Bath on wheels: the subtleties of the manufacture of mobile steam

 Bath on wheels: the subtleties of the manufacture of mobile steam

Bath on wheels is most suitable for those who like to relax in nature by the pond. Such a pastime is often accompanied by fishing, barbecues, closed gazebos, tent sites and the like. Another name for this holiday is tourist camping.

So far, it has not been possible to combine camping with a sauna. However, now they have begun to actively use mobile steam rooms, which can be done personally, in order to save money.

Consider what can be paired, and examine the sequence in which to perform the work.

Features and benefits

What could be better than your own bath on wheels? If you already have one, then most likely nothing.And we are talking about a complete room with a steam room, a relaxation room, and even a shower. Such a bath in its characteristics is not inferior to the usual all stationary options.

Not long ago, in many places of mass gathering of resting people, it was not always possible to get a good steam bath. For this purpose mobile baths were invented, which at the moment can be easily equipped with their own hands. Such structures have a number of advantages, but the most important of them is convenience. Mobile bath will help in situations if a person works far from populated areas, because there will be a place where to wash. This option is ideal, for example, for geologists who are constantly on the road.

If you are going to build such a bath, but while in doubt, it is necessary to consider all the advantages of this design, which will confirm that it is worth designing it.

First and foremost, a bath, created according to your personal unique project, can hold up to ten people at once. Only at first it is necessary to find a suitable machine for this, which can transport the structure.

There are many different ways of transportation, but the best options for this are KAMAZ, GAZ, URAL etc. You can also make a mini-version of the mobile autobahn for “Zhiguli”. Depending on the size of the car, the mini-bath can be 4-, 5-, 6-meter, etc. If you do not have such a car, you should not be upset. The steam room can be designed for two or three people.that will significantly affect the size of the structure. The peculiarity is that such a bath can be transported using an ordinary car.

Reviews of such a home-made visiting bath has basically only positive ones.

Mobile bath allows you not only to have a good time with your family or friends, you can make good money with it. After all, this is a really popular option today.

Such The bath can be placed on local beaches, recreation areas in forest areas and, of course, in holiday villages.. Moreover, this design is an excellent solution for people who are used to travel frequently. This bath will be used not only by tourists, but also simply by people who love to spend time with their family in nature.

Also from the advantages it is possible to single out the fact that for the construction of a transportable bath it is not necessary to pour the foundation, to perform additional work of different levels of complexity. Everything is quite simple here: first we assemble this structure, then we fix the frame, we sheathe, do the finishing work and install the furnace.

If there is a desire and allow money and space, then the autobahn can be equipped with additional rooms for recreation.


Before you start building a bath, you need to figure out what they can be. Mobile pairs should be distinguished depending on the basis on which they will be built.

And the basics of the bath on wheels can be:

  • car trailers;
  • ATVs or trucks such as URAL, ZIL, GAZ;
  • frame-platform with wheels;
  • micro or ordinary buses like Gazelle, Ikarus or PAZ.

Thus, there are four types of mobile baths. Bath can be combined with road transport, it can be based on a trailer or mobile platform, and they can be used not only as a constructive element, but also for the main purpose.At the same time technologically equip a mobile steam room you need, by analogy with a conventional bath, because their functionality is the same.

Overview of finished models

Consider a few ready-made options for mobile steam.

Autobahn based trailer

Here the main condition is not to exceed the weight of the structure of the bath of the vehicle by which it will be transported. At the same time, the use of additional supports would also be important, which would ensure reliable fastening of the structure and preclude the possibility of a trailer swinging during transportation.

The interior space of such a mobile steam room can be divided into departments of the steam room and the waiting room. It should be noted here that water tanks in the mobile bath will not stand, since the free space will be very limited. In this connection, the scope of application of such a bath is also limited - near water bodies. At the same time, water can be heated on the stove, and it can be drained through specially designed plums for this.

Thus, the water will go directly under the trailer. However, you can take with you plastic pipes, connect them together and build communications to divert water away from the bath itself.

Bath of converted buses or trucks

This model will combine the space and mobility. Models based on "Icarus" will be able to accommodate about fifteen people. The structure is additionally equipped with a shower and a place for rest, it houses a bio-toilet and a video bar, and also has a steam room for five. At the same time, the steam room based on the Ikarus bus will have low traffic, that is, the abundance of free space limits the mobility function.

Often, instead of "Ikarus" use the Soviet army truck. These cars are SUVs, so the steam room can be delivered even to the most inaccessible places.

Independent production

Let us turn to the hand-built building of a steam room on wheels.

  • Before construction it is necessary to prepare a draft of the bath in paper or electronic form. The project provides for the planning of the bath, the presence of additional zones in it, the calculation of stability during transportation, etc. The last item includes taking into account the total weight of the structure, calculating the loads on the axles of the wheels, and determining the capacity of the stove. Also it is necessary to determine the construction materials and the need to purchase finished equipment, parts and devices.
  • It is important to remember that it is only possible to move the bath on Russian roads only by ensuring its reliability and stability even with a strong buildup. Therefore, when designing, pay special attention to the centers of gravity: the ceiling and the stove. The counterweight can be provided with a parka and grilles on the steam room floor.
  • With a sufficient amount of free space in the mobile bath project, it is possible to provide the steam room, shower room and dressing room itself. Such zones are considered to be mandatory for the bath. Additionally, you can design a bio-toilet, a place for water tanks, windows. The presence of windows contributes to the loss of heat, it must be considered.

You must also remember about safety. In accordance with its requirements, the door to the bath should not open inward.

  • To facilitate the design, you can do the arrangement in the bath power frame. To this end, several metal profiles can be welded together. Also, the frame can be assembled from parts purchased to order.
  • The frame should begin to collect from the floor. For this, boards and support lags are used. The floor is laid directly on the power frame. After that, install and assemble the wall.Then mount the support beams, rafters and the roof of metal profiles.

It must be remembered that the roof should be covered only after the stove has been installed.

  • After the roof, you can do the wiring, which should be resistant to heat and moisture-proof.
  • A good steam room should be insulated. The thickness of this layer is usually about fifteen centimeters. For thermal insulation, a crate is installed, a mineral wool and a steam insulator are laid, a heat reflector is installed, which is usually foil, and it is secured with adhesive tape.
  • It is worth remembering that the bath on the basis of the old truck must be insulated over the walls, and other types - over the frame.
  • Inside the bath is sheathed similarly to the usual. First, it is insulated, then finishing and decorative works are carried out. The best materials for this: lime or aspen clapboard.

In the dressing room it is better to trim the surface with coniferous woods. In the shower, the ideal choice would be to use non-slip tiles. For flooring, the use of grooved boards is recommended.

Advantages and disadvantages

Consider the positive and negative characteristics of the steam room on wheels.

First, let's turn to the advantages:

  • This is the most convenient option for mass recreation - camping, tent camp. Thanks to the mobile design, it is not necessary to equip a separate room for a bath.
  • From the inside, the mobile steam room is almost the same as a regular bath, it has a similar layout.
  • You can heat the building with wood, using electricity as well as natural gas.
  • Mobile bath can be arranged as comfortably as possible, according to your own needs and wishes. That is, you can choose the basis, choose the materials, their design and interior decoration of the room.
  • Practically anyone who knows how to use tools is able to make such a design, no special skill is required. You can also use the services of professionals. Exit steam room will be quite an economical option.
  • This is a good idea for business and full income. Thanks to the possibility of transportation, the steam room can be moved to places where problems with water procedures occur.
  • This is a good option for those who have recently moved or just started to build a house for themselves. You can put and use such a bath as a temporary shelter.
  • Bath will be made from environmentally friendly natural materials and have an aesthetic appearance. In addition, it is simple and easy to care for.

Among the shortcomings can be noted the fact that it is practically impossible to place tanks with water in such a bath. By the poetyou will have to carry water separately for additional transport or use the steam room only near water sources.

Also, I would like to refer to the negative characteristics the need to show increased attention to the reliability of the installation of the structure, since it will not be sustainable during transportation. In addition, it is worth remembering that the use of the steam room directly during transport is unsafe.

Before you create a design with your own hands, you must prepare all the drawings, think over the situation inside the room. For car owners, there is a unique opportunity to show their imagination and place something special inside, and not just a seat.Thus, a bathhouse on wheels has a predominant number of advantages compared with disadvantages. To build such a structure or not - the choice is yours!

Review the bath on wheels, see the following video.

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