Sauna device on the balcony: tips on installation and design

Living at home, we want to make it as comfortable as possible for us. Home is the place where we return to after a hard day’s work, and for us this is a place where we can finally relax and feel relaxed and comfortable. And if just a relaxing bath does not help you, then a sauna on the balcony is the perfect solution. When building this convenience it will not be easy, but then how nice it will be then to come and heat up your blood after hard everyday life. You yourself can choose the time convenient for you and not worry about cleanliness.

Where to begin?

First of all, you must determine for yourself whether you yourself will equip the sauna or buy it from the manufacturer. Both of these options each have their own advantages, so here the decision lies only on you. If you decide, at your own risk, to make a sauna on your own, then you should check the materials at the very beginning. They must be fire safe, especially those that will be in contact with the furnace. They should also not release toxic substances when the sauna is heated.

Still need to consider the severity. The sauna box should not be too heavy, otherwise the balcony may not withstand the entire weight.

Ideally, you should add metal supports under the balcony to hold its weight.

And also before starting work it is worthwhile to slightly expand the balcony in order to create more space. It does not need a lot of work. It is necessary to make the walls completely deaf, do not forget about the good glazing, thanks to which the level of thermal insulation will increase and put high-quality double-glazed windows.

At the initial stage it is necessary to immediately determine where the vent will be located.

On the loggia you can build a sauna in the shortest possible time, if you follow all the recommendations of experts and take into account the law. Finnish sauna has the most positive reviews.


Balcony necessarily need to be warmed with the help of mineral wool. If you insulate it from the inside, then there is almost no space left for the sauna itself, and it will be too small for the permitted standards.Therefore, it is better to upholster the outside. To do this, you need foam plates that will not let the cold inside, as they themselves have insulating properties.

Once the insulation outside is ready, you can start working inside the sauna, arranged on the balcony.

Interior arrangement

After warming the balcony itself, we proceed to the finish inside the floor covering. We make it around the perimeter of the balcony. In the steam room itself, it must be done 10-20 centimeters higher so that it is always dry in the cabin.

The sauna should be arranged in the correct sequence:

  • The first thing you need to do - lay waterproofing material. Next, set the logs of the bars. In height about 5-8 centimeters in increments of 40-50 centimeters.
  • Then between them lay a heater and line another waterproofing layer.
  • After that, the floorboards are nailed to the walls in order to not get burned while visiting the sauna. The ideal tree that will be suitable for the sauna is hardwood with a shrinkage of about 10%.
  • On the wall we nail the bars with a cross section of 5 cm2. The walls inside the cabin must be upholstered with plywood, so that the insulation is completely adjacent to the inner surface and does not let the heat.
  • A foil vapor barrier is gently inserted into the openings between the bars. Lay it must be the reflective side out.
  • Minvat should be cut so that it is 4-5 centimeters wider. This will provide a more secure fit to the walls of the sauna.
  • Next, lay out insulation in the space between the bars.
  • Finally, aluminum foils are attached to the thermal protection with nails so that the reflective surface is inside. The joints are connected with specialized tape using metal. And as the cladding using clapboard.

Ceiling creation

So that during the use of the bath there was no trouble, you need to pay a lot of attention to the vapor barrier. This is very important, because at the time of using the sauna, hot steam rises and settles on the ceiling in the form of water droplets. If you do not follow this moment, then soon the neighbors from above will begin to come and complain about the dampness and mold.

In these works it is important to do everything in stages:

  • The first thing we do is lay the bars 5 centimeters thick. Their step should be around 40 centimeters. The distance between them must be filled with waterproofing material.

Choose only quality material from a trusted manufacturer.

  • Next, we equip the insulation: press it to the ceiling with a wooden plank and nail it. In some cases, it can be fixed with a stapler.
  • After that, the vapor barrier should be fixed in two layers, at the end lining the ceiling with clapboard, which should be of high quality and moisture resistant.

How to lay the wiring?

In order for the wiring in the bath to serve for a long time and efficiently, as well as for all the fire safety standards, it is necessary to approach this very responsibly. You need to have a cable that has heat resistant insulation.

It is very important to prepare for this, because it is a very painstaking work, which cannot be mistaken. Therefore, it is important to follow the sequence of actions:

  • First of all, the distribution panel is mounted.
  • After that, you need to check the power network. It must necessarily be provided with an RCD (residual current device).
  • From the distribution panel, you must make a separate outlet.
  • To connect, it is necessary to use a corrugated pipe. This will increase fire safety.
  • Next, the wire, which is used for the lamp, must be placed in a special metal hose and positioned above the ceiling. These lamps can withstand temperatures of 120 degrees, which is very convenient.

Create a vent

Ventilation must be carried out outside, so as not to pass odors from the inside. Adequate size for the ventilation window of the bath - 50x50 centimeters. A part is cut that fits close to the walls. There should be no gaps between them. After that the handle is glued where it will be convenient to use.

Equip bath frame

In order to make the sauna comfortable, comfortable and, most importantly, safe, it is necessary to correctly determine the size. Ideal - width ranging from 80 centimeters and in height from 210 centimeters.

Since the frame device is a rather delicate and sensitive work, it is necessary to do it in steps:

  • At first, bars of 5 centimeters thick are attached vertically and horizontally to the floor. The pitch should be about 40 centimeters.
  • After the outer side is upholstered with plywood sheets, on which a waterproofing film is fixed.
  • Inside the booth is mounted hydro and thermal protection.To make the material completely adhere to the walls, the mineral wool is cut out more widely by several centimeters.
  • A vapor barrier is laid on top.
  • All joints must be connected with a special metal tape.
  • In both sides of the booth it is necessary to mount wooden wall paneling.
  • The result is the installation of the door, which for convenience should open outwards. This will help save the already small space of the sauna. In no case can not make a lock on the inside.

We start to install the oven

The safest and most convenient sauna stove on the balcony is the stove with heating elements (tubular electric heater). It has a power of 4000-4500 W, which is enough for a small sauna.

The heater itself should be connected to a separate outlet through the RCD. But also do not forget that the stove must fit all the parameters of the wiring in the apartment itself, otherwise it will not work.

It is best to consult a specialist in this matter. After all, the terminal boxes in good furnaces are at the back, and because of this moisture can not get there. Plus, a quality stove has a fireproof steel grill and a water tray,which is also important.

Details of the furnace are installed in a certain sequence:

  • It is necessary to begin with the heater. It must be installed on an electrically insulated stand. It should be placed inside the chamber, which is made of foam blocks or refractory bricks.
  • On top of the camera remains open and put a basket on it, which is welded from a metal corner.
  • In order to observe fire safety, the entire surface around the furnace should be trimmed with asbestos cardboard, because it is fire-resistant and heat-resistant.
  • And finally, stones are placed inside the basket for the furnace: jadeite, quartzite, and / or soapstone.

It is important that the weight of the stones does not exceed 15 kilograms, otherwise the room will not warm up.

Arrangement of shelves

In the bath is best to have two shelves of different heights. Installing them yourself will be incommensurable work, so the most convenient and easy solution will be to use special racks, since the shelves must withstand the weight of two people.

As wood is best to use linden or poplar. This is the most suitable tree for the sauna. This material is quite moisture resistant, but it must also be further processed.It is desirable to additionally varnish wood.

These are the last works to be carried out in the bath, but this does not mean that they are not important. Therefore, it is better to do this in stages:

  • It is necessary to attach bars to the floor, which have a thickness of 8 centimeters.
  • On the boards are mounted on top boards of 5 centimeters with rounded edges. Boards should be perfectly polished, and the opening between them should be 15 millimeters, so that the air can easily circulate.
  • After that, it is necessary to cover the entire structure with special oil.

        That's all! Sauna is ready to use. Now it remains only to attach a thermometer and a clock inside. A sauna assembled with your own hands is many times more pleasant and comfortable. After all, you know how much work and effort you have invested in its arrangement, therefore, having completed the work, you will be twice as relaxing in it than when going into a shared bath. Enjoy your time, and have a good steam!

        You will learn more about how to build a sauna on the loggia by watching the following video.

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