove from the frame beadings. This can be done with a sharp object, for example, with a knife or spatula. Do not be afraid to damage the bead, PVC is known for its flexibility properties, it will avoid deformation. Now you can center the glass, and insert plastic gaskets (allows you to adjust the thickness). Now shtapiki need to return to the place. There will need a rubber hammer, which will allow you to drive them back and will not damage the structure.

If condensation has occurred, does this mean that the door is faulty and requires adjustment?

Condensate appears when there is not enough ventilation in the room. Plastic construction is quite dense and not blown out. In Soviet times, wooden frames were crevices that were sealed with cotton for the winter. There is no such thing in PVC. So if your balcony unit is located next to the battery, you can put a special intake valve under it.The door should be installed with a micro-ventilation function, it will open a few centimeters and air will enter the room. You can also use a door comb, which will lock the door and ensure air circulation. All these devices do not require additional care, they function for a long time and are simply regulated at home without a specialist.

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