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In modern model apartments it is not often possible to find a spacious kitchen, where the cooking zone, the dining room, and the place for the rest of the whole family to be freely located. If this possibility exists, combining a kitchen with a balcony or a loggia helps solve this problem. With this technique, you can organize your space in a new way and create a unique and practical design.

Before undertaking repairs with the unification of the kitchen and loggia, one should consult whether such re-planning does not require the issuance of special permits. As a rule, their preparation does not take much time and money, but can save you from unnecessary questions and proceedings in the future.

Union options

There are several ways to combine a balcony with a kitchen. The choice of one of them depends on several factors:

  • kitchen room configurations;
  • the size of the balcony and its varieties: a balcony is a construction,completely outside the apartment, and the loggia has only one independent wall, the other three are part of the building structure;
  • the desired result of the design of the kitchen;
  • functional load on the area of ​​the balcony;
  • permitted redevelopment options.
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If there is no exit to the loggia from your kitchen, you can choose a hall converted into a kitchen and combined with a balcony. To implement this idea, it will take more effort, because you will have to transfer some communications, but as a result you will get a spacious kitchen-living room with a twist in the form of an attached balcony.

Full combination

In order to maximize the useful space of the balcony, the best option would be to completely demolish the wall between it and the kitchen. However, to obtain permission for such redevelopment, it is necessary to make sure that the wall between the kitchen and the loggia is not a carrier. The difference in the level of the floor can be corrected by aligning it completely, but it is also possible to “beat” the step.

The transition from the kitchen space to the balcony can be decorated with an arch or other decorative element. When fully combined, it will be necessary to warm the balcony unit so that the room is not too cold in winter.A kitchen connected to a balcony or a loggia will become much larger and lighter, as well as acquire an unusual shape and additional space for the realization of design ideas.


The most common way to combine a kitchen with a balcony is to simply remove the window-door unit, even if the wall is bearing. This method has several significant advantages:

  • there is no need to carry out labor-intensive and long-term work on the dismantling of the wall;
  • not necessarily completely warm the loggia - a small opening will allow to keep the heat in the room;
  • the remainder of the wall under the sill can serve as the basis for an additional work surface or a bar;
  • the presence of a small division of space will allow you to create a secluded seating area or a dining room.

Without combining

In that case, if there is a desire to combine the kitchen with a balcony, but there is no way to carry out expensive repairs, you can simply create a cozy kitchen corner on the loggia. It can serve as a place for a family breakfast or evening gatherings with friends. To do this, you can mount a narrow long tabletop under the balcony window and install bar stools.There are also several options for creating a lounge area on the loggia with a soft podium, cushions and a folding table.

If you still want to create the illusion of a common space, you can replace the window-door unit with a sliding structure from floor to ceiling. This will keep the temperature in the kitchen, as well as create a feeling of a country house with panoramic windows and access to the veranda. To implement this idea, you also need to consult with the relevant authorities.

How to insulate a balcony

Whichever option you choose, the space of the balcony becomes a room that requires additional thermal insulation so that it can comfortably spend time at any time of the year. In addition to the usual glazing, it is better to carry out other works that will allow creating a favorable microclimate on the balcony.

Partial insulation with special materials - penoplex, penofol, using polyethylene film between layers. In this way, the wall under the balcony window is warmed and the side slopes are warmed. The floor surface also requires heating. This will help electric "warm floor" in the form of tubes that are mounted under the floor of the floor.

Full insulation by carrying out to the balcony of the central heating radiator. Such a solution is not always possible, but if it is still feasible, then the area of ​​the balcony or loggia is added to the living area of ​​the apartment. In the event that the transfer of communications of heating is not possible, the installation of a radiator operating from the mains will be suitable.

Due to the thin wall panels of most balconies, a combination of two methods is most preferable: fortifying walls with heat insulating materials and installing a wall-mounted battery. All these methods do not affect the possibility of finishing the opening, since all communications are hidden under the decorative wall and floor coverings.

Examples of interior ideas

Such a simple technique, like combining a kitchen with a loggia, can help to realize quite original ideas in the interior design. It is not necessary to hire a professional designer to create a special atmosphere in the room. This will help the selection of photo interiors, where you can safely borrow any ideas and translate them into your home.

In this example, the classic interior of the kitchen is supported by a kind of portal leading to the balcony space.The wall has not been completely removed, but the wall under the ceiling and the window sill left after the dismantling of the window block are also removed. This means that such redevelopment requires mandatory permission. The passage from the kitchen to the recreation area is decorated with curtains with lambrequin, which complements the interior. On the window block of the balcony there is also a lambrequin. Thus, with a different functional load, a feeling of unity of the rooms is created.

More modern kitchen requires bold decisions. One of them is non-standard registration of the passage to the balcony. In this case, the shape of semi-arch, which supports the dynamics of the interior. The wall separating the two rooms is preserved, but a lot of daylight penetrates into the kitchen. Part of the design of the former sill is used as an improvised workplace. The comfort of the interior was added by curtains on the balcony window. This is an example of a successful increase in the kitchen space by connecting loggias.

In this case, the direct connection of the kitchen with the balcony was not carried out, but the area of ​​the loggia is framed as a continuation of the kitchen space.Here you can relax in a cozy atmosphere, drink tea at a small table in between household chores. The degree of insulation of the balcony depends on whether you want to use the recreation area on the balcony all year round. It is quite possible to create suitable thermal insulation even for winter evenings.

The balcony in this photo has become a full-fledged bar area, for which there is hardly a place in the standard kitchen. In addition to the bar stand, there are additional storage spaces for shelves: shelves, cabinets, and a convenient stand for glasses. The highlight of the interior is the shape of the shelves, which enhances the effect of the common space. For such a project, you will need to completely insulate the loggia, which may slightly reduce the useful space, but it will allow you to add a few square meters to the kitchen. The balcony glazing serves as a panoramic window, frames for it are chosen in the color of wooden furniture elements.

What not to do when combining?

Despite the attractiveness of such a way to increase the space as the unification of the kitchen with a balcony, before its implementation will have to face the hassle of obtaining permission to redevelop.It is better to familiarize yourself with the regulatory acts governing this issue in order to decide at the planning stage of the repair exactly how the merger will take place. The process of legal registration of redevelopment can take a lot of time and effort. There are a number of mandatory organizations that must give their consent for repairs:

  • Bti
  • project planning office;
  • MES;
  • SES;
  • Management Company.

At each stage, these organizations may require additional coordination with other structures. Therefore, you need to thoroughly prepare for this event, or contact a special agency, which for a fee will deal with registration of all papers.

It is important to know what factors may become an obstacle to redevelopment.

If the accession of a balcony or loggia will incur a violation of the integrity of the facade of the building.

Due to the redevelopment of the balcony will not be able to become a shelter in case of fire or other emergency.

Transfer to the balcony of a central heating radiator will require strengthening the work of thermal utilities.

This is not all the reasons for the refusal of redevelopment, but the most common.

If you want to make your kitchen more original and functional and are not afraid of bureaucratic troubles, joining a balcony or a loggia will be an excellent option. Such a reception will fit into any interior design, and pleasant impressions will compensate for visits by authorities.

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