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Every modern person wants his apartment to be comfortable and cozy, has a stylish design, attracted the attention of guests. At the same time, the diligent owners of the balcony pay special attention today. Creative decoration of this place will be the highlight of the whole apartment. At the same time, for many, the balcony is still a place where you can place a lot of useful things that you are not currently using, but which can be useful at any time. For these purposes, and need an optimal wardrobe on the balcony. How to choose the right functional option to make a stylish composition? Read about this and many other things in our article.

Features and benefits

Proper organization of the balcony room will never be superfluous. A cozy locker there will comfortably accommodate and will contribute to the optimal storage of things. Now all your belongings on the balcony will have their location.The main advantages of the product on the balcony:

  • Practicality and convenience. You can conveniently place all the things you need in the closet. In this case, you can choose a model based on your preferences regarding the functionality of the furniture. The wardrobe will take a worthy place on your balcony, freeing up the rest of the space where you can arrange other stylish interior items. Furniture will bring comfort and coziness to your home.
  • Spaciousness. You can choose stylish models that will put all your necessary things. In this case, each will have a separate shelf. If desired, you can easily and conveniently get the desired item.
  • Stylish incarnation. Among the wide variety of options offered by modern stores, you can choose the model that fits perfectly into the style of your balcony. Modern designers pleasantly surprise buyers with their interesting ideas, unusual stylistic and textural incarnations.
  • Affordable cost. A large variety of models suggests a different cost of cabinets. You can choose the option for your balcony, based on your budget. In this case, you will get a standing thing and not spend the entire family budget.
  • The ability to do it yourself. Wardrobe on the balcony you can make yourself. To do this, you will need the right materials, tools, a drawing, a strict adherence to the plan, as well as patience. However, if you are not confident in your abilities, then it is better to entrust the whole process to qualified specialists. They will help to make or assemble furniture, and you will save time, money, and your nerves.

Thus, undoubtedly, the locker will be a successful addition to any balcony, a useful and convenient fixture. At the same time, before you go shopping, it is better to think out in advance clearly what cabinet you need in terms of parameters, texture, color, functionality and other important parameters.


Among the many options you can select the main types of wardrobe on the balcony: built-in and free-standing. The last option you can move and put in a convenient place, as a whole. But with the built-in cafe it is impossible to carry out such manipulations, since its side walls, as well as the ceiling and floor will be the walls of the balcony. Of course, you should initially decide which form suits you best. It will depend on what you plan to store in the closet, on the area of ​​the balcony, as well as on your preferences and room style.

Modern models are now mainly represented by built-in wardrobes. They can be of various sizes. This can be a large and three-dimensional product with multi-component shelves of various heights, drawer units for all tools and other things. Or it may be a small compact option, ideal for your balcony.

Excellent help to save space corner cabinet, mainly if it is from floor to ceiling. It will be especially convenient if you have a narrow balcony. This design will help create an attractive design, as well as more efficient use of space. In this case, the cabinet is quite roomy. There will fit a lot of the most different and necessary things. Do not forget about the bright colors that will visually give your balcony additional space, visually increasing the area.

There are also balcony wardrobes, which have in their design a place to sit. It would be a great idea to create a greenhouse on a low product, or to place there an aquarium, a cage with a bird. This will give the whole interior an extra touch.By the way, these types of cabinets can be easily and simply made independently. It is only important to choose the right tools and materials.

Particular attention should be paid to the door. They can be with a different opening system:


This option is suitable for lovers of the classics. Cabinets with such doors are more durable. Their doors close much more tightly than other models. Revealing such furniture, you will immediately see all its contents, and also easily find the thing you need. However, there are model and disadvantages. First of all it is the drop-down doors themselves. You simply can not use the area that they occupy for another purpose. It will be very uncomfortable. However, if this does not scare you, then you can safely buy this option.

with roller shutters

This option is great to help save your space. In this case, the cabinet may be the largest capacity. Aluminum doors will effectively protect the furniture and all contents from direct sunlight, moisture, dust. It should be noted that rolling shutters are quite easily and simply mounted. When they rise, no extra space is needed.Roller shutters can open at any height. It is also quite convenient and practical. Easy to care for, wash and clean.

Another additional advantage of the cabinet with such doors can be the ability to create a unique and inimitable design. For example, using airbrushing. Apply your favorite pattern to the product and let the interior object only cause you positive emotions.


An interesting and original version for those who are looking for something unusual. This door will also save space. Resorting to a fresh design idea, you can create a highlight of your balcony. However, there is in this design and a small minus. Folding doors do not fit snugly to the structure. Because of this, the insulating properties are lost. In the open position, the doorway will be smaller than the previous models.


The sliding wardrobe with sliding doors will be an excellent option, however, mainly on a wide balcony or loggia. If your square meters of this room allow, it is better to purchase this particular model. Such furniture will successfully fit into any interior, decorate each balcony.There are disadvantages. Retractable design will occupy a little internal space of the cabinet. However, if the model is quite roomy, then this will not hurt you.


You can simply put a shelf on the balcony. It will help you optimally and functionally organize all your belongings. At the same time you will immediately see what and where is located. It will save your time when searching for a subject. Nearby, you can pick up suitable in the style of thumbs. In them, for example, you can conveniently store shoes or other things.

Thus, choosing a certain type of cabinet, it is better to immediately determine what functionality you need, which model will fit your balcony and what design will fit your stylistic concept of an apartment.


Before you buy or make furniture that will stand on the balcony, you should decide what material the product will be made of. Basically, to create such furniture use the material that is in harmony with the general interior, and is also used when finishing the balcony. Glazed loggia will also have high humidity, an extensive range of temperature differences in different seasons.When you will select materials for furniture, it is worth considering these indicators.

When creating products can be used the following materials:


Plastic wardrobe is quite practical and comfortable. This material is characterized by durability, moisture resistance, ease of maintenance. In addition, such models have a democratic value. You will be able to purchase suitable options at reasonable prices. Plastic furniture can be of different colors, which means that such furniture will be easy to choose for the design of your balcony.

As for the shortcomings, here it is possible to identify the instability to mechanical stress, as well as the possible change in color, when the sun's rays hit the product. Metal constructions will be more reliable and durable. A metal cabinet will be more expensive, but the model will have good insulation. The doors are closed tightly enough, which means that moist air and dust will not penetrate. In this cabinet you can conveniently store home-made preparations, canned foods, and vegetables.

An excellent option would be a cabinet that has an aluminum frame, paneled PVC.This design is strong and durable.

wooden cabinet

Wooden cabinet - one of the most popular models. This classic version will appeal to many modern buyers. You can make the appropriate decoration of the balcony. The tree has high quality characteristics. Such models will serve you for a long time, under appropriate conditions. You just need to protect your balcony from sudden changes in temperature and moist air.

from lining

The cabinet of the wall paneling can be made by hand. Hardwood is ideal for this purpose. You can successfully decorate the doors, create your own room concept. In this case, if you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to resort to the help of specialists. This material will perfectly decorate your closet on the balcony, will help to create the appropriate style.


A cabinet made of this material will have properties optimal for a balcony. Such models have a reasonable price, they are practical and comfortable to use, easy to operate. From this material you can make a closet on the balcony with your own hands. Thanks to the wide range of colors you can create the most creative design.You can easily cut out of such material a variety of parts in shape. In addition, you can make accessories and components based on individual sizes.

Color solutions

As for color, there is no one piece of advice. You can choose the shade that will best suit the concept of your style. It should be remembered that light shades visually expand the space. So, you can successfully combine white, beige, cream colors. They will contribute to the creation of a positive mood, will charge with vigor and positive. The same effect can be obtained from the use of other warm and pastel colors.

A common option is the natural color of the tree. Such a wardrobe will give your room comfort, warmth, and you will be pleased and comfortable to go out to the balcony every time. Thus, always be guided by your own preferences and needs, choose your favorite colors and let them bring you only joy.

How to choose

Before you go to buy a closet to the store, you must clearly understand what you want to buy. Try to pre-determine the model, so you will save time and money, and your nerves. Initially, it is worth considering what kind of material will fit exactly on your balcony.This can be a wardrobe made of various types of natural wood. You can purchase a finished version for a loggia, or you can stock up on the necessary materials and create the creation yourself.

If you have a balcony of type p44t (a kind of loggia-boot), then you can create a built-in wardrobe in the projecting part. Use for this will be convenient a variety of materials. So, you can make a product from plasterboard and plastic doors. Such a cabinet will help to conveniently store all the necessary things, besides, your balcony will immediately change.

When choosing the right furniture, be sure to consider in detail its internal content. It is necessary to determine which shelves, drawers, bars and hooks you need. It will depend on the purpose for which the locker will be designed on the balcony. So, you can equip furniture to store large items, put mops, boards there, store fishing rods, dryers, skis and other items that are usually inconvenient to place anywhere. Now each product will know its place, and you can easily get it at the right time.

Also it is necessary to decide on the shape of the cabinet. It will also depend on the area and shape of your balcony.Usually, models are installed on the sides of the loggia, in a recess next to the window. The furniture can be closed completely with doors, or vice versa have open shelves. Different levels may have different door designs.

If you have a balcony, it will be advisable to use stand-alone models, but for a loggia it will be more convenient to create a built-in wardrobe. The back and side walls will be a pre-prepared surface of the loggia. Equip the cupboard and in the corner of the balcony. He will stand there quite comfortably and will help turn the corner into a comfortable place to store various items.

Of course, when choosing furniture it is worth considering its cost. If you want to save money, you can create a cabinet yourself. If you want to purchase a unique model according to your sketches, then you can order work from qualified specialists. This option will cost more.

How to do it yourself

Now it is very fashionable to do something with your own hands. So the closet to your balcony can be built on the basis of its own scheme. The model, undoubtedly, will become an excellent and original decoration of any balcony. The first thing you need is desire, patience and the ability to work with simple tools. Before starting all the work should be carefully prepared.Making a model usually start with the most important thing.

The most important thing is to make the correct drawing and to strictly follow the plan. Select the desired materials, measure all the necessary parameters. Modern balconies may have various irregularities, which should be measured at different levels. High-quality sketch will contribute to good work. From this will depend on the functionality of the cabinet, its ability to harmoniously fit into the size of the balcony.

Now, in accordance with the prepared plan, it is possible to calculate the necessary materials, accessories, with the help of which the assembly will be provided. Then feel free to go to the store to buy everything you need. It is advisable to acquire immediately sawn materials of the appropriate size you need, since it can be quite problematic to cut the tree yourself without having the appropriate skill.

To begin the assembly of the cabinet should be, erecting the frame and its trim. Fasten the guides to the shelves, install the latter. The final step will be the installation of doors. To insulate the furniture, you can lay any insulating layer in the gap between the balcony and the closet.

Finishing the model will also be an important factor in creating the necessary cabinet for you. At the same time it is important to create exactly the right design for your balcony and your apartment as a whole.

Overview of brand manufacturers

This season, well-known brands offer to purchase a variety of cabinets that differ in a variety of stylistic, color and texture interpretation. Among all the options you are sure to choose a model for yourself.

For example, the Svetlogory brand offers high-quality and practical cabinets to a balcony. They can be a variety of options, from moisture-proof material, laminated chipboard. You can order the product according to individual sizes. Reliability and durability - the basis of the manufacturer. Pleasantly surprised buyers and the best combination of price and quality. You will be happy with a successful purchase.

Another popular brand that is in great demand is Ikea. The cabinets of this company are distinguished by modernized modern design, high quality and durability.

Choosing a manufacturer, pay attention to customer reviews, prices and quality of the goods. Let your purchase be successful and practical.

Interesting ideas in interior design

Even the smallest modern balconies provide a wide field for imagination to creative designers. You yourself can create a cozy corner in your apartment using different types of cabinets. You need to proceed from your own preferences, style and possibilities. A good option would be to install the cabinet under the window sill. Such a model will be quite practical and convenient, will allow you to hold the most necessary things. On the windowsill, you can place your favorite flowers, and next to put a wicker chair and table, so you can relax at any time.

A practical option would be the wardrobe under the window. You will be able to pre-think its functionality, the placement of shelves and drawers. There you can put all the necessary items that, if necessary, you can easily get. The original version will be a model in the floor. There it will be possible to store the preservation and homework.

If you have a loggia of 6 square meters. m and more, then you can come up with a variety of options. Suitable cabinets of different types: and built-in and separate. The main thing is to choose the right color scheme for the style of the room.

Thus, we considered all the options and examples of the cabinet on the balcony, as well as how to choose it correctly. Now you can easily understand what kind of furniture you need on the balcony, as well as make it yourself. To do this, you need only a little patience, quality materials, time and all the necessary tools. Choose a closet, based on your style, and also use the colors that you like.

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