Garden arbors: beauty and comfort at your cottage

 Garden arbors: beauty and comfort at your cottage

If the owner has a backyard territory, he probably would like to set up a small, picturesque garden for recreation there. However, it is better to relax under a canopy and with proper comfort. Therefore, a garden gazebo - although not strictly mandatory, but very important detail.

Features and benefits

Each of the readers probably imagines what a building of this type should look like; however, it is very likely that everyone represents it in a different way, because there may be many variations of the structure.

The presence of an arbor of any type provides the owner with a number of advantages:

  • You always want to relax in the garden, however, in some cases, the crowns of trees are unable to protect the guests of the garden from the scorching sun or rain.Even the minimal construction of the gazebo suggests a roof over your head, which allows you to be in the midst of nature and at the same time stay in comfortable conditions close to the living space.
  • The presence of a shed allows you to store garden furniture under it - at least the same chairs and a table. It houses a place to rest, allowing to gather there with family or friends in any weather.
  • With a creative approach arbor can become a real decoration for the garden. In recent years, more and more attention has been paid to the design of such structures, thanks to which, from simple summer houses, gazebos are increasingly turning into masterpieces of garden architecture.
  • To build a gazebo can be a variety of ways. Those who do not want to spend money, but can work with their hands, can find on the Internet detailed descriptions of how to assemble an arbor with virtually any scrap materials. Those who do not want to spend time and effort, and in return are willing to pay money, can order a ready-made durable gazebo in various workshops that specialize in the production of similar products.


Arbors can be classified according to a number of features.However, the most global is the classification of the actual type of construction.

Therefore, the criterion is divided into three main types of structures:

  • Summer arbors represent the most simple and unassuming design. Mandatory for them is perhaps that the roof, and even props, on which it rests. The walls may be absent at all, or be relatively low, missing to the ceiling, the presence of glass in the "windows" is also not mandatory. The result is maximum unity with nature, which somewhat limits the use of the building - for obvious reasons it is not suitable for winter holidays.
  • Closed gazebos represent a significantly modified version of the summer. For them, the presence of walls is obligatory, and the windows, albeit with a panoramic view, are necessarily glazed. The image of a garden house complements the door, good owners usually also take care of insulation and electricity, and in some cases other useful amenities.

In fact, this is a real house, only consisting of a single small room.

  • Verandas created for those who want to get into the gazebo from home without passing through the garden.This design is an extension to the house, but the degree of its openness depends on the wishes of the owner - it can differ from the living rooms only with panoramic windows, and it can be a spacious porch with a shed and a fence no more than half the human height.

In addition, according to the method of construction gazebos are divided into built and prefabricated. The first ones are constructed from ordinary building materials, while the second ones are assembled from ready-made parts created according to the design method and involving the assembly of a particular structure.


Since the construction of an arbor almost always turns out to be much lighter than the construction of a large residential building, it can be constructed from a variety of building materials. At the same time, it is worth highlighting at least the top three, which are used as often as possible to create the framework.

  • Woodwhere we place logs, edged wooden building materials and wickerwork made of wicker or rattan, is considered one of the most popular materials because of its accessibility, ease of self-processing and environmental friendliness. This gazebo will provide an atmosphere of maximum unity with nature and perfectly combined with garden furniture, but weather conditions can adversely affect the materialif you do not take care of its reliable protection from precipitation and temperature changes.

In the case of the construction of a serious structure for many years of year-round use, wood is usually only an auxiliary material.

  • Metallic The arbor is valued for its high durability, relatively low cost and quick installation. At the same time, it also lacks shortcomings, because for assembling the structure, welding and strong hands are needed, which could lift heavy metal parts to the desired height.

In summer, this design is very hot, and in winter it is too cold.

Finally, if we are not talking about an expensive forged product, it is rather difficult to impart aesthetics to such a structure: metal arbors are usually only summer, with a minimum of walls — supports and a roof.

  • Arbors from a brick are constructed if the structure is planned to be used at any time of the year. Such a gazebo is considered a capital building and is able to serve the owners for decades even without significant repair, while being quite picturesque. Since such an arbor weighs quite a lot, it is desirable to build at least a pile or strip foundation for it, and in general the construction process will take a lot of time and effort.

Brick gazebos almost always make glazed, it makes sense to carry out all the necessary communications here, since it is, in fact, a house in miniature.

As for the roof, it can be made of the same material from which the walls are made, and of special roofing materials.

Tiles and other types of the roofing itself are usually used to create capital structures, while wooden and metal summer structures usually cost a minimum overlap of a material similar to the wall.

The floor of the gazebo may be completely absent, representing an ordinary garden soil with grass, however, such a solution is appropriate except for very light structures. Often it is, again, made from the same material as the whole arbor., although, if desired, it can also be covered from above with a floor covering - linoleum or laminate.

Layout options

Garden gazebos are only rarely divided into several rooms, but in some cases zoning of the space is appropriate even here. The simplest gazebo usually involves just a place in the open air for a table and chairs, but in recent years more and more owners prefer to combine this building with a summer kitchen and a full-fledged family dining room.

All this, of course, affects the size of the structure.

In order to make the room not too crowded, it is necessary to provide at least two square meters for each potential visitor (taking into account the table and the space from the edge of the shed, so as not to fall under oblique rain if there are no glazed windows).

If there is also a kitchen area in the gazebo, you need to have a fireplace at a distance of at least one and a half to two meters from the last person sitting at the table, otherwise it does not make sense to make room for cooking from the house.

As for the shape of the structure, the three most popular options are:

  • Rectangular Arbor is the simplest and most logical solution. It is easy to plan and build, calculating the required size of the territory and the number of materials, there in its form perfectly fit the table to accommodate the company of guests, regardless of their number. Such a solution is considered universal - it does not put forward any restrictions on the materials or method of using the gazebo - it is convenient to place the kitchen area here.
  • Round designs choose those who love the classics and believes that everyone at the table should be equal. Such a solution is considered optimal because it fits well in almost any garden, and also has no corners, but it is somewhat more difficult to design it. A somewhat unusual, but rapidly gaining in popularity solution is the installation of a brazier or a barbecue in the middle with guest accommodation on the benches installed along the inner perimeter of the sides.
  • Hex Arbours Customers like them for their originality and beauty, but technically they turn out to be much more complex than other types of forms.

The hexagon looks best in a wooden version, but it is possible to use such a form to create light metal hinges like a tent.

Ideas for design

The task of determining the design of a gazebo rests entirely on the host’s shoulders, but the tendency of the past decades has been the desire to decorate a garden house not too elaborate, but at the same time quite stylish and original. Here, of course, it all depends on the material from which the arbor is made.

For example, in many cases, a wooden gazebo is only varnished, but not stained - the natural look of the tree itself is aesthetic.The metal frame, on the other hand, is almost necessary to be painted, unless it is a forged masterpiece. Nobody paints a brick at all - here you will have to depict decorations with either an unusual form of masonry, or combinations of individual bricks of different colors.

The original options may relate to differences in the smallest details. For example, even the most unpretentious gazebo will look completely different and very unusual if the gardener manages to cover it with climbing plants. Creating a design of this type can take more than one year, and it looks picturesque only in the summer, but it provides additional shade and makes people even closer to nature.

The bright color of the arbor slightly increases the festive mood, but here it is very important not to overdo it. A solid construction must be in harmony with its surroundings.and if the owner chose to choose a multi-tone color, all these colors should be combined with each other. Often, gazebos are specially painted in contrasting tones, and although such a decision may look a little childish, it at least helps to distract from everyday routine.

Recently, more and more prefer the arbors in the Arabic style.. The easiest way to design them is to use traditional colors - gold painting on scarlet or deep blue, less often - on a green background. In general, the coloring is not a monophonic background, but at least simple drawings, is only welcome, because it makes sense to use the talent and creative impulses of familiar artists, if they agree to work on such a project in the summer cottage.

As for the architectural elements themselves, even in such a simple structure they can be somewhat unusual. It is possible to emphasize the natural conditions due to the partitions between the supporting pillars made of woven wicker. Several decorate window openings, as well as the door, will help graceful arches, which will reduce the number of corners.

The interior can also advantageously complement the image of the gazebo. If the gazebo is made of wood in particular, then the furniture is better to choose a clearly garden one made from natural materials.

In all other cases, it is necessary to focus on the integrity of the color scheme of the building and the comfort of visitors to the garden recreation area.

Beautiful examples for inspiration.

All the above examples are just sketches of how a building for rest on a plot or garden might look like, but the creative approach of individuals can turn an ordinary gazebo into a legitimate subject of pride.

Who loves classics and rustic comfort, he will definitely appreciate such a combined structure made of stone and perforated wooden grids. The capital wall here is the basis for a kitchen corner and protects holidaymakers from constant winds, and the transparent wooden walls allow you to enjoy the breeze and the surrounding greenery. The creators decided not to limit the economic significance of the gazebo only to the summer kitchen - on the reverse side we see a shed for storing firewood.

The second photo presents a fundamentally opposite solution - here we see the desire to look modern, outside the classical canons of architecture. It is very difficult to describe the form of such a building, its floor is a continuation of the garden path, which does not interfere with the comfort of guests and owners - it is both beautiful and convenient. In the background you can even see the kitchen area.

The question of whether or not to glaze windows disappears by itself if the entire arbor is made of glass.Such a construction will not protect from the sun, but if you choose a permanently shaded place, you can feel almost outside the walls.

How to make a wooden garden gazebo with your own hands, you will learn from the video below.

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