Balconies in "Khrushchev": decoration and interesting ideas

Small-sized Khrushchev houses, in which many of us are forced to live, cannot please their inhabitants with spacious balconies. But with the right approach, even this small space can be interestingly arranged.

Features of design

Small balconies are not a sentence. Properly selected furniture allows you to arrange the space well, using it with maximum benefit. Balcony should be well insulated both outside and inside.


If you have an open balcony, then, of course, you need to glaze. There are two main methods of glazing: cold and warm.

Warm glazing is more expensive, but will allow you to use the balcony even in the winter season. In addition, it provides the maximum level of noise insulation.

A cheaper and simpler type of glazing is a cold method. To do this, you need an aluminum or plastic frame with a single glass unit.Such glazing allows you to protect the balcony space from dirt and dust that gets there from outside. In addition, to install such windows is quite simple and not expensive in financial terms.

Additionally, it is necessary to warm the balcony. It is quite possible to sheathe your own hands. Sealing is also important. All the cracks need to be replaced so that the cold does not penetrate the room.

Frame material

Different types of frames. The most popular is plastic. They provide good thermal insulation, and their only drawback is that they are not environmentally friendly.

More eco-friendly option - wooden frames. Most often, they are made from natural wood. This makes them quite expensive and difficult to maintain.

If you are looking for a frame of the most durable material, then you should pay attention to the aluminum construction. They last the longest, while not being subjected to corrosion and other visual damage.

High quality finish

It is important and such a moment as the interior decoration of the balcony. Different materials are used for interior decoration. The main thing is that they are easy to maintain, durable and do not deteriorate due to excessive moisture.An additional bonus will be noise insulation and protection from direct sunlight and sudden changes in temperature.

If you are looking for environmentally friendly and attractive material externally, then you can opt for a wooden trolley. This material is quite simple in the care and installation. Cheaper analogue is PVC panels.

You can also arrange the interior of the balcony with an artificial stone. Especially well such material will fit into design of the room with high humidity. A nice addition is the variety of textures and colors - you can choose the finish for every taste.

Wall decoration

When the practical side of the issue is over, you can proceed to the design of the balcony space. Walls can be pasted over with simple wallpaper, painted or finished with plaster. In general, the options are the same as for the design of the room. But there are certain nuances. So, if you have a balcony insulated with cold glazing, then you should choose only those materials that can withstand sudden temperature changes, but it is better to refuse wallpaper.

Floor covering

For warming the floor on the balcony, you can use materials such as carpet, linoleum, laminate, etc. The floor must be durable and extremely easy to clean.If you choose such an option as ceramic tile or tile, then it is useful to install an additional heating system.

Interesting style solutions and finishing ideas

Like any other room in the apartment, your balcony can be made in a certain style.

If you like simplicity and strict forms, then the classic style is exactly what you need. To design a balcony in this style, use light colors or wallpaper, cover the floor with durable laminate and do not use too many small things to decorate the room.

Interestingly look and balconies, made in the French style. This option is suitable for a balcony with panoramic windows from floor to ceiling. In this style you should use light colors and interesting abstract or floral patterns. Maximum lighting and a large number of plants will help to recreate the atmosphere of a French province in a small space.

Finally, it is worth noting another popular style that is suitable for decoration of the balcony space - English. It is easily recognizable by its elegant furniture and details made of natural wood.

However, whatever style you choose, the main thing is that it suits you and complements the creative idea that you want to embody in the vacated space.

How to use

Traditionally, on the balconies, residents of the post-Soviet space store all kinds of blanks and things that are not used in everyday life. But this is not the best solution.


If you work at home, you can make a balcony your new office. Office furniture is usually quite compact, so you can install everything you need on your balcony, from a desk with a chair to shelves of books.


For creative people with a huge number of hobbies balcony space will be the ideal workshop. To do this, it is enough to install bedside tables or dressers, a comfortable armchair, and create the appropriate creative atmosphere by decorating the walls with paintings or your own crafts.

Winter Garden

Organically on the balcony of a small Khrushchev will look and winter garden. Over its design does not need to particularly bother. It is enough to install shelves or shelves with flower pots, and a mini-greenhouse is ready.


For families with small children, it is important that the kids also have their own space to play. A small balcony, of course, does not fit the playground of your dreams. But to arrange the space so that the children could play and develop there, it is quite possible. Install a chair there, a few shelves with toys and developing books - and the child will be happy to spend time there.

Despite the fact that the balconies in the "Khrushchev" are very small, they can be used not only for storage, but also as an extra room.

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