Curtains on the loggia

In a modern apartment a glazed loggia is, in fact, the same full-fledged small room. Often it becomes a favorite place to relax, drink tea, read or sleep. It is impossible to give it a complete look and create a feeling of comfort without curtains, the benefit is, the variety of modern models allows you to choose an option with all the features of this room.

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Rolled or rollershtora

A very popular solution for loggias and balconies. They represent narrow fabric canvases that can be easily lowered to the desired length using a special mechanism and raised, thereby adjusting the level of illumination. The advantages of this option include:

  1. fixing on the frame, without additional curtains;
  2. stylish appearance;
  3. thick fabric impregnated with a special anti-dusting compound;
  4. ease of handling - they do not inflate with a sail from the wind, and do not interfere with opening and closing windows;
  5. long service life (sometimes up to 25 years).

Recently, the day-night version of transparent and opaque strips of fabric has become fashionable. By alternating these bands, you can adjust the level of illumination on the balcony.


Unlike roller blinds, this model does not roll down, but is assembled by horizontal stripes into elegant draperies. One of their main advantages is that in the closed position they fit snugly to the window, thus not taking up extra space.

A wide range of materials from which they are made, makes it easy to combine them with any type of interior. For example, concise white would be appropriate in the style of minimalism, and more lush, with a floral pattern, decorated with braid - in the style of Provence. Often make the alternation - monochrome canvas - with a pattern that significantly enlivens the space.


Great summer option. Usually they are produced in the form of roll or roman models. They are well breathable even in the closed position and reliably protect even from the hottest sun. Such material and natural colors are perfect for lovers of eco-design or would be appropriate on a loggia, combined with a room in country style.


The usual light curtains of transparent or translucent material always look great. A loose fabric is breathable and pleasantly diffuses sunlight, making it soft.

The best option is double curtains, sliding apart in the middle of the window. You can choose any length - from the short, not reaching the window sill to the floor length. But excessive length can create inconvenience in a small room.

It is important that the curtains are easy to move and retract. Large rings will significantly weight or simply ruin the appearance of the products, but large grommets in the canvas itself will ensure smooth sliding. Especially good to use metal grommets.


Their main advantage is durability and ease of handling. Good blinds do not fade, they do not need to be washed, only sometimes to wipe with a damp cloth, they rarely break and are well protected from the sun.

When choosing, preference should be given to horizontal models, since they take up less space than vertical counterparts. Blinds are often combined with thick curtains and curtains.

Blinds Pleated

One of the newest varieties, but already very popular.Unlike traditional blinds, they are made of corrugated polyester fabric, but they are also easily controlled with a chain or cord.

Due to the various options for the mechanisms of movement of the eaves, plisse can be installed not only on ordinary, straight, but also on the arched, triangular, trapezoid and round windows of the balcony at any desired angle.

Austrian and French

Their main distinguishing feature is lightness and airiness with a sufficiently large amount of material. They are made from a single web, the entire length of the many-laced. With the help of cords, the canvas can be folded with beautiful folds and adjust its length. Austrian curtains are usually made from tulle, and the French - from silk, often with bright floral patterns, and decorated with braid, bows or fringe.

Such a model looks good on a long loggia of about 6 meters, since it does not seem boring and monotonous, which is important for an elongated space.

Curtains and Curtains

Such types are suitable only for balconies and loggias glazed to the floor. If the sun on this side is a rare guest, then it is better to choose translucent, light curtains.But if you have the south side, then preference should be given to thick curtains of light, but not transparent fabric.

Also do not forget about the beautiful lambrequins to collect canvases. Well-chosen lambrequins serve as an important decorative element and complement the overall interior.

Color solutions

Unlike the living room or bedroom, choosing curtains on the loggia, it is better to abandon the dark tones in favor of light, sometimes even white and transparent. Neutral colors will look good - olive, ecru, light beige or peach.

Beautifully look models with a floral pattern. If the background is white, the floral pattern can be very colorful. The original look of the products with a graphic pattern. In general, the color solution should be combined with the overall design of the loggia itself or the room to which it adjoins.

Do it yourself

Creating curtains with your own hands is not such a difficult task, and sometimes it is the only way out if you have a non-standard room.

The most easy to manufacture Roman blinds. To make them, you will need: a sufficiently dense and well-shaped fabric, wooden slats according to the number of planned folds, metal rings, a weighting plank, a strong cord of two lengths and one width of the future product, a cornice and velcro for fastening.

  1. To determine the length of the fabric, measure the width of the frame and add 2 cm on the allowances;
  2. Cut the product, sew pockets under the slats;
  3. Using crayons, stitches or pins, mark the folds;
  4. Hem all edges;
  5. Attach one of the pieces of velcro;
  6. Fold down and sew down the bottom twice; insert a weight bar;
  7. Insert the rails, and attach the rings;
  8. Pass the cord along the little rings;
  9. Attach the canvas, and connect the cords.


The method of fixing the curtains depends on the model you choose and the characteristics of the room. If you prefer curtains, curtains or French curtains, it will be necessary to install the eaves.

It is possible to mount the usual cornice and hang the curtains as in the room if the windows are separated from the ceiling by a brick or concrete layer. Eaves can be:

  1. Round, in the form of a wooden or metal crossbar with rings and hooks;
  2. Sliding (or telescopic) - a sliding rod with a spring mechanism, which is placed in a thrust between opposite walls;
  3. Tire (plastic or aluminum), with hidden grooves and hooks for fastening;
  4. For light curtains, you can use a well-stretched thick fishing line.

It must be remembered that the eaves should be located 10 cm above the frame, and its width should exceed the width of the window opening by 20-30 cm.

Tips for choosing

The windows on the loggias are usually much larger than the other windows of the apartment, they have more shutters and they provide illumination of the adjoining room. Therefore, approaching the choice of curtains, you should consider the following points:

  1. They perform not only a decorative, but also an important sun protection function. Therefore, you should think about whether the fabric will fade in the sun. Otherwise, the neat appearance will be lost very quickly.
  2. Access to the windows and the balcony door must remain free;
  3. The wide and heavy eaves “eat up” the already narrow space (the width of the standard loggia is no more than 120 cm), so it is better to choose models that are attached directly to the frame or to the ceiling;
  4. For the same reason, it is better to abandon unnecessary decorative elements - heavy fringe, bows and large lambrequins.
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