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Even in the most spacious apartment, the living area is maximally used for its intended purpose. With a serious approach, a place is chosen for placement of furniture, its design is selected in accordance with the interior, the apartment features, the location of windows and doors in it. No exception to the balcony. In Soviet times, he was assigned the role of a “household room,” where often household items that had become unnecessary were stored. Today, a balcony is an area that can be used as an additional area to increase the footage of a dwelling.

According to the ideas of the owners and with the help of designers and specialists who can assemble custom-made furniture, the balcony can turn into a kitchen. To do this, its territory displays electricity, water, installed hob, sink. The same territory can become a study in which it is enough to warm the walls, floors and install a table, computer and wardrobe.

Speaking of cabinets.This is the perfect place for them. Built-in wardrobe on the balcony - many housewives dream of this. The built-in object will not clutter up rooms in which there is already enough furniture. On a separate territory, it will take a worthy place, and it, by the way, can be done even with your own hands.

What is useful for?

This piece of furniture can have several different uses. If there are children in the house, and there is no place to put the clothes from which they grew up, a closet on the balcony can solve this problem. It can occupy a corner, located from the ceiling and to the shelf. All shelves in this design can be given for children's things, shoes, toys that are no longer needed to use.

Often, a small kitchen area makes you think about a pantry or furniture in which you can store various stocks - jams, twists, canned goods, cereals, kitchen utensils. The design on the loggia will allow to solve this difficulty. Convenient shelves will allow to put banks and packages, boxes and boxes in which everything the hostess needs is stored.

And such a design can be a wonderful element of the decor of the whole apartment. Built-in furniture with elegant doors of transparent or colored glass, with natural materials used as decorations - it can serve as a home libraryshowcase for hand-made crafts.

Special features

If you make a closet for a balcony or loggia, you should consider the features of the territory. If it is not glazed, but a cabinet is needed, you can use a metal base as anchorage to walls and ceiling. Such a cabinet will serve as a place for storing sports equipment items. Ideal if the territory is insulated and glazed. Furniture design can be modular, sliding, have compartment doors, many shelves, drawers.

Secondly, one should carefully consider the choice of materials from which such a cabinet will be constructed. Suitable wood, plastic, metal profile, chipboard. If the furniture is supposed to have the functionality of an assistant, it is advisable to use a metal base, strong wooden, metal shelves.

If the design is more simple, it is permissible to make drawers and shelves from chipboard, drywall, glass doors. Need lighting for such furniture? Sure. Electricity can be conducted on the balcony or loggia either with your own hands or with the help of a specialist invited for this purpose.The backlight can be different - someone uses ordinary electric lamps, energy-saving ceiling lamps, some people like multi-colored LEDs.

In pursuit of fashion and safety, today much attention is paid to the environmental friendliness of the materials used. And not only on the main area of ​​the apartment, the owners make high demands on the quality and environmental friendliness of the furniture, but also on the interior items that occupy the balcony and the loggia. To create a cabinet in this case, it is advisable to use natural materials - wood.

What to keep in it?

Often such questions are asked by those who have not fully decided on the purpose of this piece of furniture. Experts believe that you can literally everything. Install a wardrobe with hangers and drawers - get an excellent dressing room for storing seasonal items and shoes. Split the module into several functional things - the upper part can serve as a basis for storing dishes and household appliances, the lower one - for twists, cereals and vegetables, and fruits. And the gap can be a working area of ​​the table, equipped specifically for cooking.

Allows fantasy - equip a corner for creativity to your child.A cabinet module can have everything you need - drawers for storing paints, an integrated easel that opens with a cabinet door. You can store small musical instruments, notes, music stand in it. In general, the balcony in this case can be a great place to practice music.

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How to do it yourself?

If there is a desire and opportunity, it is not only possible, but necessary. You will need a sketch of the future furniture, a list of necessary supplies and tools that you will need, decorative elements for decoration. Before you begin to create the cabinet, you should put in order the balcony wall, near which it will be installed. Seal all the gaps, align, remove existing nails, glaze the room, insulate it as much as possible.

The simplest version of a simple cabinet requires the use of wooden bars. They should be attached to the floor and ceiling, they will form the basis. It is necessary to fix them with dowels with a metal sleeve. The frame of the cabinet is built from the same bars, thus the design will be more durable. Sheets of thick plywood or wooden boards will become shelves.Beforehand, they need to be “sanded”, treated with special compounds that exclude trauma.

But if your closet claims to be exclusive as a decorative element in an apartment, then there is no limit to the imagination. Even dry tree branches will come in handy to effectively decorate the structure; it can become a home library where rare, favorite table books are stored.

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And if you want to pamper yourself with the opportunity to have a few minutes of relaxation, spent alone with yourself, then the closet can serve as an excellent bar option. The upper part of it will serve as a place for storing glasses and wine glasses, and the lower part will serve as a “basement”, where there will be various drinks prepared for various occasions. Put a cozy armchair next to you - and your cozy rest corner is ready.

Balcony cabinet - an indispensable thing in the household. It can serve as a basis for further improvement. Use at your discretion other consumables, build doors that may have "windows" of glass. And then the cozy balcony furniture will please not only the apartment owners, but also each of their guests.

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