Harvia Electric Sauna Stoves: Model Line Review

 Harvia Electric Sauna Stoves: Model Line Review

Currently, the popularity of saunas remains on top. Regularly visiting them improves mood, improves well-being and puts the nervous system in order. The stove is a mandatory attribute of the sauna. Without special equipment, it will not be possible to create the necessary temperature conditions.

The qualitative and functional equipment for saunas is offered by the Harvia trademark. In the article we will consider electric furnaces for the Harvia sauna, their advantages and features of operation.

About the manufacturer

Harvia began its work in Finland in the middle of the twentieth century. The company specializes in the manufacture of heating equipment for saunas and baths.Tapani Harvia is the founder of the famous European brand.

Initially, the company offered products only in the domestic market. Further, products under the Harvia brand conquered Europe, America and reached the Russian consumers. Most experts call the Finnish production equipment the best in this segment.

The manufacturer produces wood and electric ovens. A rich assortment gives customers more freedom of choice. The model range is constantly updated and replenished due to the development of the technical base.

What to consider when choosing a stove?

The first thing you need to pay attention to when choosing a model is the power of the heater and the volume of the steam room. Optimal conditions - 1 kW per cubic meter, provided that the steam room is properly insulated. Otherwise, you need to use more efficient equipment.

If the steam room is made of brick without additional insulation, then 1.2 kilowatts of furnace power is needed per square meter of territory. When choosing a model for the construction of wood ratio is 1.5 kW.

Experts have formulated the following rule: if a heater was not used at all during the construction,then it’s boring to add 50% to the size to get the necessary value.

Characteristics and the device elektrokamenki for a sauna

Standard electric oven consists of the following parts:

  • housing;
  • heater;
  • heat-insulating layer.

Outside the body is sheathed with metal plates. Manufacturers also equip special channels for oxygen circulation. The upper part of the structure is filled with stones. They are placed in a separate compartment. By the size of the stones laid, you can roughly calculate the efficiency and heating of the stove: the more of them, the sooner the sauna will warm up.

Sturdy steel screens, which are installed one after the other, act as thermal insulation. Such elements are available in all modern models of electric furnaces.

Properly organized construction is completely safe.

If you follow the instructions, worry about fire safety is not worth it. Among the rich product range of Harvia there are models that can be installed in compact apartment saunas. The equipment requires a voltage of 220 or 380 volts (depending on the model).

Harvia Product Features

One of the advantages of Finnish stoves is simple installation. Small-sized models can heat a large steam room (about 20 cubic meters), even if the equipment is installed on the floor.

Each model has its own performance characteristics and features that must be taken into account when choosing. Some ovens can create the necessary temperature conditions and steam in just a few minutes. Others work less efficiently, but are better suited for small spaces.

Wall options are made in such a way that they can be installed without fear of fire. Electric mounted ovens have compact dimensions and are equipped with a thermostat, due to which it is possible to easily control the temperature inside the room.

The equipment has the following advantages:

  • Original Harvia stoves have a long service life. The warranty offered by the manufacturer is much less than the actual service life. Each model can please with durability, reliability and practicality. They are more durable compared to wood burning stoves.
  • You will not have problems with the use of equipment, even if you have not previously had experience with such equipment. The oven turns on with just one touch of a button. After you can do the preparation of the room. In a short period of time the room will be fully prepared for use.
  • Installation does not take much time. The process is so simple and clear that it can be carried out without the involvement of specialists. You can place the unit at your convenience, in the center of the room or near the wall. The only thing that needs to be considered is the recommended distance between the building, furniture and the walls of the steam room.
  • Manufacturers did their best to provide customers with not only effective, but also safe equipment. In the production process, the masters used special protective elements, automation and other details that minimize the possibility of fire and interruptions during operation.
  • Manage modern ovens is very simple and convenient. Harvia models are equipped with remote and built-in remote control. Two options of regulation give the maximum convenience.

Despite many advantages, Finnish stoves have their drawbacks. There are three main disadvantages:

  1. Electricity consumption, which leads to additional financial expenses. Electricity will cost much more than firewood.
  2. During operation, electrical devices create an electromagnetic background.
  3. It is also necessary to equip the power supply. Ideal - electricity through a localized input or automatic. This is done for one reason: at the time of switching on, the capacity of the furnace can vary from 7 to 14 kW.

A strong surge in voltage can load the system and cause its failure.

Popular models

The most popular models are:

  • Harvia Delta D36 St. Unit weight - 8 kilograms. The weight of stones is 11 kilograms. Dimensions - 200 x 340 x 635 millimeters. Power - 3.6 kW.

The furnace is designed for a steam room, sizes in 2 - 4.5 m³. This is a suitable choice for a small sauna.

Due to the triangular shape, it can be placed in the corner, saving space. The model is mounted on a wall bracket that comes with the product. For comfortable control, the oven is equipped with a thermostat and a timer.

  • Harvia Delta Combi D29 SE. Unit weight - 8 kilograms. The weight of stones is 11 kilograms.Dimensions - 200 x 340 x 635 millimeters. Power - 2,9 kW. Universal model, ideal for a small sauna (from 1.5 to 4 m³). This is a multifunctional model, due to which you can equip not only a classic sauna or a bath, but also an aromatic and herbal steam room. The shape is a triangle. Stylish and elegant heater is made of stainless steel. The equipment is installed on the bracket.
  • Harvia Vega BC60 Steel. Unit weight - 11 kilograms. The weight of stones is 20 kilograms. Dimensions - 450 x 540 x 310 millimeters. Power - 6 kW. Budget option, equipped with built-in controls. The stove can heat a steam room of 5 to 8 cubic meters. The stylish and practical model is simple and easy to use.

General recommendations for the use of electric furnaces

Before switching on the equipment, make sure that the unit is installed correctly and securely. Make sure the stones are laid correctly. Check electrical connection and power cord integrity. Be sure to follow the instructions when installing, turning on and using the equipment.

Use the main switch to start the equipment. For the first time, install a gentle heat - about 50 degrees C. Follow the operation of the furnace.Leave it on for about an hour, and then pause the device. At this time, assess the condition of the unit.


Key points:

  • Keep children and animals out of the oven.
  • Gently pour water on the stove. Otherwise, you can get burned.
  • Watch for air circulation in the oven.
  • Do not block the stove with third-party objects.
  • Defective equipment is prohibited.

If you notice interruptions in the operation of the furnace, call the wizard for repair.

  • It is allowed to use only aromatic products specifically designed for saunas.
  • Do not use abrasives when cleaning equipment.
  • For watering stones, use only clean water. Liquid containing salts and other components is not suitable. These items will quickly render the equipment unusable.
  • While visiting the sauna, consider your well-being. Do not set the heat and do not spend much time in the steam room. It is strictly forbidden to be in the sauna under the influence of alcohol.


Given the fact that equipment from the Finnish manufacturer Harvia is in great demand,On the Internet there are a lot of reviews about this product. It is safe to say that most of the responses are positive.

Despite the fact that electricity is more expensive than firewood, it is much easier and easier to operate electric ovens. You do not need to constantly stock up on fuel, just connect the equipment to the power supply and start using the furnace. Also, satisfied customers have noted the favorable ratio of price and quality of products. Harvia equipment serves for a long time, delighting with efficiency, convenience and simplicity.

Negative reviews are also available. Fans of natural materials make a choice in favor of wood stoves. Some consider such models safer to use, however, with proper operation of electric furnaces, problems should not arise.

For information on how to connect a Harvia electric oven, see the following video.

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