Variants of the balcony in various styles

Increasingly, the balcony is no longer used as a storage of various things or unnecessary trash. It is no longer used as a storage room for conservation or other provisions. Sometimes his space is combined with the room, expanding the room or creating, for example, a separate room for work.

Loggia, made in a modern style, becomes the hallmark of the apartment, where people live, following the fashion trends.

If the standard design does not suit you anymore and you want some changes, then you can opt for one of the following areas to organize the interior of the room on the balcony.



Balcony in the style of "loft" implies the combination of several directions, the expansion of space and the absence of partitions. The loggia made in this manner can be combined with the adjoining room in the Scandinavian style, and you get a complete stylish composition.

The main elements of decorating the balcony in the direction of "loft":

  1. A brickwork is used as a wall design - it can be both natural material and its imitation. To muffle the roughness of non-plastered styling, paint it in a white tint.
  2. You can hang on the walls of posters, posters or covers from the magazine.
  3. For the flooring is better to choose linoleum, tile or laminate rough texture. An interesting option would be the wooden floor on the balcony, which will creak a bit when walking on it. In this case, leave the tree untreated, that is, do not cover it with paint.
  4. It is better to refuse metal-plastic windows in the direction of wooden frames of black or brown shade. If the design of the loggia allows, make windows to the floor - this will visually expand the space and add light to the room, which is so necessary for a loft-style balcony.
  5. Do not hang the curtains, instead of them it is better to use blinds or fabric blinds.
  6. Do not put a lot of furniture, as this area likes a lot of space. It is enough to place a shabby sofa, a folding table, a box in the form of a chest or a bench.
  7. As decoration elements, you can arrange metal figurines of an extraordinary form, an old radio receiver, a fragment of a water pipe used as a shelf for books.


This style is filled with light through the use of thin translucent curtains, floral patterns, various textiles: tablecloths, pillows, lace.

The more natural materials used, the better. It can be:

  1. linen, cotton or cotton curtains;
  2. ceramic tiles on the floor;
  3. wooden figurines.

Decorative plaster of light tones, for example, white, beige or cream, is used as a finish. By using special decoration items that mimic crumbling brickwork, you can add a bit of antiquity to the interior.

For the decor will need a variety of pillows with a checkered pattern or horizontal stripes. In textiles, only light colors are acceptable: pale blue or the color of young foliage.

To emphasize the style of "Provence" on the balcony will help antique furniture, which you can add on your own, just arm yourself with a brush and paints.


This style of interior decoration contributes to a calm and relaxed state. On such a balcony, it is easy to move away from the daily routine and plunge into the world of dreams.

For registration loggia in the style of "country", use wicker furniture and a fairly simple texture for the decor. An excellent option would be a rocking chair and a simple light-colored coffee table.

Wall and floor decoration should be made of wood. Flowers in wicker pots or pottery made of clay, stones and decorative wooden elements will be suitable as decorations.

Metal windows will stand out from the overall picture, so you should give preference to either wooden profiles or window frames imitating such material.


Characteristic features of the oriental-style loggia are:

  1. walls, pasted in plain wallpaper;
  2. a tiled or mosaic floor;
  3. openwork parts used to decorate furniture and lamps;
  4. use of textiles of bright color with patterns typical for the East - curtains and pillows decorated with organza.

The interior in oriental style will be a great solution for a small balcony.You can put the carpet on the floor, put a small table in height and place around the silk pillows. This will be a great place to hold tea ceremonies or get-togethers with friends for hookah.


In the style of minimalism is assumed the use of plain textiles and furniture. Wall coverings should also be devoid of various patterns. This direction is underlined by transparent glass or chrome-plated metal lamps.

A stylish loggia should not be made with furniture - it is necessary to give preference to the minimum number of objects in the interior, which are made of natural wood or metal. They will help to add bright colors of flowers in simple pots or flowerpots and cushions of rich colors.


Strive to decorate the loggia in a strict, restrained, but at the same time elegant design, then the room, made in the Chinese style, will be a great idea. The angularity and clarity of the lines are characteristic features of this direction.

Two colors are used for decoration: black and white or dark brown and cream, no bright tones should be present in the interior.These shades are necessary for using both for walls, and for a floor, and for furniture.

As the furniture are:

  1. rectangular table without any pattern;
  2. benches, instead of chairs, also without various ornaments.

Instead of curtains, it is better to hang the blinds on the windows.


Indulge in dreams of rest can be on the balcony, made in a nautical style. In the design of the room focus on the blue, blue, yellow and orange. The translucent blue curtains will remind you of a wave of the sea, and the yellow color of the floor can mimic the beach. Put a beach chair and a pot with sand and shells, they will create the impression of being on the coast.


This design is suitable for narrow or small balconies, as its implementation does not require much space. The basic rule is the use of natural materials.

When organizing a Scandinavian style loggia, remember:

  1. If the balcony is not glazed, then you need to update the paint on the railing, choosing white, gray or black. If it is glazed and cladding, then it is worth to demonstrate the wooden walls.
  2. As a floor covering, use a rug or blanket of gray, black or striped, you can put the skin, both natural and artificial counterpart.
  3. As the space is limited, put a folding wooden furniture of a white shade. You can place a garden table and a few chairs in a light tone.
  4. Do not overdo it with textiles - let it be a few pillows, capes and rug.
  5. In the Scandinavian style, calm colors are preferable, but bright touches are welcome, for example, a catchy painting on the wall, a motley pillow or a colorful watering can.
  6. Do not forget about the greenery - flowers in vases or in pots will perfectly complement the interior on the balcony.

To make a loggia in modern style will not be difficult. The main thing is not to limit your imagination and imagination, and then the balcony will become a special place for rest and relaxation.

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