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The balcony is essentially a unique and functional area that can be used in different ways. Some create there a cozy corner for summer evenings by placing a couple of chairs and a small table, while others plant a real oasis of flowers that adorns the whole house. But some try to use this area as practical as possible, combining it with a room, or make a kind of a storeroom from a balcony, gradually putting unnecessary things into it.

So that over time the loggia does not turn into a dump, you should very wisely organize the space and place the rack in which things will be folded. Of course, you can use the shelves not only for unnecessary things, but also for seedlings. You can make a rack on the balcony with your own hands is not so difficult, it is enough to have on hand detailed drawings and schemes of assembly, to build useful furniture for your own convenience.


Shelving for a balcony can be made of wood or metal pipes, depending on their type. The material depends on the purpose of the furniture and the interior of the balcony itself.


  1. open. This type of shelving is similar to a cabinet without walls with open shelves. They are installed on the wall on metal brackets and may have several tiers, depending on your wishes.
  2. Built in. This type is a closed cabinet, standing along one of the side walls of the balcony. Doors can be either hinged or sliding doors, or roller blinds can be used instead. Built-in shelving height comes from the floor to the ceiling.
  3. Low. Such racks are mainly placed on the open balcony, they are not higher than the balcony partition, so they cannot be seen from the outside. They can be used not only as storage shelves, but also as a table, making a tablecloth in the summer.
  4. Angular. Corner shelving is a cabinet or open shelves in the corner of the balcony.

Which type to choose, you decide. It all depends on your preferences and the number of items to be taken out.

Features and benefits

Of course, the main advantage of the shelves on the loggia is that they help the most practical to use the area of ​​the balcony and relieve the house from unnecessary things. Thanks to a well-built shelf on your balcony, there will always be cleanliness and order. And you can use additional shelves in different ways.

For example, inside you can store things that are needed only in a certain season of the year or tools and other things that are not so often needed in everyday life. Many housewives use balcony cabinets to store canned food and cans, as well as a closet. To decorate the balcony on the open shelves stir flowers or seedlings, and even in the summer they can grow greens.

The advantage of building a shelving with your own hands is that you can do exactly what you need and of a certain size. And of course, independent work costs much less than an order in a shop or from a carpenter.

Where to begin

Before you start building the rack with your own hands, you need to calculate everything very correctly, choose the right place and material. The design of the rack should be strong, and the shelves are wide and roomy to provide enough storage space.The cabinet must be stable, it is important to correctly calculate the load and, if it staggers slightly, additionally fix it to the wall.

In no case should the rack block the natural light penetrating through the window, and its dimensions should correspond to the area of ​​the balcony in order to leave enough space for movement. Fire safety rules should be followed, and if there are heaters on the balcony, the wooden shelving should be placed away from it.

Before construction of a wooden shelving, the wood should be properly treated so that it is not exposed to moisture or dryness. You also need to polish the wood very well and keep it dry before use. If you use the unfinished material, the quality of the shelf mounts may suffer and then you have to start work again.

From wood

The wooden rack is made of rectangular or square planks with a thickness of at least two and a half centimeters. Plywood can also be used for shelves, the main thing is to calculate the expected load so that the shelf does not fall under the weight.Also, you will need nails, screws and metal corners for work.

First you need to build a wooden frame in the front part of the balcony. The frame consists of vertical boards at the height of the balcony and horizontal, located on the ceiling and on the floor. The distance between the boards will determine the depth of the shelves. In order to fix the timber you need to drill holes in it, and then through them mark the places on the wall. After that, holes are drilled in the wall, and then the timber is applied to the right place and secured with self-tapping screws.

Racks are fastened with metal corners. Between the vertical posts you need to install special slats on which the shelves will hold. After the whole structure is installed and its strength is tested, you can put the shelves and cover the rack with linseed oil and then varnish for more wood shine. You can simply cover the cabinet with lacquer according to your desire or to match the design of the entire balcony.

In order not to spoil the aesthetic appearance of the balcony of the shelf, it is still better to close the swing doors. Folds are hinged to the side bars. The doors are usually cut from plywood to the size of the frame of the rack,then loops are attached to them and hung on the doors. It is advisable to install a magnet or latch so that the doors do not open independently. For greater practicality, you can install two pairs of doors, one on the upper, mezzanine part, and the second on the main one.

In case a part of the rack is intended for seedlings and flowers, only half of the doors are closed for things that must be hidden from prying eyes.


A rack of metal pipes is much stronger and more practical than wood, it can withstand heavy and large-sized objects without problems. Such racks are made on the same principle as wood. A frame is mounted from metal pipes, and then shelves are inserted inside. By the way, the shelves are still better to use wood to slightly reduce the cost of the cabinet. As a rule, the doors are not installed on the frame of the metal rack and it serves as a stand for flowers or other decor.

For seedlings and flowers

In addition to storing things, many use racks on the balcony as a stand for growing seedlings and flowers. Such shelves can be a real decoration of the loggia, thanks to the landscaping and coloring of plants.Such a rack, as a rule, is made in the form of separate shelves, and the number of tiers is determined directly by you.

First you need to make a markup on the wall and drill holes under the brackets, and then attach them to the surface and fix well. Once the strength and quality of the mount has been checked, the shelves can be installed. It is better to use either painted boards or laminated chipboard sheets as shelves, since wood that is not covered with a protective layer may suffer due to moisture.

Shelves can be hung not only over each other, some owners create a real flower garden in their balcony with beautiful decor. They hang shelves diagonally and in scatter, some are made wider, others are already, and with the help of multi-colored trifles beautiful compositions are created.

If you need a rack only for growing seedlings, then the shelves can be made removable or reclining. This is very convenient, as it will save space on the balcony, and the shelves themselves will be neatly waiting for their season.

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