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Today, the balcony becomes not just a storage room in an apartment or house, and sometimes takes over the function of a separate room: a study, gym or recreation area, an extension of the kitchen or children's area. In any case, you want to hang the curtains on the balcony to maintain comfort, install a curtain rod or other design with curtains on the balcony door or the one that leads to the loggia.

It is important to provide convenient access to the balcony or to the opening of windows, so as not to damage the curtains and create a homely cozy atmosphere.


Fabric or non-woven curtains are becoming an important decorative element of the balcony, but this role is not the only one:

  • First of all, the curtains protect guests from sunlight and bright rays, from the looks of neighbors and passersby, if the apartment is on a low floor.
  • Curtains as decor should be chosen if the balcony has a size of more than 5-6 square meters and is used frequently.If the loggia is used to store things, but it is still worth installing them, give preference to simple and functional models that will not let the bright sun rays through and will protect people from prying eyes.
  • Often, balcony curtains or those used in the room have a common color scheme to create a single interior. But this is just a recommendation to facilitate the selection.

Special features

  • The windows on the balcony often have non-standard sizes, which can complicate the search for suitable curtains. To solve this problem, you can order curtains to order: it can cost a little more, but you get exactly the desired result and the most functional design for each window opening.
  • Balcony curtains should not be too voluminous or have a lot of decor; Similar fabrics are better for choosing for a living room or a room. The exception will be a spacious balcony, where guests or family gather almost daily or several times a month.
  • If the side of the balcony is southern, that is, sunny, it is worthwhile to dwell on dense fabrics of light or dark shades, which will allow curtains to be closed if necessary.For the north side, designers recommend the use of tulle, blinds only light shades, so as not to obscure the space.
  • Curtains are hung in glazed balconies or on the balcony door, and are selected based on the interior of the room (living room, kitchen, bedroom, nursery) or are selected separately.
  • Depending on the balcony, the length of the curtains is selected: for a small balcony, you should choose short curtains, tulle or blinds, so as not to clutter the room, and in conditions of a large quadrature of the balcony, long curtains from light fabrics will look concise.

The design of the balcony also affects the choice of curtains: if you plan to choose a model of curtains for a gym or a workshop, choose the simplest ones, such as blinds or Roman curtains. For the balcony-living room or dining room, you can choose curtains like the French.


The most popular type of curtains for the balcony - rolled models, the design of which is a roll with material, with the movement of the hand it goes down or goes up.

Classic curtains will be a worthy choice for a spacious insulated loggia. Fabric curtains are installed on the eaves, which will require additional work and will be appropriate on a balcony with an area of ​​6 squares.

There are models with Velcro fasteners or those that are selected due to the additional Velcro belt.

Tulle will be appropriate on the balcony or kitchen with a balcony door.

Such curtains can be used as an independent element of the decor, and in a block with curtains.

Roman curtains are thick vertical elements, rather remembering a combination of blinds and ship sails. This type of curtains for the window opens upward thanks to a special mount.

The basis in the Roman model is taken more often than a natural fabric, and especially interesting materials are linen, thick cotton.

Curtains of the Rising Sun country, or Japanese models, are elongated strips of their PVC or other synthetic material that are up to the middle of the window and below, which are ideal for decorating the loggia. Japanese models are of high quality and density, they are unlikely to spoil the scorching sun, and they will become especially relevant in the Asian interior or balcony in the style of modern, loft, high-tech.

French curtains are famous for light textures, they are often made from silk, but you can dream up and choose a model from any flowing material.

It is important that they have laces for adjustment and are gathered.

Lambrequin in the kitchen with a balcony door will be not only the decor of the room, but also a functional thing. Such a model should be chosen for large kitchen rooms from 10 square meters, otherwise the design will visually make it even smaller.

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An alternative would be the choice of translucent curtains of light color with a length of half or a little shorter.

Rolshtora resemble Roman counterparts, mounted on top of the window and lowered vertically thanks to the lace.

An interesting model will be the "day-night", in the daytime they have openings, for the night they close completely and do not let the light from the street lamps.

How to choose

Regardless of the model chosen, there are several rules that should work after installing a curtain rod with a curtain or any other design.

  • Curtains to the kitchen with a balcony door should not impede the free opening of the door, choose curtains not solid, but consisting of two parts to ensure free access to the balcony and not too long.
  • Choose curtain material on the basis of external conditions: if they are hung on the loggia on the south side with a bright, scorching sun, then choose UV-resistant materials of synthetic origin.
  • Natural fabrics will be appropriate on the balcony on the north side of the apartment, give preference to light shades to visually make the space lighter.
  • For a modern small loggia, choose Japanese, roll or Roman curtains that are comfortable in their opening and occupy a minimal amount of space. They will be appropriate for sliding windows; this will require a separate element for each window so that the curtains can function easily.
  • For French windows, choose light curtains to the floor, which will make the interior harmonious and concise. For the design of a spacious room, lambrequins will be appropriate, and for a small room - Roman, roll or Japanese models.
  • Curtains for the hall are traditionally luxurious and long, consisting of several layers: curtains and tulle. In this case, the decor of the balcony with curtains becomes inappropriate if the room is small. An alternative solution would be the use of concise constructions like Roman models or roll products.


A good idea would be to install blinds on the balcony and a choice of traditional curtains for the kitchen.

Multi-colored blinds will be the "highlight" of the balcony with panoramic windows.

Light translucent curtains are well suited for a modest-sized kitchen, and the cords on the curtains allow you to fasten them in the desired position and make the exit to the balcony free.

French curtains perfectly complement the style of Provence on the balcony, and become a complement to the refined interior. It is surprising how briefly gathered models look on the wide windows on the north or south side of the apartment.

Such curtains are a real decoration of the interior and its peculiarity; however, they do not have much functionality, but they look stylish.

Curtains on the open balcony will also be appropriate: choose classic curtains and fasten to two opposite sides of the loggia. Such curtains will be appropriate and functional in a warm and dry season, especially in the resort region, they will protect from the sun and give the balcony an original style.

For a loggia balcony with French windows, even short curtains, installed below in the area of ​​seats - sofas or armchairs, will do.

Bamboo blinds on the balcony - a choice of eco-friendly, practical and expensive, howeverhow great they look in the classic interior of even a small balcony and combine with the color of the chairs - a real seating area in the modern urban jungle.

Roman curtains are relevant in recent times: a practical and small-sized construction will fit in a strict or modern interior equally, will please guests because of the ease of use and care.

Japanese curtains look good in modern spacious rooms and windows to the floor. The bright colors of the curtains make the room stylish, and the floor construction acts as a functional thing due to the fact that it protects from sunlight and the views of neighbors and passersby.

It is appropriate to choose Japanese models for private houses on the first floor to a balcony or loggia with panoramic windows. In the conditions of a city apartment, they are also relevant if the area of ​​the room allows placing such products there.

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