Arbor with barbecue in the country: examples of buildings and methods of manufacture

It is very difficult to find a person who would refuse to rest in nature. Kebabs, fresh air, the opportunity to relax from the bustle of the city among the green attract a large number of people to go out of town. A great place for such a pastime is the cottage. That is why any owner of his own summer cottage strives first and foremost to equip a recreation area.

It is rather difficult to imagine any summer cottage without a beautiful gazebo located in the shade of bushes and fruit trees. For the construction of such structures used various materials: wood, metal, brick, and so on.


Undoubtedly, the gazebo should not only fit perfectly into the landscape design of the site, but also be as comfortable and versatile as possible, regardless of what material was used to erect the structure.It should also be noted that each building material has certain advantages and disadvantages.

The arbor made of wood will ideally fit into design of the seasonal dacha.

This original structure is beautiful and elegant and has many advantages:

  • low cost of development;
  • the construction does not require special tools;
  • different practicality, reliability;
  • additional processing facilities with special compositions will ensure the durability of the structure;
  • installation of an arbor will not require a lot of time and effort;
  • during the construction of the structure there is no need to install a massive foundation.

The construction of such a brick construction will require much more time, effort and financial investments. This is due to the need to build a solid and reliable foundation.

However, a gazebo, made of brick, has many advantages:

  • increased resistance to fire;
  • durable, reliable, practical design does not require repairs for many years;
  • The pergola, made of brick, is an excellent protection against various atmospheric precipitation.

Metal structures are almost always purchased in finished form or are custom-made based on the wishes and requirements of the buyer. The cost of such structures depends on several factors: the size of the gazebo, the complexity of the design and the volume of work performed.

The advantages of these models are as follows:

  • resistance to fire;
  • reliability and durability;
  • the shod arbor will add and decorate the design of any summer cottage and personal plot;
  • after treatment with special means to protect the structure against corrosion, the structure will last for many years.

To build a structure by hand, first of all, you need drawings and instructions step by step.


There are two types of barbecue designs: portable and built-in. When choosing a suitable model for a gazebo, it is necessary to take into account all the nuances and individual wishes. Each type of design has certain features. The advantage of portable models is practicality and mobility. This type of barbecue is very easy to move to any place.

Embedded designs have much more value. Among others, it should be noted the multifunctionality of such models, practicality and reliability. In addition, the built-in braziers, as a rule, are additionally equipped with various shelves, table tops, a convenient niche for storing firewood, and so on. Installation of the built-in barbecue design implies the construction of a solid and reliable foundation.

It should also be noted that many modern models of braziers are made using new technologies and work exclusively on gas or from electricity. Thanks to such innovations, traditional firewood and coals fade into the background. The constructions of gas and electric barbecues are equipped with special volcanic stones. The stones are heated with gas or electricity. The advantage of these models is the absence of smoke and soot.

Replacing stones should be done once every three years.

Choosing the right place

The choice of a place for the construction of a gazebo with barbecue is a very crucial moment, since it is necessary to calculate the supply of various communications to it as precisely as possible: gas, water, electricity.In addition, the arbor should be located remotely from the outbuildings, toilets, animal pens.

It is necessary to have a gazebo near the home. The building, installed with all the necessary requirements and wishes, will be the most favorite vacation spot in the country.

How to mount your own hands?

Construction of gazebos, like any other design, should begin with the preparation of the project and all the necessary building materials. After that, you can begin to prepare the site and the construction of the foundation. It is important to correctly make calculations and set the markup. The quality of all future construction depends entirely on this.

Then you can begin to build the foundation. In the construction of such structures mainly use the column base, it is more economical and less costly option. In some cases, use a tape or tile version of the foundation.

For a columnar foundation, it is necessary to dig holes of a certain size. Then you need to impose their walls around the perimeter with roofing felt. In the center should plug the valve and pour it with cement.Under the stationary grill it is also necessary to pour a concrete base.

The next step is to install the flooring. For the installation of the base is perfect wooden beam. It can be fixed with the help of special screws and boards. It is very important to consider that the flooring should be installed with a slight slope in order to avoid the accumulation of large amounts of rainwater.

The next very important step in the construction of the gazebo is the installation of bearing angular bars. This process should be treated with all responsibility, since the roof of the building will be held exactly on them. Depending on the gazebo model chosen, the walls of the building may be in the form of a lattice or solid.

Then you can proceed to the installation of the roof. In most cases, the construction of gazebos erected ridge or shed model of the roof. Ondulin or polycarbonate is used as a coating.


To significantly extend the life of a self-built gazebo, should regularly perform a number of necessary manipulations:

  • Timely thoroughly clean from snow cover, ice and fallen leaves of the roof.
  • All parts of the structure, made of wood or metal, need to be processed every year using special means to protect against various negative influences.
  • Cracks and chips on the surface of the wooden gazebo should be puttied regularly.

In late autumn, before the formation of a permanent snow cover, you need to carefully cover all open gazebos. Shelter must be dismantled in early spring.

Ways to decorate

For registration of arbors with a brazier gardeners use various materials. In the process of decorating the design, the most important thing is to show maximum imagination. Each summer resident seeks to create an original, stylish and cozy gazebo. The choice of the method of decoration and the materials necessary for this purpose depends only on the owner of the villa.

There are quite a few design options, here are some of them:

Outlet decoration

You can equip a beautiful garden path, made of stones or special tiles. In addition, to the structures installed on a minor elevation, you can take steps leading to the entrance to the gazebo, which also belong to the design elements.Steps can be made of stones or slabs. For maximum comfort and create a special atmosphere in the evening and at night along the path, you can install special lights, powered by solar batteries.


The pieces of furniture used for the arrangement of the gazebo should have an increased resistance to moisture, so special attention should be paid to the quality of the products and the material from which they are made when choosing a table, chairs, and so on. To ensure the durability of the furniture, you can use special tools for its processing and protection. Furniture items can be purchased at specialized retail outlets, ordered by individual sizes or made by hand.

Elements of decor

Perfectly complement the gazebo interior with various pillows, beautiful and original curtains and tablecloths. It is possible to make such decorative elements with your own hands, using various materials. The choice of style, colors, design completely depends on the individual wishes of the owner of the gazebo.

However, it should be noted that it is more expedient to use non-natural materials for the manufacture of such elements, since they are less susceptible to fading and are much easier to erase.


To illuminate the gazebo, you can use different models of lighting devices. The most important thing is to choose and make the best option that will fit into the interior design. The roof of the pergola can be decorated with decorative garlands.

It should be added that in the absence of experience in the work on the connection of electrical appliances, you should seek help from an experienced specialist in order to avoid negative consequences.


Decorating buildings with greenery is carried out with the help of climbers, such as ivy, bindweed, ornamental grapes, and so on. They are planted on the perimeter of the gazebo, near the walls and pillars. Additionally, you need to install a trellis to support and protect plants. At the entrance to the gazebo, you can install beautiful floor vases of large sizes.

On the construction of a summer gazebo with a barbecue with their own hands, see the following video.

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