How to make a balcony with your own hands

Features and benefits

Many people want to have a balcony, regardless of whether they live in a private household or in an apartment building. But it is not at all. And here is the question, how to make a balcony with your own hands. At first glance, it seems difficult and difficult, but after studying all the points listed below, you can easily cope with this task.

If we talk about the benefits of having a balcony in an apartment or house, then the following can be highlighted:

  1. Expansion of the apartment.
  2. The presence of an additional emergency exit from the premises during an emergency.
  3. The possibility of arranging a balcony at will. You can make him a workshop, a private office, a rest room, or even arrange it according to the type of cellar.

But since it is planned to build a balcony on its own, it is necessary to remember about some of the features that will have to be encountered during construction:

  • First, you need to get the appropriate permission. Without it, the extension will be considered illegal and will need to be dismantled.
  • Secondly, it is necessary to independently select the necessary materials and carry out all construction work.
  • Thirdly, you need to make competent drawings and diagrams of the future balcony, according to which all construction works will be carried out.
  • Fourthly, it is necessary to decide before the construction begins, how waterproofing will be carried out from inside the balcony and outside, whether ventilation will be needed and how exactly the lighting will be provided.
  • And fifth, whether the balcony will be open or closed.

However, some features may arise depending on where the balcony will be built: in a private house, on the first floor of an apartment building or on the last.

Only after all these points have been completed, it will be possible to proceed directly to the construction of the balcony with your own hands.

Now directly on the construction of structures. It can be located on the foundation, but this option is suitable only for those who make an extension in the country or in a private house. Or on a suspension frame - this option is suitable for tenants,whose apartment is located above the ground floor.

On the foundation

First of all, it is necessary to mark the area of ​​the future building. Next, scrape the top layer of soil and dig holes for columns or columns.

Now you need to drive a special support piles. Making them at home is almost impossible, so it’s better to buy ready-made ones. So that they firmly entrenched at the bottom of the pit, you should pour a layer of concrete, not more than 20 cm thick. To increase the durability of the structure, all voids between the piles and the ground after their installation are well spilled with concrete solution and are left until they solidify.

Now we tamp the bottom of the dug hole and fill it with layers of sand and gravel, not forgetting to tamp each layer hard enough.

It is necessary to assemble the formwork from durable boards, on which we lay out the aluminum frame. If done correctly, the result should be a reinforcing mesh. To design finally strengthened, you must give it a month to rest. To do this, we cover our foundation with a material with waterproofing properties and bind the pillars with channels on the upper edge.Special attention should be paid to ensure that the height of the foundation and the house were on the same level. At this screed open balcony is complete.

After the specified time has elapsed, we lay a reinforced concrete slab on the frozen foundation and, using a perforator, make a hole in the wall for mounting the block of the future balcony. Next, install the balcony unit and align all the slopes with cement mortar, and it is better to close deeper slots with the help of assembly foam.

Now proceed to the construction of walls. It is better to abandon the usual cinder block, and use foam concrete blocks, which will reduce the pressure on the foundation. For the strength of the walls, you should perform reinforcement every three rows of masonry.

The final stage of construction is the construction of the roof. Removing the visor with a slight slope at a distance from the walls will avoid the accumulation of moisture on the roof, and keep the walls dry. You can use a finished metal frame or wooden logs, as the roofing material, you can choose any that you like. But, the roof, as well as the visor should have a slight slope.At will such balcony can be glazed or to use special designs from PVC. The ceiling can be sheathed with wood or plastic, it all depends on how exactly the balcony will be used in the future.

Now it remains only to hold the light, while the wiring must be done with high quality and grounding. And the finishing event will be the interior decoration of the balcony and its accomplishment. Since such a balcony is built in a private house or at the cottage, it will become an excellent cellar for storing preservation, a workshop, a sauna or even a bath. Using a variety of shelves, cabinets and cabinets will turn it into anything.

The main thing is to choose the right interior design and in accordance with it to furnish a new room.


If, however, you still want to build a balcony with your own hands in a city apartment, then it is worth remembering that if the apartment is located up to the third floor, it is necessary to install large supporting columns. If the apartment is located above the third floor, then their function is assumed by sticks.

In any case, construction should begin with the installation of columns, as described above, or with welding of hacks, which should be mounted from the outer edge of the ramp to the wall of the house.Further, no matter which method of support is chosen, it is necessary to install the remote beams. In contrast to the balcony, which is being built on the foundation, here the beams are brought directly into the room itself, which allows you to securely fix and strengthen them.

The further work plan is the same as when erecting this structure in a private house, namely, reinforcement of the site, concreting, installation of a balcony block and erection of the walls.

Thus, practically everyone can expand their living space.

Arrangement ideas

Now, when the balcony is already built with his own hands, it's time to equip it. You should start from scratch, namely, finishing the floor, ceiling and walls, painting the balcony inside and, if necessary, wallpapering. These are basic works that must be performed in any case. The further work plan depends on what exactly will now be located in the new annex.

Most often, people use the balcony as a place to store unnecessary things. We offer you 4 options for its improvement with benefit.

  1. Place to rest. In this case, the beautiful decor is simply irreplaceable.It can be paintings, flowers, beautiful curtains, in general, all that will allow you to relax and enjoy the beauty of the new place. The bird feeder will also be very useful here, because in the warm season, it will be possible to watch feathered friends. And in the cold, wrapped in a warm blanket, get into bed and enjoy the beauty and tranquility.
  2. Dinner Zone. Depending on whether you have built a warmed balcony with your own hands or not, it can be turned into a dining room. In the warmer months, an additional bench can be brought there, and in winter, it will be enough that there is a refrigerator and a dining corner. The design of the room in this case should be appropriate: fruit compositions, napkins and coasters for dishes can also be with images of fruits and vegetables. The decoration can be anything that you like, the main thing is to turn the cozy balcony into a really cozy dining room.
  3. Workshop. A new balcony can be a great place to work for all-rounders. The equipment can be neatly arranged in thumbs, tools hang on the walls. In general, you get a clean, comfortable workshop without too much rubbish.But in this case it is recommended to decorate the room with any easily washable material in order to make it easy to maintain cleanliness.
  4. Storage for vegetables. Often, residents of city apartments and private houses are faced with the question of where to store vegetables and fruits, as well as how to grow greens and vegetables at home. And this is where the balcony comes to the rescue.

In any closet located on the balcony, you can put special boxes for vegetables in which they will always be visible and where they can be stored for as long as you need. And if you buy special brackets for balcony boxes for potatoes and other vegetables, then they can be fixed on the wall. At the same time cabinets and shelves will be suitable for storing canned food on them.

Also here you can equip a small greenhouse in which you can grow greens, early cucumbers, tomatoes or even melons, as many owners of balconies and loggias do. In any case, it is possible to decorate a balcony not only with the help of decorative elements, but also with the help of edible plants.

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Interesting solutions in interior design

And if you still haven't decided onwhat exactly do you want to do in your new space, we suggest you to study unusual examples of balcony design, perhaps you will like something here.

A cozy hammock chair in combination with a small palm tree and decorative elements made in oriental style will allow you to quickly forget about the work day and give peace and tranquility.

Do you often have to work at home, but distract the noise and uproar of your household? Then organize yourself just such a workplace, where no one will disturb you, and you can be left alone with your thoughts. Such a simple, even slightly minimalistic interior design will allow you to relax and feel for a second not in a bustling city, but on the Pacific coast. In any case, everyone can build a balcony with his own hands, everyone can embody in him what he most lacks.

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