Clothes dryer to the balcony

In any house from time to time you have to wash clothes. Once the washing took away from women (and mostly, they were engaged in this work) a lot of physical strength and time. Today, the whole process looks much simpler, no one considers the washing machine exotic anymore. Now it is an ordinary household appliances, which may acquire most people.

Nowadays, there is an acute problem of washing, and further actions - the washed laundry needs to be dried, but in the conditions of a city high-rise building it is not always easy to do.

You can, of course, stretch the ropes even in the kitchen, even in the corridor, even in the living room (and many do), but such an approach turns the apartment into something not clear, but not into a cozy dwelling. The humidity that increases during drying of the laundry negatively affects the microclimate of the apartment, and even the drying of things that dry in the room will only harm.

Those tenants of high-rise buildings who have a balcony or a loggia were lucky, because drying laundry there is the best option for a city dweller.But in such a limited space, I would like to arrange a recreation area, and to allocate space for storing any things (necessary, but rarely).

Today, this problem can be successfully solved thanks to tumble dryers on the balcony, which are on sale in a large assortment.

Features and benefits

If we talk about the main common advantages of balcony dryers, then this is, of course, an opportunity to save space on the balcony and save living space from unnecessary moisture.

In addition, each specific type of balcony dryers also has individual advantages:

Wall balcony clothes dryer

This is a fairly compact and functional device that is easy to use and easy to install.

Ceiling mounted

This design is designed for a large load. The working area at the ceiling dryer is wide enough, you can dry clothes of large sizes (for example, double bed linen). This is a great opportunity to free up space in the room.

Suspended construction

It is easy to install such a balcony dryer, it is easy to transport and adjust, and there will be quite a lot of linen on it.


This is the case when the laundry dries quickly and well, blown by the breeze, it will be nice to smell and does not occupy the space of the balcony or loggia at all.

Foldable design

Compact dryer with adjustable lengths and widths after the laundry is dried and taken off. On this “accordion” type device, the laundry can be dried and when the dryer is folded. Most often on her housewives hang out towels, which now and then require drying.


If we talk about the outdoor dryer, which is mounted outside the balcony area, and behind it, then its main advantage, of course, is that it does not pretend to the balcony space at all. The device is a console construction of two profiles fixed on the balcony and strings stretched between them.

Maybe in some conditions this will be a convenient option, which cannot be said about domestic conditions. There are drawbacks to this design and they are very significant:

  • from the balconies of the apartments located above yours, just like from the roof of a house, something can fall (and very often does fall) and turns on your washed laundry;
  • if neighbors below are fans of smoking on the balcony, and under the house there is also a roadway, then you will not see fresh linen - it will have an unpleasant smell after such drying;
  • you washed and went to work, and after an hour or two bad weather broke out, the wind rose and it started to rain ...
  • your beautifully washed things, neatly hung on the outside of the dryer, still will not become a decoration for your balcony, rather - on the contrary.

So it turns out that this option is still not the best, and you should think about other, more practical for our realities - the dryers located inside the balcony, and not outside.


To use such a dryer is very convenient and practical. For the functioning of it will be quite a limited space. Ceiling dryers are divided into the following main types:


It is an aluminum profile attached to the ceiling, and a rope is connected to them using rollers, which is passed through a plastic crossbar. In order to hang the laundry, the slats can be lowered and raised again to dry.

Lifting is carried out using a cord, which is fixed on the comb, located on the wall.Installation must be done with the expectation that the laundry does not touch the floor.


The design resembles a wall model of a balcony dryer. Fastening is carried out on the ceiling of the balcony, and the lifting mechanism is located on the wall.

It is possible to dry clothes with the use of a ceiling type dryer without occupying a useful balcony area.

How to install

The advantages of balcony ceiling dryers for linen can also be attributed to the simplicity with which they are mounted. The whole structure is well thought out and you can literally install it in about ten minutes. Moreover, you will not need to invite masters to install, and this is also a money saving.

The only obstacle during installation of the dryer may be unsuitable for mounting on it surface. If concrete - no problems with the installation will arise, but if on the loggia the concrete is closed with some kind of finishing material, then special fastenings will be needed.

With wall-to-ceiling balcony dryers, laborious homework becomes just a pleasant experience. Yes, and the devices themselves look original, not just that sagging ropes, from which the soul becomes depressing and uncomfortable.


Balcony dryer for clothes today is chosen by many housewives, because it is a really useful thing in everyday life. Now, not only thanks to the washing machine, but also thanks to such a dryer, with the washing and drying of clothes, there were practically no problems. Everything can be done very quickly, practically without wasting any time and energy on this process, and in the apartment there will be neither high humidity nor wet laundry hung overhead.


The design of balcony ceiling dryers is quite simple and at the same time durable, made of aluminum, related to ergonomic materials. There is a certain part of the models, which is based on plastic, but such devices are not inferior to aluminum in strength and functionality.

The design is fixed with metal bolts, and this gives even more reliability to the whole device and comfortable operation (the design is assembled and disassembled in just a few minutes).

The place where the structure will be installed, the owners choose themselves, so you can divide the space of the balcony into a recreation area and a working area. In winter, if you do not want the laundry frozen (although it then smells so good with ozone), then the dryer can be installed in the bathroom.

Wall mounted

This design is available in two types: folding and stationary.

  • Foldable. This design for drying clothes is a strap, which is strengthened with brackets. Moreover, such strips can be folded not only in length, but also in width - it depends on the chosen model.
  • Stationary Arranged this design is quite simple. The wall-mounted balcony dryer has two slats, which are fixed on the wall parallel to one another, as well as ropes or metal rods (on such loosely heavy things can be dried).

It is considered the strongest fastening of steel, because it is able to withstand quite large loads. For rails requirements such - they must be firmly bolted to the base and be at the same level.

What are the advantages of wall-mounted balcony dryers? Their advantages are as follows:

  • they are convenient in operation and mobile (the design can be used for this particular case - for drying wet laundry, and at other times it is in a non-working position);
  • for such a compact dryer you will need quite a bit of space in the confined space of the balcony, and in the folded,the non-working position its presence is almost imperceptible and there will be no obstacles for movement on the balcony;
  • This device is very durable, thanks to the quality material from which it is made, and therefore is able to withstand a fairly high load;
  • it is a durable device that will not be affected by prolonged exposure to high humidity;
  • this product does not harm the family budget, because its value is quite affordable for most buyers;
  • if necessary, the tension of the ropes or rods can be adjusted, as well as the gap between them;
  • the product is sold in several versions, so that the dryer can be chosen exactly to the size of a particular balcony.

In general, the wall-mounted dryer to the balcony is in many respects very convenient for any housewife, but even there was not a lack, although the only thing, it is not intended for drying heavy things. Under the influence of a large load, the cable will simply bend, and the dryer will become unusable. But for light linen, this design is just perfect.

Suspended option

Many housewives are of the opinion that better than a wall construction, dryers do not exist and cannot exist, but perhaps they are very mistaken, and here's why. The fact is that everything, as you know, is cognized by comparison, and after all, everyone is not yet familiar with the advantages of the overhead balcony dryer.

This invention can be safely called ingenious, although its design is simpler and simple and is based on simple laws of mechanics. If specifically, the hinged products consist of plastic tubes with strong ropes stretched inside them. The tubes are a system with a ceiling mount and lowered ropes.

The rail is easily lowered to the desired height, filled with wet clothes and again, pulling the rope, it can be easily sent up and fixed at the desired height.


The classic simple option: the wall is attached as many hooks as you need, and for them the clothesline clings. The necessary tension can always be adjusted, and the hooks always remain in one position. In principle, such a device also practically does not occupy space and is suitable even for limited space.There are many housewives who believe that this particular system of clothes dryer is the most reliable.

For the opponents of the suspended ceiling construction, balcony hangers were invented, which can be removed from the hooks when the laundry is dried.


This design is considered one of the most popular today and the most affordable.

In the sliding version, there are only two parts, and they are fixed on the ceiling at the right distance from one another. In one such part the cables are hidden, so that when such a need arises, the cables are pulled to the second part and fixed on it with a special fastener.

When drying is finished, the cable is uncoupled from the fastener and returns to the first part on the principle of a tape measure.


Fabrication material for a balcony dryer is an important component of a clothes dryer. After all, the duration and quality of functioning of the entire device will depend on it. You should know some of the features that are inherent in the dryer, depending on what material they are made of.

Today on the market there are several varieties of such models:

From plastic

The plastic dryer will have a small weight, but it can’t be loaded too much, otherwise it will serve you for a very short time.

From aluminum

The aluminum product also differs in light weight, but it has a significant drawback: tubes that are hung with wet laundry can bend, and this happens quite often.

Made of plastic woven metal

Models have proven to be reliable, capable of drying a large amount of linen at the same time. Their cost varies and depends on the manufacturer. The dryer made in China will be the most inexpensive, but manufactured in Turkey and in Germany will cost much more, but the indicators of strength and service life are much higher here.

Stainless steel

This design is durable and at the same time relatively inexpensive. Often such products are made as a combination of steel with aluminum strings, as a result of which the material is not susceptible to oxidation.

Steel Products

Models are not as durable as stainless steel dryers, even if they are coated with a polymer composition. It will still crack and crumble, thereby damaging the fabric of the drying laundry.

How to choose

When choosing a dryer for a balcony should take into account some of the data. These include the following:

How compact is the dryer?

That is, you need, before making your choice, decide on the ratio of the size of the dryer and your balcony. So, find out what is the length and width of the balcony, and then make a mark under the dryer, and find out, in such a way, what sizes it should be.

What material?

As a rule, they are looking for a dryer, relying on its cost, but this is wrong, much depends on the material of manufacture. If you choose a wood mount, check that it is covered with a protective lacquer layer, and if it is made of metal, it should be covered with an anti-corrosion coating.

Work surface size

From this parameter will depend on how the device can be maximally loaded. For a large family, the model is recommended with a large work surface on which not only clothes can be dried, but also heavy textile products.

Do you have a seating area on the balcony?

In this case, give preference to the ceiling model or the outer type of the dryer.

How often and how many things do you wash?

The wall-mounted dryer is for wash-ups, and the best-sized dryers are of the ceiling type and Liana.

How to do it yourself

In order to do without drying wet laundry in the apartment, a laundry dryer for the loggia can be made with your own hands. There is no difficulty in its manufacture. On the walls, which are one opposite the other, two brackets are mounted, and as an attachment we select screws-rings. Their number will depend on how many ropes will be, that is, two screws for one rope.

With this design, the clothesline remains solid, it is not necessary to cut it. If you wish, the rope after drying can be removed until the next time, in addition, the rope is very easy to pull up if necessary.

Special attention should be paid to screwing the screws themselves. This is done manually, so the holes should be prepared very carefully. They must be smaller than the diameter of the screw; in addition, all debris from the holes should be removed. To make the fastener stronger, seal the gap, which will remain after the screw is screwed.

Thus, the installation of a homemade design will require you the minimum cost, which will be expressed in ten screws and a coil of rope.

Who lives in a room without a balcony, can also afford a clothes dryer, but in this case it will only be an outdoor dryer, which is installed directly on the windows.

Interesting solutions in interior design

By the form of a balcony you can say a lot about people who live in this apartment. Information can be made available to any passerby, for example, about whether there are children in the family, about their age difference, and even how many of them are. And sometimes it becomes obvious that the hostess has such a bra size ...

This happens when the washed laundry is hung out over the balcony and all passers-by necessarily have to “admire” such a picture. Unfortunately, there are a lot of such people among our compatriots, and they are doing so many because they don’t want to spoil the cozy atmosphere of their loggias or balconies with an unaesthetic type of ropes and rusted nails.

Now more and more often you can hear the news that local authorities are passing laws prohibiting the hanging of washed things outside the window, so most likely they will have to switch to drying inside the balcony.

Getting rid of stereotypes is not easy, but necessary.You need to understand that the ropes and rusty nails - not the only option for interior design on the balcony. After all, dryers today have an original, unusual design, are very practical and do not occupy the entire useful area of ​​the balcony at all.

And of course, they will be the best solution after the prohibition of drying outside the windows than the rope stretched in the bathroom. She would have somehow saved the bachelor or bachelorette, but any family, even the smallest, should take the issue of balcony drying seriously and still make their choice.

There can be no talk of a floor construction for a balcony - it would be very unwise in such an area, and yet you can always find a compromise option in any balcony area.

Someone important in addressing this issue is a practical side, and for someone the most important thing is to preserve the decor of the balcony and the creativity of its interior. Whatever it was, and dryers by and large only three types, one of which is absolutely not suitable for the close space of the balcony - it is outdoor.

Then there is a very simple choice - one of two things: a wall structure or a ceiling structure? Both will not spoil the design of your interior on the balcony, both will take very little space, and in the off position will not be visible at all.And with each of these designs, you can beat interesting solutions in the interior design of your balcony, you just turn on your imagination or seek advice from a professional designer.

If you look at the root of the problem, then even the usual traditional clothesline along the entire length of the balcony, holding onto nails or screws, is the basis of the modern wall model, or rather, its prototype.

People who are purely practical, believe that the balcony is needed for this purpose only - to dry the clothes, and they have enough nails and ropes. But many people prefer to use this room for reading books, for relaxing, in order to breathe fresh air on a summer evening or to enjoy the beautiful view from the window. If to glaze a loggia, it can become a cozy study room or even a mini sports hall.

And all this beauty can peacefully coexist with a small area on the balcony, set aside for a clothes dryer - one has only to properly distribute the space of this small room.

In addition, this type of dryer, as a sliding, which is attached to the ceiling of the balcony and consists of two separate blocks, one of which is hidden rolled into a roll cable - this is an option that will suit both practitioners and lovers of beautiful decor.This design provides the ability to pull as many ropes as you need - at least one, at least six at once.

The laundry is not dried every day, but when it is not in use, it’s just two neat little drawers on opposite sides of the balcony.

If the length of the balcony is small, and things are usually not so much dry, then the folding wall model (accordion) is most appropriate. It is made in a beautiful design and can become an ornament to the classic interior, only it should not be too heavy - it can become useless.

Choose a dryer for your balcony according to your preferences, how it will fit your balcony, how attractive it looks ... The main thing is that the design of the dryer should be compact, and the process of drying the linen would never hurt you and your household enjoy a cozy little room and, if desired, spend your free time there.

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