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The balcony has long ceased to be a pantry for storing unused items or seasonal items. Today, even small balconies are used as a functional space, and in spacious counterparts they create real rooms. A table on the balcony becomes a necessity when the room is used frequently, and the types of this piece of furniture are very diverse both in their design and in their design and purpose.

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Special features

Depending on the size of the balcony and the type of its glazing, one or another zone can be placed on the balcony: working - office, rest room for adults or children, gym, dining room and something else, for example, a combination of several. In any case, there are some features of the arrangement of the balcony furniture - folding, dining or other small table.

  • The table in the loggia should not interfere with the free entry and exit from the room, as well as free movement on it. If the loggia does not allow the installation of a large table, place a compact or foldable counterpart;
  • On the insulated loggia you can place any furniture - neither in winter nor in summer will it suffer from temperature changes or moisture. An unheated balcony requires the installation of such furniture that will be resistant to temperature changes, otherwise, during the cold season, it is better to remove the table from the balcony to one of the rooms.
  • Folding furniture will be a real salvation for any size loggia, because it is so easy to "hide" and expand again if necessary. Folding furniture is installed "for centuries", that is, even in a "cold" balcony, this furniture will remain on it for a long time.
  • It is easy to make a table on a loggia with your own hands, armed with an interesting idea, a sketch, materials and tools.
  • Combined with a room balcony or a separate loggia also affect the placement of furniture. If the kitchen or living room is combined with a loggia, then the latter becomes an addition to the room; with a private balcony you should not despair, even it can and should be used as your heart desires. Just imagine what zone you lack and implement it in the conditions of a balcony space.
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Folding table

This piece of furniture will be an excellent choice for a balcony of any size. For him there are several ways to use: as a dinner, table for work or a hobby, for family and friendly meetings over a cup of coffee or board games. The main advantage will be the functionality, and behind it - practicality, ease of use; besides, the folding table takes not enough place.

A folding piece of furniture is installed in the window area of ​​the balcony because more sunlight gets in there, and after installation even on the smallest loggias a small passage remains. Traditionally, folding design appears on small balconies, the area of ​​which I want to use as much as possible. Such a table is easy to make yourself, armed with knowledge and materials.

A folding table of a round or square shape is mounted on strong elements, you can diversify the table with hinged shelves, which will become an additional place for storage or decoration. Make the balcony even more comfortable - place wooden folding or soft chairs no more than 2-3 pieces in a small space so as not to clutter it.

Suspended table will be an alternative to folding, it is easier to make yourself, buy a small tabletop and install it in parts of the room loggia. Hanging the tabletop is much easier to install the mechanism for lifting and lowering furniture, and even this method is less expensive, but very effective.

Create your own hands

The first step is to decide on the size of the folding structure: take about one-third of the width of the balcony as the basis of the table, provided that the balcony is small or has a long, narrow form. For spacious balconies, choose the dimensions of the furniture yourself with the condition that the future design will not interfere with movement on the balcony in the unfolded form.

Draw a sketch of the future table in advance, indicating the dimensions from thickness to width, the place of fastening of the fittings and the folding mechanism. Then it is necessary to purchase or find the necessary materials and get to work. Stock up on the following materials:

  • Pattern countertops: draw it in full size on a thick sheet of paper, it will simplify the task of cutting out a piece of furniture.
  • Wooden base for the table;
  • Perforator;
  • Hacksaw;
  • Screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • Sandpaper for sanding the table top;
  • An extension cable may be useful for connecting a perforator;
  • Finishing material: paint, varnish and paint brush.

After transferring the pattern tops on a wooden base, the element is cut using a hacksaw or other tool. After the part is processed with sandpaper, pay special attention to the corners and cuts of the product. The table top is decorated before installation: paint it with paint or apply varnish, you can use stencils for drawing a picture; after let the construction dry for a day.

Next, collect the details of the future table - attach hinges to the tabletop thanks to the screwdriver; in the wall make the necessary shape and size of the hole. Attach the structure and enjoy using it. Additionally, you can make a folding chair or a few chairs.


This piece of furniture is useful on any balcony, and takes up little space during storage. Furniture stores offer many options for folding products for the balcony: from MDF and chipboard, solid wood, plastic, you should choose a solid structure for a certain interior.Folding table does not require installation - this is its additional advantages, and the price on the market for a simple model is quite low.


For spacious loggias, you can develop a whole design project of the dining room, where there is a place for a large dining table. The dining table looks concisely over a large balcony area with panoramic windows, however, if the apartment simply has a spacious loggia, then it will fit perfectly to continue the kitchen and dining area.

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Choose a dining table in accordance with the dimensions of the room and especially pay attention to the temperature regime: if the balcony is not warmed, then remove high-quality expensive furniture in the room so as not to spoil it. The shape of the dining table is different - for a spacious room, choose a round table, and for a small room - choose a square or rectangular table.

Other options

In the conditions of a loggia, you can create a whole entertaining or secluded space, for example, build a small library, a recreation area, a working area - an office.

The computer desk will be relevant in the office: pick it up in accordance with the size of the balcony and install it where the table will not interfere for easy access.Such furniture is angular or rectangular, it is often installed in a niche of the room, shelves are hung from above and the necessary hanging structures for work and storage of things, documents and decor are installed.

To create a cabinet with a table on the loggia, take care of sockets, lighting, so that the work is not at the expense of health.

A dressing table on the balcony is useful for women who have allocated this space for their use. It is especially important to create a “beauty zone” in the bedroom with a balcony: this will allow you to unload the room and use the balcony room as functionally as possible. In one part of the room you can install a wardrobe, and in the opposite - a dressing table with ladies' accessories and a large mirror.

Curbstone or chest of drawers will be an excellent substitute for a traditional table, perhaps they will become even more rational furniture for storage and use.

Installed along the walls of the balcony will become not just a table, but also structures for storage if you install closed shelves in the lower part.

Interesting ideas

Armed with the idea of ​​creating a functional space on the balcony, you can be inspired by the finished work and find useful ideas for yourself.For example, a loggia can be converted into a real working area thanks to built-in cabinet furniture instead of a balcony block, as in the photo. The built-in table with a set of closed shelves allows you to use the compact opening space with benefits, an additional tabletop along the perpendicular wall allows it to be used for tea drinking or temporary storage, a stand.

A folding table of small size will be appropriate on any balcony, in a niche near it you can put soft chairs to spend free time in comfortable conditions. In the opposite part of the balcony room, install a closet or a rack so that there is a place for storing household utensils.

The bar table is useful on the balcony of the kitchen to make every morning even kinder. Install the bar stand along the wall of the loggia, instead of a rectangular tabletop, choose rounded shapes to give originality and completeness to the space. The corner piece of furniture will become even more functional, in the corner you can put kitchen decor or install rarely used appliances, unsightly elements of the kitchen, create space for storing wine and other beverages.Figure 13, 14

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