Blinds to the balcony

Nowadays, a balcony from a traditional warehouse of unnecessary things has gradually become a comfortable resting place. If you have glazed it from excessive dust and for better sound insulation, then to create a cozy atmosphere you will need curtains.

Features and benefits

Roller blinds are a fabric, which with the help of a special mechanism is easily lowered and raised to the desired length. To get rolled curtains on a balcony very popular decision for a number of reasons. It:

  1. stylish, laconic appearance;
  2. usability (the fabric is covered with a special dust and dirt-repellent composition, so they do not require frequent washing);
  3. long service life;
  4. compact size (attached directly to the window frame, and do not take up extra space);
  5. the ability to pick a canvas of any width, even on a narrow, side window.


This model has two varieties - open and closed.In the case of an open roller shutter is wound on the shaft at the top of the window. In the closed version, the canvas rolls under a special box attached to the window frame. Thus, the effect of a uniform design of a window and a curtain is obtained.

Color solutions

Since the illumination of the room adjacent to it depends on the lighting of the balcony, it is better to give preference to light-colored fabrics that let the sun's rays through. It is always appropriate and beautiful to look dense white canvas, but if they are too light, you can choose olive and beige.

If your windows face the northern shadow side, then bright colors will look good - orange, fuchsia, lime. For too sunny side, cold shades are best - pale blue, light gray, ecru.

Beautifully look not only monotonous, but also curtains with a pattern - floral prints and ornaments. A canvas with a pattern that is several tones darker than the background looks stylish. Always relevant fabrics with contrasting, alternating stripes.

The main rule is that the color of the paintings is in harmony with the color scheme of the adjacent room, as the balcony is clearly visible through the door and window.

Tips for choosing

Choosing curtains, you should adhere to the following principles:

  1. They must organically fit into the interior of the room and not destroy the whole picture;
  2. The color of the canvas should be darker or lighter than the color of the walls, since the complete merging looks ugly. It is good if the color is combined with furniture or rugs;
  3. A large pattern on the fabric looks good on small windows. For large ones, it is better to choose curtains with a small pattern.
  4. On the balcony door and on the windows you can use curtains of different colors and density. If the door is completely glass, it is not necessary that the canvas reaches the bottom. Quite enough length 3⁄4.
  5. Do not burden them with unnecessary decorative elements that do not carry the functional load - this will only take up extra space and create a sense of confusion.

What is better: blinds or roller blinds?

Blinds due to their design are often called fabric blinds. Both those and others differ in convenience of the address, the compact sizes and long service life. Their prices are also about the same (simple plastic blinds are often cheaper).

Blinds have more opportunities to regulate the level of illumination, but it is easier to spoil them - to break or hook and tear. Accidentally tearing durable fabric is less likely.In addition, the fabric better protects against street dust, which is especially important if the windows overlook the roadway.

Even behind the blinds, a strong association with office premises was established, and the fabric with a pattern emphasizes a cozy homely atmosphere. Ultimately, the choice should be based on the style of the room in each case.

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