Blinds to the balcony

Blinds to the balcony - the best solution for creating a cozy and modern loggia. A wide variety of curtains allows you to find the perfect option for a particular interior. Narrow, wide, smooth, textured, with or without a pattern, made of various materials and at different prices - a variety will please the housewives. To choose an elegant design today is quite easy due to the huge selection of models and manufacturers.

Features and benefits

Huge plus blinds: they do not lose their relevance with time and look organically in any room. Previously, they were used as sun protection in offices and cafes, today they are widely used. They are practical, look neat, comfortable to use. This design is a long lamella connected in one row, the rotation of which is regulated by a simple mechanism.

Lamellae are arranged horizontally or vertically, depending on their type.Blinds are an analog of curtains, but more practical and functional. They are not crumpled, quickly and easily cleaned. Vertical models are impregnated with a special solution that repels dust and dirt. The design is easily adjustable: the slats can be completely closed, opened or adjusted as desired to the level of lighting on the balcony.

If the plates are closed, it does not interfere with air circulation and protects the room from prying eyes. The design allows you to freely open the window for ventilation. Regardless of the type, blinds are easily installed independently. A large selection of shapes, textures, colors refers to the advantages of the design. Models are mounted in the window opening, on the ceiling, to the wall.

Despite the objective advantages (protection from the sun's rays, aesthetics), they have their drawbacks. Plastic models turn yellow in the sun, deteriorate, disintegrate. If they are actively used, the mechanism quickly fails. Low cost lamellae may bend, break, sag.


Blinds are divided into types according to two signs - the materials of manufacture and the location of the slats.

Horizontal. The most budget option.Most often, this type of construction is installed on the window with a balcony door or on the balcony frames separately for each glass unit. Horizontal models are simple and consist of a cornice with an adjustment mechanism, slats, and a cord for control. They are fixed with a strap attached at the bottom.

The horizontal model is convenient if there are flowerpots on the windowsills. The design does not take a lot of space, it looks weightless, does not cover the window openings with space. Lamels reliably protect from the sun, dust. Horizontal models are cleaned easily with the help of a soap solution, they dry quickly. During washing it is impossible to wet the eaves, otherwise the mechanism will quickly become useless.

Vertical. The structure consists of an aluminum or plastic cornice, vertical lamellas connected by a chain with runners, weights and a control cord. Lamellae rotate around their axis, and if they are opened, they are collected by an accordion. Vertical blinds can be 3 meters, 6 meters high, depending on the parameters of the window.

They open in several ways: from right to left, from left to right, from the center to both sides. Mounted construction on the ceiling or wall.Lamels can be made of plastic, fabric, aluminum, be of different shades and colors. For balconies, designers advise to use models with drawings that give the interior atmospheric and comfort.

Closed vertical models look like curtains, so they are ideal for decorating balconies. Among the shortcomings: they take up space, it is easy to damage the lamellae, sometimes there is a difficulty in opening the windows.

Roll. Externally, they resemble curtains, as they are not composed of individual strips. Rolled blinds solid. They consist of a thin roller on which the fabric is wound, and a mechanism with a chain for control. The models are closed, have an additional box, 2 shaft, 2 strips.

They protect the fabric from sagging and wrinkling. Curtains are attached to the frame, wall, ceiling. Make them from a material of different density. Some models are transparent and well transmitted light, multi-texture and multi-colored.

Pleated Blinds are horizontal, but different from the classic. The design is a metal profile (plastic), between which is fixed pleated fabric. The model is controlled by a cord or chain.In the closed state, they do not transmit light, are mounted on the contour of the glass, window opening or on the frame.

The design is great for non-standard window openings. They look at the loggia effectively and stylishly. Pleated make even the most simple interior.


Thanks to modern production technologies and a large selection of models, shapes and colors of blinds, the buyer can choose the most successful option for a particular balcony interior. Today, colored models (rainbow), gradient, tricolor appeared on the market. The most popular and classic color in the style of minimalism is white.

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Black designs - a spectacular, but difficult option for a balcony. Designers advise to pay attention to the soft, rich colors: celadon, green, chocolate, peach. Color depends on the model and material, as well as the overall situation on the loggia.

How to choose

The length of the balcony blinds should be less than five to ten centimeters of the window frame. Choosing a specific model, pay attention to the mechanism. It should not make creaking sounds, but function smoothly, without causing discomfort.The best option for a plastic frame is vertical fabric models. They perfectly cover the window of any size and easily adjust the level of illumination.

On the loggia is better to choose spectacular models, color, with a picture. Vertical designs are ideal for sliding windows. When choosing blinds, remember that they should not reach the floor.

When choosing a design, pay attention to the material. Ideally, the eaves should be made of aluminum, not plastic. The quality chain connecting the vertical slats is white, without a yellowish tint. The design of blinds - one of the main criteria for the correct choice. It is from the color, style, pattern will depend on the interior balcony. Ideal colors for a loggia: white, dairy, beige or bright, mysterious, but not gloomy.

How to choose?

Use the following tips:

  • On the sliding windows with aluminum frames will not fit models that are mounted on the sash.
  • Vertical construction suitable for sliding windows on the balcony.
  • On the windows of loggias located on the south side, rolled models of dense material are ideal, and for the north side - vertical with thin lamellae.
  • Ethnic-style balconies and chalets will suit bamboo or wooden structures. Minimalism style correspond to concise plastic models.
  • If the loggia is used as a place to rest, it is wiser to choose light fabric blinds.
  • The windows of a small balcony are better decorated with horizontal structures that are mounted on the glass.


Price, design, durability, ease of installation, operation and many other factors depend on the material of the structure.

Metallic The structures are strong and durable, they are well cleaned from dust, do not deteriorate under the influence of sunlight, they are not afraid of moisture. Minus iron models - rattle when opening / closing, have a simple design, eventually fade.

Plastic easy to use, these are inexpensive models, not heavy in weight, not afraid of moisture. White lamellas turn yellow with time, crack, break, and the mechanism often fails.

Wood. Look expensive and look spectacular. The wooden structure does not fade in the sun, does not crack. Minus wooden lamellae - heavy, which leads to sagging and problems with the mechanism.

Fabric Practical blinds, lightweight, practically do not fade in the sun, not deformed, suitable for different interiors and styles.

Bamboo. Strong and durable construction. They look original and exotic. Such models are expensive, therefore they are rarely used for loggia decoration.

Filthy. Fashionable blinds that have an original design. Slats are made of filaments without weights and lower fixation. With the help of the mechanism, the structure is easy to move to the side, rotate. These vertical models are suitable for the decoration of balconies with panoramic windows.

How to install yourself

Install the design on the balcony windows is not difficult. First, decide on the method of fastening the model and take measurements. Remember that they must be accurate. Rolled and horizontal blinds are mounted with and without drilling. Installation of vertical made only by drilling. Next, determine where the structure will be located: on the wall, in the window opening or on the glass.

Before you hang the design, prepare the necessary tools. For installation will require: an electric drill with a drill for concrete from six mm, screws and dowels, a simple pencil, ruler, level, tape measure, screwdriver, screwdriver.

  • Check the construction, lay all the details on the table. The kit should include universal fasteners, screws and louvers.
  • Attach the construction to the wall or ceiling, mark the mounting location on the left and right with a pencil. Use the level and ruler to determine the exact installation location. From each mark you need to retreat two centimeters and also mark with a pencil a place for fasteners.
  • Attach the left and right fasteners to the marks, mark the drilling points for the screws. Drill the marks. Depth should be no more than four centimeters.
  • Screw the brackets with self-tapping screws to the wall, window frame or ceiling.
  • When installing blinds more than two meters wide, install intermediate fasteners.
  • Insert the structure into the upper cornice and close the bracket locks.
  • If the horizontal model is mounted in a window opening, use the following installation tips.
  • As in the previous installation recommendation, check the blind set. It must include two brackets, screws and an assembled design.
  • Try on the curtains to the window opening and check if the structure does not interfere with opening and closing the window.
  • Attach the right and left fasteners to the upper inside of the window opening, back off from the wall two centimeters to the center, make marks in the places of the holes. Thus, there should be two labels on the right and left.
  • Drill need to make holes on the marks, their depth should be three to four centimeters.
  • Screw the left and right fasteners to the top of the window opening with self-tapping screws.
  • Insert the blind into the upper cornice and close the locks.
  • Vertical design requires effort during installation, but it is also possible to make it yourself. It all depends on the length and height of the model.
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