Block house for exterior home: how to choose?

 Block house for exterior home: how to choose?

Wood is a valuable and most attractive material for construction. Exterior finishes with such raw materials have always been popular, it still does not lose its relevance today, but along with the advantages, it has a high cost. Therefore, in the modern construction market there are presented products that imitate the facing of a wooden log house, but have a more affordable price, it includes a block house.

Features and benefits

Such material for exterior and interior decoration was first widely used in Europe, but gradually gained popularity in Russia, primarily due to its high technical characteristics and attractiveness.As a raw material for the manufacture of a block-house, various types of wood are used, as well as materials that imitate the finishing of a bar.

In addition to the aesthetic component, the products are notable for their practicality in comparison with most of the products of similar purpose. A building after finishing a block house transformed beyond recognition. In addition, the naturalness in the design does not lose its relevance for many decades.

Wood panels have a pleasant aroma that is beneficial for people. Heating, raw materials can keep warm for a long time, so products are in demand for finishing residential buildings, outbuildings, baths and saunas. For work outside, wide panels are used, which are characterized by great similarity with logs.

Fixation of structural elements occurs by the method of "thorn-groove", due to which the structures sheathed with such material acquire a reliable and beautiful exterior finish.

Among the large number of positive features of the material is to highlight the fact that the use of a block-house makes it possible to perform durable lining of the building with minimal cost.

In addition, the material provides the structure with additional thermal insulation, as well as protection from negative environmental factors. And the imitation of a wooden log house speaks about respectability and good taste of homeowners.


The main criterion, on the basis of which the blockhouse classification is carried out, is the raw materials used for the production of such panels. Products are made from wood, metal or vinyl.

For the production of wooden products prefer coniferous and deciduous varieties of wood, among which can be identified pine, spruce, cedar and so on.

The manufacture of such panels is carried out according to the following technology:

  • logs are cut by a special method, during which four elements are formed;
  • the resulting products undergo a drying process that can last about 14 days;
  • after that, the material that meets the required properties is given the appropriate configuration, allowing them to finish the buildings.

    Taking into account the quality of wooden lamellas, several categories of wooden block-house are distinguished:

    • category “A” - products of this group may contain defects in the form of 1 knot, 2 cracks and resin pockets for 1.5 m of material;
    • products with up to 4 knots, as well as 2 pockets fall into category “B”;
    • “C” category includes products, on the surface of which there may be defects that constitute no more than 5% of the panel length.

    On sale you can find products whose quality makes it possible to include it in several categories at once. In such a situation, products are labeled in two letters at once.

      The positive properties of wood products include the following material properties:

      • high level of mechanical strength;
      • maintainability of individual components of the structure;
      • ease of installation and a small mass of products;
      • environmental friendliness of products;
      • panels allow the bases to "breathe" and provide heat insulation;
      • aesthetic appeal.

      However, a wooden block house, as well as lining, needs regular processing of paintwork materials, which significantly extend the life of the material.

        The metal block house is notable for several positive qualities.

        • The raw material for production is a steel sheet with a zinc coating.
        • The inside of the panel is primed and painted.On the outside is applied a certain pattern that imitates wood.
        • Material is allocated durability and resistance to temperature extremes. In addition, unlike wooden analogs, the products are not subject to deformation from contact with moisture.

        Metal gives panels high strength, and the cost of metal products is always an order of magnitude lower than a block-house made of wood. In addition, steel panels do not need treatment and do not apply to fire-hazardous building products.

        The disadvantages of facades decorated with a metal block house are their appearance, which is largely inferior to other types of products. In the summer, metal products can become very hot.

        Vinyl products incorporate special additives that provide it with high quality and durability. The products on the market today are distinguished by a wide range of colors and low cost.

        Vinyl panels perfectly imitate wood trim. Among the advantages of the products, the following characteristics should be noted:

        • the material does not require specific care - there is no need to process or paint them over time;
        • according to consumer reviews, the vinyl block house has a long operational period, which exceeds that of wooden products;
        • products have a minimum weight, which eliminates the additional load on the foundation of the building after covering the facade;
        • panels have a high level of resistance to ultraviolet.

        The disadvantages of vinyl products include the heterogeneity of the structure, as well as sensitivity to temperature fluctuations, due to which, according to experts, they should not be used for all types of buildings, including frame-type houses or buildings made of aerated concrete.


        Based on the type of raw materials used to manufacture the block house, as well as taking into account possible variations in the size of the panels, which depend on the manufacturer of the product, The following panel dimensions can be noted:

        • wood products - the length of the panels is from 2 to 6 m, width from 9 to 24 cm, thickness - 20-45 mm;
        • vinyl block house - length from 3.66 to 3.81 m, width - 24 cm, thickness - 1.1-1.3 mm;
        • metal panels - length from 0.5 to 6 m, the width of products is 18-22 cm, thickness - 0.5 mm.


        In addition to the standard shades that are inherent in wood trim, such as pine, oak, cedar or spruce, vinyl and metal panels can have a rather unusual color scheme. Among them are light shades, such as beige, light yellow, ivory, banana or caramel and olive, or dark colors, such as dark walnut or coffee.

        The product range makes it possible to choose the color of the panels in accordance with the individual preferences of the customer and the features of the structure.

        How to work with a block house?

        The installation of the block-house involves the preliminary arrangement of the ventilated structure and the frame, which consists of the following components: vapor barrier, lathing, insulating layer, wind barrier, counter grille.

        Independent installation

        When planning to carry out the house trimming on your own, you should consider a number of work requirements:

        • fastening of the panels occurs along the guides;
        • for high-quality installation of products you should use clamps or metal brackets;
        • Wood panels are better to hold for several days before installation inside the house to reduce the humidity of the raw materials.

        Installation is performed from the bottom corner, having the panel in a horizontal position.

        The fastening process is performed according to the following technology:

        • clamps are fixed to the crate;
        • the first lamella is inserted into the paws with a groove downwards;
        • the second product is put on the spike of the previous panel;
        • according to the described scheme, the fastening to the end of the wall is performed.

        Door and window blocks are decorated with platbands; you can also find decorative elements for decorating exterior corners.

          For installation of metal or vinyl elements, it should be noted that during installation of panels it is necessary to leave gaps between the lamellae for climatic changes in the shape of the structure. In addition, fasteners should be done with screws or clamps with anti-corrosion coating. The rest of the mounting technology does not differ from the standard scheme described above.

          How to paint?

          To extend the life of wooden products, the panels should be treated with a stain or antiseptic. A block-house made of wood is perfectly dyed with varnish, paint or mastic.

          Before painting, the surface of the base must necessarily be primed. Experts recommend updating the dyeing composition every 5 years, but using the same composition. Otherwise, the old coating will have to be removed with a grinder.

          Today, on the shelves of building supermarkets there is a large selection of wood stains, thanks to which you can give the material the necessary shade and emphasize the texture of the raw materials.

          Is it possible to sheathe in winter?

          According to the recommendations of experts, the installation of wood panels should be performed only in the warm season. Since the increased humidity, which occurs in the autumn and winter, will affect the changes in the properties of the raw materials, which will complicate the installation work, and in addition, cracks may appear on the panels.

          There are no such seasonal restrictions for the installation of metal and vinyl block houses, however during the installation of the structure during the winter period it is recommended to double the size of the climatic gaps between the panels.

          Advantages and disadvantages

          The positive features of the block house for exterior decoration include the following material properties:

          • environmental friendliness of all presented types of products;
          • good strength indicators that allow products to withstand various mechanical effects during operation;
          • softwood contains resin, due to which the material is resistant to the formation of fungus and mold;
          • products provide a good level of waterproofing for the foundations of the structure;
          • the external attractiveness of the decoration and the large color variety allow you to implement any design decisions relating to the exterior of the building;
          • easy installation of panels;
          • small weight of products and designs in general.

            Among the disadvantages of this material it is necessary to highlight some of the features.

            • Wood panels have a high degree of flammability. However, this minus allows you to reduce the processing of special compounds.
            • In the course of errors in the arrangement of ventilation in the room may form a humid microclimate, which would entail the formation of fungus and mold on the walls.
            • Some wood species have insufficient strength indicators, due to which the products can be damaged in the process of laying, which will adversely affect the appearance of the building.

            Beautiful examples for inspiration.

            The white color for the cladding of the facade of a private house will be a rather bold decision, which will make it stand out among other buildings nearby. Competently selected contrasting decorative elements will give the decor a conciseness and will decorate the external decoration, emphasizing the good taste of homeowners.

            The composition of natural materials has always been a win-win option for any design. Exterior finish, combining natural wood and stone, will not leave anyone indifferent and enchant with its attractiveness. Such a facade will be the highlight of the entire structure, as well as the personal plot as a whole, attracting with its originality, simplicity and elegance.

            On how to carry out the finishing of the facade block-house, see the following video.

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